Julep Spring Mystery Box Review

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Julep Spring Mystery Box

Since we all know I can’t resist a mystery box, it should come as no surprise that I went ahead and order the Julep Spring Mystery Box. It promised to include $70-$200 worth of goodies for only $24.99. I mean people, how could I resist?

The Box

I ordered the Spring Mystery Box and a few add-ons last week and got a shipment notification on Friday. Except I wasn’t sure if it was just the mystery box or the add-ons or what since sometimes they ship separately. I am pleased to report that everything shipped in one box this time because I do feel like it’s kind of a waste to ship in separate packages.

First Look

The first look had me super excited. Everything was so bright and pretty! I knew I was going to love this.

The box didn’t have an information card, however, the packing slip did note that I got Mystery Box #1. I have no idea how many variations there were. Here’s what I got:

~Julep Daylight Defense For Hands & Face ($28): I am pretty excited about trying this. It’s suppose hydrate skin and strengthen nails while also guarding against fine lines and sun spots. I probably won’t use it on my face, but I will certainly be putting in on my hands. I fear I am getting old lady hands. Hopefully this delays them from getting worse.

Julep Daylight Defense For Hands & Face

~Julep One-Step Polish Remover Pads($9.99): I am fascinated by these. While they certainly aren’t something I’d use for every polish change (I mean I would if they weren’t so expensive), I can for sure see myself taking these on vacation. I have heard that these work great, so I am looking forward to giving them a try!

Julep One-Step Polish Remover Pad

~Julep Ashley ($14): I thought this was the mystery color, but I totally thought wrong.  I can’t find it anywhere online, but I hope it’ll be available soon.  It’s a great Spring color an I am using it next for sure.

Julep Ashley

~Julep Lauren (Classic With a Twist) ($14): I have just decided that this is my favorite Julep polish ever.  Julep describes is as a hot tropical pink crème.  Now all I need is for it to get a little warmer so I can break out the flip-flops and put this on my toes!  And it doesn’t hurt that Lauren is like my all time favorite girl name.  Love it.

Julep Lauren (Classic With a Twist)

~Camille (Classic With a Twist) ($14): For whatever reason, I cannot find this one online (this appears to be the mystery color that the Julep promised the boxes would include), but it’s the perfect light glittery polish.  You know what’s going to make that Lauren polish even better?  This Camille glitter polish!!

Camille (Classic With a Twist)

~Julep Nail File ($1): This isn’t for sale on the site, so I used a value from a similar file online at BBW.  This is going to sound dumb, but I was so excited to get a nail file.  I love having fresh ones and other than the Madewell one I just got in my March Birchbox, I haven’t gotten a new one in ages.

Julep Nail File

~Neon Hair Ties ($6): I valued these using the cost of a Twistband, because they are basically the same.  I know a lot of people say they can make these much cheaper, but I don’t have time to make hair ties. And I am certain that I could screw it up somehow, so these were a welcome edition.  Plus the colors are super fun and I know I will use them!

Julep Hair Ties

All totaled, my Julep Spring Mystery Box had a value of $86.99.  I couldn’t be happier with this box.  I feel like the colors were picked just for me.  I have easily spend $24.99 on two (if not one) bottle of nail polish before, so I really do feel like I got a deal!

Did you order a Julep Spring Mystery Box?  What’d you get?  What was your favorite item?  And if you didn’t get one, it’s not too late!  You can still order one from the Julep site!!  If you are interesting in ordering or just want to check it out, click here.

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  1. Becky

    I got one as a gift for my sister it shipped today, I’m excited to see what she gets! I hope she gets a really valuable one because she deserves a really good treat!

  2. Jessica Spaulding

    I got mine today and it was box #5.

    Nail file, quick drying polish drops, one step polish remover pads and 4 polishes- Camille (classic with a twist), Lynn (American beauty), Lauren, and Sarah

    Along with the neon hair ties and 3 chocolate eggs.

    As you can see I did not get that Ashley polish so I’m confused what they consider to be the special edition polish. I watched a video review just now ( from today ) by someone who obviously had a different box number than either of us and after reading another different blog review- the only polish we all had in common is the clear glittery Camille.

  3. Jessica Spaulding

    Strange, my Lauren didn’t have a “group” label but I also didn’t look it up

  4. Angela

    Aw man I knew I should have bought this one! Julep never let’s me down…what a good box.

  5. Jessica R.

    I think Camille is the mystery color. They said the mystery color was a glitter that would go with everything. I refrained from ordering this mystery box and I’m very proud of myself. Generally I get sucked in.

  6. Alexia561

    Just received my shipping email, so looking forward to seeing which box I get! Love the Lauren shade, as it’s such a fun color for Spring. I’m a sucker for mystery boxes!

