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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Graze Box

I don’t review my Graze boxes every week because I don’t want to bore you, but I do want to review one every now on then so you can check out the type of snacks to can expect.

First Look

In case you don’t know, Graze is a new weekly snack box ($5/week) that offers weekly deliveries of delicious, healthy, natural foods like nut and seed mixes, juicy dried fruits, tasty crackers, dips and dippers, and other natural treats. You can pick from a “nibblebox” (pick from 90 snack varities) or a “lightbox” (pick from 50 low-cal nibbles) and you can customize your snacks based on your preferences.

The Information Card

Graze Box ships from the U.K., so the treats aren’t your standard U.S. fare.  B says he’s never 100% sure what he’s eating, which made me laugh.

Here’s what we got in this week’s nibble box:

~Mango Lassi:  Mango Lassi is yogurt coated peanuts, pumpkin seeds and mango and is the snack I most interested in from this box.  The card says it has “175kcal”, but it really just means 175 calories because 1 kcal is really 1000 calories and I am certain this little box does not have 175,000 calories.  LOL.


Mango Lassi

~Herby Bread Basket: This one also looks yummy.  It’s mini garlic croutons, mini basil breadsticks and oregano rice crackers and has only 95 calories.  It looks way better than lots of 100 calorie packs they sell at the grocery store doesn’t it?


Herby Bread Basket

~Tutti Frutti: I gotta tell you, I’m not sure sure about this one.  It’s blueberry infused cranberries, pineapple, cherry infused raisins and green raisins.  The green raisins have me scared.  I mean I am sure they are good.  But I am going to let B tell me about them instead of trying them myself.


Tutti Frutti

~Salt and Vinegar Nut Selection: This is another snack for B.  It sounds good (it’s salt and vinegar almonds and salt and vinegar peanuts), but I think it’d be more him than me.  I bet this goes to work / school with him this week!


Salt and Vinegar Nut Selection

Sadly, I have used up all my Graze invite codes (pretty sure they will never give me more ;), BUT I am hoping some of you guys have codes to share!  I know people are still looking for them because they want to sign up and try a FREE box.  So if you have one you want to share, will you post?

Did you get Graze this week?  What’d you get?  And if you don’t get it and want to learn more, click here.

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