POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review + Coupon Code – March 2013

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March PopSugar Must Have Box
March PopSugar Must Have Box

My March PopSugar Must Have Box arrived today and while I knew what was in it, I still inside to open it up.

The Box

My box took the normal 7 days to get from CA to MI.  I’ve given up expecting it to come any sooner than that.  But I still think the system is inefficient.  However, I was beyond thrilled that they began shipping so early this month!

First Look

The March PopSugar Must Have Box weighed 2.5lbs, which I have realized means basically nothing.  My guesses for the box included green nail polish (no), jelly beans (no) and a lightweight scarf (again no).  I’m awful at this ;).

Second First Look

This month, PopSugar is sharing some of the hottest trends of the season, as well as, a nostalgic old favorite.  Spring is finally here (almost) and they are giving us everything we need to greet the season in style.

The Information Booklet

No fear, I won’t go bore you with pictures of every single page of the information booklet.  Instead I’ll just tell you what was inside:

~Heather Belle Signature Tassle Necklace($85 ): This isn’t on the Heather Belle website, for sale, but I am going to do with a value of $85.  It seems pretty fair based on the other items on the site.  I really like this necklace and was happy we weren’t getting another bracelet!  I think this can be dressed up or down and I know I’ll wear it. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it’s a long chain, which makes me like it even more.

PopSugar Heather Belle Signature Tassle Necklace
Heather Belle Signature Tassle Necklace

~Peeps ($1): You know who’s going to love these?  L.  For some reason (and I shudder at the thought), he loves them.  I gave him one to try the other day and he wants MORE.  These are going to make his day.


~Corkatoo Corkscrew($14): OMG, I love this thing.  I’d never buy it myself, but I think that makes it even more fun.  I wish (no wait I don’t), I still waitressed and could whip this thing out when I was opening wine bottles at “the club”.  Don’t worry though, I will put this thing to good use at home.

Corkatoo Corkscrew

~The Laundress: Delicate Wash ($19):  Ahh, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t hand wash things.  I have two kids, two dogs, a husband who is very busy and lots of trashy tv to watch.  Don’t leave much time to wash those Hanky Panky’s you know? But I am guessing I know someone who can use this and enjoy it!

The Laundress: Delicate Wash

~Buxom Mascara ($19): You know this has me excited!  I love new mascaras and can’t get enough to try out.  Like with nail polish, I can’t say I have ever used an entire tube of mascara.  It just doesn’t happen.  Not sure why?  It doesn’t though.  I always move on to something new before it’s done.

Buxom Mascara
Buxom Mascara

~The New Black Nail Polish ($10): I’ve never tried anything from this line, but I eye it every time I place an order at Sephora.  I also love mini nail polish bottles, so these are perfect.  And I love the colors!! I mean I really like the blue. I can glitter up the beige and make myself love that too ;).

The New Black Nail Polish
The New Black Nail Polish

~Hollywood Fashion Secrets Sweater Saver ($6): I did not even know such a thing existed.  This is suppose to get rid of those annoying little balls on sweaters, fleece, etc.  This is perfect for Spring so you can de-ball (lol) all your sweaters before you put them away for the season.  That way when you pull them out in the fall, they will be perfect!

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Sweater Saver
Hollywood Fashion Secrets Sweater Saver

~Hollywood Fashion Secrets Tape Assortment Pack: I believe Birchbox gave these out in their boxes a while back, but I never got one.  I love little packs like this that allow you to sample lots of different things before making a full size commitment!

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Tape Assortment Pack
Hollywood Fashion Secrets Tape Assortment Pack

All totaled I came up with a value of $154.  Totally worth the $35 cost of the box.   I wouldn’t pay $154 for the box, but $35?  Of course!

Did you get the March PopSugar Must Have Box?  What did you think?  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here.  And don’t forget to use the code “REFER5” to save $5 (I think this still works)?

And if you didn’t get one and wish you would have, I’m giving one away!  Just enter below and you too could have a Corkatoo (a red one since that’s what’s in the other box ;))!

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links!
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  1. Jen

    I had the first contest entry!! Yahoo!! 😉

  2. Jen

    I hand wash certain stuff, won’t put some stuff in the dryer and as far as kitchen goes, I hand wash all my pots/pans. It makes Denny crazy and makes me equally as crazy when I catch him breaking one of the above mentioned “rules” I have. 🙂 I have a few things I’m OCD about, what can I say? He knew that going in. LOL

  3. Debbie F.

    My favorite item in the box is the HB necklace.. of course!