  7. kim

    I couldn’t resist the mystery box either. I got cuticle oil, polish remover pads, nail file, 3 hair ties, and the colors Lauren, Portia, Lynn, and Camille. I’m pretty sure Camille is the mystery color. I always like my mystery boxes. Lauren is the first duplicate I have ever received, probably because I always skip the monthly boxes. Since I got a dupe at least it’s such a pretty color! And I love wearing those hair ties but yes they are so cheap to make. I spent 10$ on different colors and made a little over 100! All you do is tie a knot…I even had my husband tying for me!
    On another note, I filled out my bracket for your contest. My husband helped me since I know nothing about basketball! And he watches every game. Literally.

  8. Kellie

    I got this box too! I was so excited it was here when i got home!

  9. Melissa

    I also ordered the box. Packing slip says version 3. Inside:
    Volumizing mascara in jet black
    Portia (looks like a blue version of Camille)
    Claire (blue creme)
    Parker (tangerine creme?)
    Also the ties, pads, eggs and nail file.

    I was pleased. I love the blue and I regretted not adding Hayden on to my order so Parker was a pleasant band aid. The glitters didnt wow me. Ive accumulated quite a few now and there are so annoying to remove but still pretty. I didn’t actually know what the ties were but I assumed. And I’m always up to try mascara!

  10. Stacey

    I love these Julep boxes you post! You always seem to get a good variety of colours!


  11. jmd

    I bought one Sunday. I’m not a maven, but I couldn’t resist the special offer. I got my shipping notice yesterday and I can’t wait for my box to get here. I would be very happy if that light glitter was the special mystery color.

  12. Le Sigh, I caved and got this special box and added on two polishes, America the Beautiful and Blake and instead skipped Wantable for the month since it came out to be as much as Wantable. I don’t mind though, I’m starting to paint my nails more and don’t mind having a new color every week! I hope I get a good box!

  13. Tara

    I got three boxes altogether and added on the Argan Oil. I got box 1 and box 6 for myself. Box six had 4 polishes Camille, Julianne, Sarah, and Laura ($14 each) I also got the Pomegranate Body Creme ($18), Polish remover pads (9.99), nail file and hair ties. total full price would be 102.18. But as members the total price is far less at 76.19. I would also add that my argan oil was leaking all over the box when it got to me, I was missing a polish from box 1 and a hair tie. They said they are replacing these items but they only seemed to have shipped the argan oil.
    As you can see I did not list the third box that I ordered because I had it shipped to my daughter as a gift and it just shipped today. It would be absolutely awesome if she received box 8 which seems to be the big box but I am sure she would like anything she gets.
    Overall the boxes are a good value but this is the second mystery box order in a row that has had issues and required additional shipments to correct. They do have great customer service I just wish I didn’t need to call it so often.

  14. Emily KG

    I got the same things you did (in the first box anyway lol). I laughed when I saw the sunscreen…for hands and face…what about the rest of my body?

    Overall a good box, but not the best one I’ve gotten. I sure wish they’d put a checklist on their site so I can keep track of my colors. I posted about it on their FB page, lets see what happens!

  15. shortandsweetintexas

    I got version 2 of the box which contained Camille, Portia (sheer blue glitter), Niecy (pink creme), Blake (yellow creme), neon hair ties, nail polish remover pads, pomegranate body creme, and the nail file. For $24.99 it was a steal!

  16. jmd

    Got my box today – pretty great, considering they said it shipped Monday! I also got box 5: 3 choc eggs, 3 hair ties, one packet of nail polish remover pads, the quick drying nail drops, and 4 polishes – Sarah – a reddish with glitter, Lauren – a creamy fuschia, Lynn – a sort of pinkish toffee color, and Camille – the glitter probable mystery color. Pretty pleased, disappointed no diamonds of course! Worth the cost I think. Probably still won’t do the monthly boxes, but might do the next mystery one again.

  17. Tara

    Updating my previous comment/review. My daughter received the third box I ordered today and my wish came true because it was Box 8. I was so excited and surprised I just couldn’t believe it. She didn’t even realize what a big deal it was and it kind of shocked her. So in all I got boxes 1, 6 and 8 using my Valentine’s Day gift card. I also received my replacement Argan Oil and nail polish today.

  18. Christina G

    Cool! I am new to Julep and saw the May mystery box is for sale today so I was checking your previous posts on these. Looks like its DEFINITELY worth the pricetag! I guess I’m getting suckered into this LOL

  19. Crystal D

    I received mystery box # 1. In it was pomegranate body scrub, Natasha, Isla, Leah, Kathleen.

  20. Ariel

    Crystal, I got the same box. After reading about all these other boxes with twice as much product (or more), I was pretty disappointed to say the least! I felt the colors were meh and there were no little extras, not even a single nail file! I guess my expectations were too high.

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