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Dear The Yellow Pages, Did you seriously just appear on my front porch yesterday?  Seriously?  Who still uses you?  There’s a new thing that has replaced you. It’s called the internet.

Dear WB, Stop pulling my hair.  Just stop.  It hurts.  At the very least, when I am moving your hand away, don’t just giggle at me.  Because it makes me laugh and you pull my hair again and it goes on and on and on.  Like a game.  That’s only fun for you.

Dear The Federal Government, This sequester is getting out of hand.  How about instead of leaving work early yesterday, you all get together and agree on something to fix this issue?

Dear GLOSSYBOX Canada, I got at look at your February box yesterday and it was nothing short of amazing.  Those GLOSSYBOX cupcake papers?  Yeah, I’ll take those in my box next month.

Dear L, This is the weekend you’ve been waiting for for ages!  Yes, ice skating lessons start.  I cannot wait to watch you learn to skate in your cute little hockey skates ;).

Dear The Fancy, I get that the February Pink Fancy Box I ordered back in January is delayed.  And I’m cool with that.  However, I am NOT cool with you billing me for the March one this week.  And then when I e-mailed you about this, you acted like I didn’t get how monthly subscription boxes worked.  No dude, I get it.  I pay  You send me a box.  I pay again.  You send me another box.  Not, I pay.  I pay again.  And you send me nothing.

Dear B, I am so glad you were not home yesterday to observe me running all over the house looking for my iPhone before the kids and I left for our day of fun.  I can only imagine how annoyed you would have been.  It’s times like this I wish we had a home phone so I could call myself.  Over and over again until I found it.

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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include Popsugar Must Have Box, Boxycharm, Mommy Mailbox and Rachel Zoe Box of Style.

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24 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters

  • Judy Louie

    Oh my goodness! The same thing happened to me with my Ashton Kutcher Fancy Box! I emailed them about it and it sounds like I got the same response as you did. I had to keep trying to explain that it didn’t make sense to charge me for my next box when I haven’t even seen my FIRST box to decide whether or not to keep subscribing. I got so frustrated with them that I just cancelled it. 🙂 Watch the next Ashton Kutcher box be amazing. That’s what I get for losing my cool!

  • Kristin

    Hadley has been pulling my hair lately too. Like tiny little strands close to my scalp. It hurts and it’s funny all at the same time. Its twisted.

  • Jennifer

    First, I love your new signature! Second, I hear ya on the missing phone. I recently got an iPad mini and have used the lost phone feature on it more than once. Lazy? No. Forgetful? Very much so.

    Speaking of trying to find things…I’m pretty sure I spent more time looking for my running shoes yesterday than I did on the treadmill!

  • Courtney

    I do the same thing with my iPhone & don’t have a house phone to find it! Here’s the trick…make sure you have find my iphone app on your phone, then use that same app on the iPad to locate it, it will play a sound for you! It has saved me multiple times.

  • karen

    If you sent yourself a message from facebook dosen’t your phone sound an alarm? It would at least beep every once in a while so you might hear it. Thats why I never shut off my phone and rarely turn down the volume cause that is when it gets misplaced. I’m with you on your thougths on the Fed Gov., I’m not smart but I think anyone of us could come up with a plan that would work.

  • Jennifer

    P.S. I was just about to click checkout on a Fancy Box (it looks awesome!!) but the $25 off coupon expired 🙁 If you get a heads up on another deal like that please keep us posted! The price is pretty steep especially since it doesn’t include shipping :/

    I got a fever and the only thing that can cure it is more monthly subscriptions.

  • Mary

    Ugh the same billing/shipping thing is finally why I cancelled my Bluum box. It’s March and my februry box hasn’t shipped. Yet I got an email over a week ago saying they were shipping out. So….Yeah. Not wasting my time on a product that wasn’t blow my socks off awesome. It was just okay. not worth the hassle.

  • Shannon

    Ugh! The shipping problems with subscription boxes are a little out of control. I probably don’t understand the ins and outs, but if you are experiencing major shipping delays it seems reasonable to me to delay charging customers for next month until the delay month ships.

  • Jen K

    Hahahahaha… FANCY folks were trying to explain to you … to YOU how subscription boxes work? (Oh the condescension when customers ask for what’s rightfully theirs) Hahahaha… This was the time you should have been like, ‘Listen up and Listen real good… I am guru Monthly Subscription Box Lady … so much so that if anyone out there wants to start a Monthly Subscription Service… they ask themselves ‘What would Jen do’ and then they come and sit up my rocking chair while I knit with Ryan Gos and I dispense advises. Send my boxes NOW or else the Gods of Subscription service will strike you’.

  • Sophia

    So rude of the Fancy! I’ve been eyeing their boxes, but lack of good customer service irks me. You should have been like “excuse me. please do not explain to me how this works. i’m well aware. google me.” 🙂

  • sara

    Erin can’t wait until he can take Mackenzie out on the ice. He’s been talking about it since before she was born. He’s a hockey player……his dream is hockey player kids, I’d prefer my daughter just ice skate. 🙂

  • Alice

    Two weeks ago, I attempted to use a yellow pages to find the number of pg&e when the electricity went out (I remember doing it a few years ago when I did not have a smart phone and the number I called told me exactly what was going on based on the landline I was using)….ummm well I could not even figure out where the number would be located and the power came back on before I found it. And yep, I still have a landline and a phone that plugs into the wall because we are all paranoid we might need it in an earthquake or disaster…..and nostalgia.

  • Deena

    Hey, what the what? I ordered my first Stork Stack on 27 Feb and received it on 2 March. I ordered my first Bluum box on 8 Feb and have yet to receive February’s and I’ve already been charged for March! I sense a cancellation coming on.