  4. Abby

    I used up all my box money( you like that? I have a set amount of box money so I can’t spend too much, but I’m definitely planning on starting this box in May. My favorite item in this box is the nail polish. I’m on a huge nail polish kick!

  5. Rose D.

    I love the necklace. I love long necklaces in general. I would love to win this for my baby sister (I already get it). She is having a really rough time right now.

  6. Jessica W

    The corkscrew. I desperately need that. LOL

  7. Ginny Millett

    I keep looking at these boxes and tell myself I want to try it. It would be fun to get fancy stuff in the mail. One of these days…

  8. Alena

    I ordered my PopSugar box a week too late to receive this box! I was so bummed!! Looks great and love the corkscrew! 🙂

  9. Kelly G.

    Love your giveaways! I think I like the corkscrew the most from the box! Lol but I am also a sucker for some nail polish! You never have too many!!

  10. Heidi

    Buxom mascara!

  11. jmd

    This box looks really nice! I have heard really good things about Buxom mascara. I can’t afford 35$, so I would love to win this. I already have Ipsy and Birchbox, and am saving for Glossybox.

  12. Leah

    I’ve been waiting for your review! I received the same necklace and I wouldn’t pay $10 for this much less $85. Felt like cheap plastic! Anyone want to buy mine? I’ll sell it for $50! LOL I loved everything else!!

  13. Erica

    I want a corkatoo, but I also want to try the sweater saver. I have a lot of sweaters that have what I call BBs on them that really need this! Thanks!

  14. stacey premoe

    looks like a great box, thanks

  15. Danielle

    Wait, are you supposed to handwash Hanky Panky? I don’t. That seems unhygienic.

  16. Jocelyn Dunlop

    For all the ladies who don’t have a nifty sweater saver like the one in this box, a retired razor works, too!

  17. Caitlin

    Seeing as I am a Mascara Junkie fav thing from the box would be the buxom mascara 🙂

  18. Shannon

    My favorite was the Corkatoo! Love that thing.

    On a side note – I refused to wear or buy anything that I can’t wash in the washing machine. I don’t have time to mess around with it. Heck, I don’t even separate my lights and darks. I got the cashmere and wool wash and I laughed because I do not own any cashmere or wool. LOL.

  19. Nicole

    My fave item is the necklace!! So cute and can be worn with many different things.

  20. megan

    I love the delicate wash. I use the VS one currently, but would love to try something different, since I have been using the VS one for about 10 years.

  21. melanie

    i love the necklace!! so stinken cute!!!

  22. Danielle

    I love Popsugar and their fun little boxes! Great review! I hope to try out some of these items!

  23. Annette

    that necklace is so pretty!

    despite the fact that I don’t need nail polish I think the necklace and the polish is what I’d most want to try.

    I still can’t get myself to sign up for the PopSugar box unless I unsub from my other boxes

  24. Kristina

    I am seriously OBSESSED with the corkscrew. It’s too adorable!

  25. Amy

    I got the January box for my birthday from a friend and I wish it was as good as this one or last month. January was just so so.

  26. christine

    i cant wait for mine (ps box)

  27. Kristin

    Love me some Pop Sugar!! Does the Heather Belle necklace have an actual HB on it? This would all make a great gift! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Katy

    I love the necklace, and the corkatoo is so cute!

  29. Jeanne L

    I think the corkscrew is the cutest!

  30. Elizabeth

    Who doesn’t love Peeps?! I could eat a whole box myself. With that said, try an experiment with L – put a peep in the microwave for 30 seconds (or was it 60 seconds?!) and watch through the window of it…the peep grows in size!

  31. Kristina Moya

    I would love to win for a friend of mine 🙂

  32. Stacey

    I have never used a whole tube of mascara either, I don’t think it’s possible! I wish I could see how much was left in the tube!


  33. Inna McAllister

    Love all the stuff in this month’s box. I sure hope I win 🙂

  34. Amanda

    I love the mascara, I love new mascara, but I’m way too cheap to spend almost $20 on a tube… I also never end up using a whole tube because I always worry I’m going to run out, so I go buy a new one and get too excited about the new one to finish the old.

  35. Samantha

    Love it all! Would love to try the nail polish!!

  36. Jenn

    I love the corkscrew! It is so darn cute. I got the delicate wash too and I don’t even sort my laundry when I wash it. I’m just going to throw it in the machine with our regular grubby clothes. Maybe they will smell nice?

  37. Lydia H.

    I love nail polish!

