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I am, once again, linking up with Ashley and Neely for today’s Sunday Social.

1. What is your favorite thing about spring?
I feel like we did this?  I like Spring because things start to grow here again.  They turn green, instead of brown.  It smells good.  We can go outside.  And wear flip-flops.  Did I mention that it we’re still getting SNOW here?  Just get warm already!

2. What is your favorite kind of flower to grow or receive?
We always plant flowers outside in the Spring, but that is in May and involves bickering at the local greenhouse because neither one of us can ever decide what to get.  I have no favorite and usually forget what we have gotten about two seconds after we leave.  I believe it’s Impatiens.  Or Petunias.  Or something.  I like to receive all sorts of flowers!!  Anything really.  Calla lilies are my favorite favorite.  And if someone brought me hydrangeas I wouldn’t be sad either.  I just like flowers that are all the same color.  And the same flower.  Mixing them sends my OCD into overdrive.

Calla Lily
image credit:
image credit:

3. What is your favorite nail polish color?
This is so hard.  I have a new favorite every day.  But today I am going with Chanel May.  I have a thing for overpriced nail polish that I will only use once or twice and this certainly fits the bill.

Chanel May
image credit: Nordstrom

4. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Well, I know a few boys in my house who are looking forward to the opening of our neighbors pool!  I am looking forward to it as well because watching those two is always fun!  And maybe, just maybe, WB will think it’s warm enough for him this year.  Maybe.


5. Do you have any fun spring plans? Details! 🙂
Oh gosh, Spring is always busy around here. We’ve got Easter, WB’s birthday, B’s birthday and L’s birthday! And we may be headed on a little vacation. On a boat.  It’s going to be a crazy (and fun) few months!

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  1. Jackie

    I wish it was warm enough to wear dresses here, let alone open a pool hahaha. But Calla Lilies are beautiful!

  2. Alexia561

    My favorite flowers to grow are day lilies. Still regret not digging some up to bring with me when we moved, as I can’t find that color down here. 🙁

  3. Jamie

    I love me some flip flops! I LOVE spring! 🙂

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