  38. stevie

    I love the tassel necklace! Thanks for the chance!

  39. Joann

    LOVE the necklace!

  40. Jennifer Cochran

    Can’t read this entry yet. My box still isn’t here. Of course not. California to Colorado is SO FAR. Fedex hates this part of the world. 😉

  41. Jen

    Thanks for sharing. I have been eying these subscription boxes and really enjoy reading your feedback on them!

  42. Brittany

    I’ve seen a few other reviews of this box and those people did not seem too impressed (most of them didn’t drink so clearly they wouldnt appreciate the best part of this box). I like how positive you are, and even when you have negative things to say about a particular box or box item you still make it seem like it could be a good item for someone elses lifestyle. I really like that about you!
    I would use the corkscrew ALL the time. At home and at work. I’m also the same as you with mascara and nail polish. I’m beginning to think that they are just never ending bottles of amazingness? maybe?

  43. Rachel

    I love the necklace and mascara. Would I have paid $85 for the necklace, or even $20 for the mascara? No. But I loved the items in this box and was so happy to have spent my money that way.

  44. Christina Ward

    I keep debating about subbing to this box because of the price but I don’t think I am gonna be able to hold out much longer : )

  45. Sandra

    Oddly enough I’m most interested in the sweater saver. And I always love mascara and nail polish.

  46. Natasha

    I LOVED this box! I will use everything. I got the Wool & Cashmere Shampoo – which I plan to use for my sweaters before I retire them to the cedar chest for summer. And the scent is cedar – perfect! I also didn’t know about the sweater saver – I can’t wait to use it. I can always use a good wine opener – I blow through those for some reason 🙂 Peeps are gone and my nail polish is yellow and orange. Odd colors – but black & orange are the school colors where I work so I can’t wait to break out the orange and impress the kiddies! Tape – always need to hem my pants (masking tape doesn’t work so well – hope this is better) and, what else, oh yeah – mascara! OMG – My mascara tube is about dry and I have been dreading buying new. I don’t know why, I just hate to buy mascara for some weird reason. That task is O-V-E-R! Love PopSugar!!!!

  47. Sara N.

    The buxom mascara! 🙂 the corkscrew is also pretty darn cute!

  48. Angela

    The Corkatoo! Lol but I’m a wino so maybe that’s why

  49. Olga

    My favorite item is the cockatoo corkscrew! It is so cute.

  50. Alexia561

    My favorite item in the box is the nail polish, as I’m a sucker for blue polish!

  51. sara

    I love that necklace!

  52. Liz

    Pick me! I unsubscribed last before billing and sooo regret it!

  53. Alice

    The necklace because it’s so trendy to have long necklace and I am totally not on trend.

  54. Kayla

    The corkatoo!

  55. Karla

    Love the corkscrew and necklace!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  56. Melissa M

    LOVE that dark blue nail polish!!! and the corkscrew! soooo cuteee

  57. Lisa

    Ok one more box that doesn’t ship to Canada, boooo! I want everything, love the chain! I gotta win!

  58. Emily

    My favorite thing has to be the Buxom Mascara hands down! I really want to try it out!

  59. Sally

    Your subscriptions to monthly boxes make me want to try one out! I love getting packages, especially filled with goodies :O)

  60. soon p

    The corkscrew. It’s cute and different.

  61. Alicia

    I just went through my popsugar box that I got in the mail today! I love it 🙂

  62. Kimberlee

    The buxom mascara, I am a sucker for mascara any day of the week. I haven’t tried this box yet, I arrived a bit late to the sub box obsession but my hubby says I am doing my best to catch up quickly. Can’t wait to try PopSugar!!!

  63. Aimee

    I’m pretty excited about the mascara!

  64. Misty H

    The mascara excites me. Just saying. I also see my package arrived ;].

  65. Jen

    I think my fav is either the mascara (I love anything Buxom) or the nail polishes (even the nude/beige!)

  66. Tangy

    This box is amazing. I love all the items in it!

  67. Chrissy

    Actually the laundry wash would probably be what I’d like the most out of that box. After spending the kind of money one does on victoria secrety bras it makes no sense to destroy them while washing. That soap would be perfect for handwashing them!

  68. Danyelle H

    I love the corkscrew! It’s so stinkin’ cute!

  69. Janaya

    Its official! You’ve persuaded me to sign up for Pop Sugar Must Have! 😀 I can’t wait to get my first box!

  70. clarisse

    would love to try that mascara!!!!! also wanted to try that sweater saver for my cashmere. Hope i win!

  71. Margo

    Love this box!

  72. Vanessa

    My favorite item in the box is the Buxom Mascara! Love mascara period and Buxom Mascara is pretty great! 🙂

  73. Katie

    I was lucky enough to be gifted a 3 month subscription for Christmas, this is box #2. As soon as I opened it, I thought how much my Mom would love this. If I win, I’m giving the extra to her! Thanks!

  74. Tiffany

    Absolutely love this box… there was a mix up and I didn’t receive the Jan box.. but the last 2 months have been awesome!

  75. Jessika

    After reading your reviews I am wanting to try a few boxes so I am saving up my money now! I really would like to try popsugar!! It is one of them on my list! So I would love to win the box!

  76. Val

    I like the necklace best!

  77. Kellie

    I want to try all of the washes, i know that is super weird, but clothes are expensive and I am curious if expensive detergent like things would make a difference

  78. Melinda Singer

    I’m a sucker for a new mascara and would love to try the Buxom mascara!

  79. Simone

    I want to try the mascara!

  80. Tamara Johnson

    I love the sweater saver those little things are so annoying and can ruin a look!

  81. Kathy

    The mascara! I love eye makeup!

  82. Debi B

    I would love to win. I love the necklace and would like to try the other items!

  83. Jenny

    I didn’t get this months box since I did finally cancel. I loved the complete random nature of the box so I may have to get back in on it soon. 😉

  84. Mary Q.

    I love those little nail polishes. Sooo cute and mini sizes are great so you can play around with more colors and not waste so much nail polish. I mean, who ever actually finishes a bottle?

  85. Dawn

    I love this box! I would love to win it – I won’t be able to start a subscription for a few months!

  86. Mieko

    this will be my second box from pop sugar, so far, I’m loving this particular subscription. This month’s box was just as awesome as Feb.’s. The necklace is adorable. I love peeps. I don’t hand wash often, but often enough that I’ll get use out of the soap (even though, the bottle does give directions for machine use as well). I can never have enough nail polish, or mascara (and between birchbox, julep, and pop sugar, I have not had to buy mascara in close to a year) . Wasn’t super thrilled with the sweater bar and tape, but I will get use out of them . and the corkatoo is friggin adorable, but as per my agreement with myself, it will go in a bin for future christmas gifts (I promised myself to part with one subscription box item for christmas gifts to completely validate spending the money on the boxes). .. again, I loved this month’s box, can’t wait for the next one.

  87. Jillian

    Def the mascara. It seems like I ALWAYS need a new tube!

  88. Deanna N

    Ah! The necklace, by far!!! Love!

  89. Kaitlin

    The Laundress Delicate wash… Greats products… Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  90. Pilar Buford

    I want this Box..Please!

  91. Sam L

    My favorite item was the mascara! I am forever trying to find one that works for me. Still searching!

  92. Norma

    I need a corkatoo!!!! Love, love, love your blog & giveaways!!

  93. Crystal

    I want the Corkatoo!!!

  94. Dee

    I am loving that tassel necklace and corkscrew.

  95. Rachel

    This was my first PopSugar Must Have Box! Doesn’t seem as good as the previous ones I’ve seen people blog about but I’m obsessed with the Corkatoo Corkscrew!

  96. Kim

    The corkscrew is really cute.

  97. Pilar Buford

    I would love this box

  98. Heather

    OMG that necklace is too cute!! Love it and I’m usually a silver girl, but I just bought gold shoes. I guess my taste is changing 🙂

  99. Erika

    The nail polish

  100. Brianne

    I want the mascara and the nail polish. Do you think this box is worth the money? I got the September subscription although I loved the bag most of the items that came in the box were food and body washes that due to allergies I could not use, when I subscribed I was hopin for things live this since I love popsugar and fitsugar, so I paused my subscription to save money. Now that I see this in thinking I should start it up again…what do you think? (Btw i’m a college student so money is tight.)

  101. Brandy

    I just received the email for the limited edition summer box, $100 seems a bit high, I haven’t been in love with the half the items in my boxes so far. You clearly have a bit of experience, what is your opinion? Worth it?

  102. Angela

    I am a mascara lover myself. Just ordered myself a tube of Lashgasam (too late to spell correctly) and I am not lovin it so much. Haven’t tried Buxom yet.

  103. suzanna

    aww wish i wouldnt have decided to skip this month of Pop Sugar 🙁

  104. Lynda

    Please enter me in the contest. Looks like an awesome box! Thank you.

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