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I am, once again, linking up with Ashley and Neely for today’s Sunday Social.

1. What is your favorite type of workout to do?
Ha. I almost spit out my drink. I don’t have a favorite. I would love to love running and be one of those people that just NEEDS to run, but that’s not me. So I am going with yoga. Nice and relaxing and quiet. All things that are important when you live with a bunch of boys. Plus, it’s expected that you wear your lulu pants to yoga, so it gives me a reason to wear them.

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2. What is your favorite guilty pleasure candy or sweet?
So we go from favorite workouts to this? LOL! This is easy. Pretzel m&m’s. They are like crack. I *might* like cripsy m&m’s more, but they don’t sell them in the States, so I try not to get too addicted when I have them.

Best to just get the giant bag.

3. What is one thing you continuously forget to do?

I can’t even think of something, which probably means I forgot? HA! I guess I always forget to remember where I put my iPhone. I can never remember where that thing is. B thinks I need to wear it around my neck.

4. Do you prefer post-its or phone reminders? Why?
Both I guess.  If it’s something I need to do on the computer, I will slap a sticky note on it so I remember the next time I sit down.  If it’s an appointment or something along those lines, it’s gotta be an iPhone reminder.  What if I am out and about and need to be reminded?

5. What is your favorite picture currently on your phone that always makes you smile?
Since I JUST cleared all the pictures off my phone, I am left with my screen saver and background pictures to share, which are these.

The WB
L’s School Picture

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  1. Jen

    These pictures are too cute! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  2. Sue

    Adorable pics!!!!

  3. Jackie

    I told myself I would not buy any lulu pants until I lost more weight because I was not spending gobs of money for something that might not fit in 5 months. Also- you are like me with the sticky notes! I always leave one on my laptop if I don’t want to forget something in the morning. Happy Easter! 🙂

  4. mary m

    Adorable pictures!!!

    I have 3000 pics on my phone..and I JUST deleted 150 earlier tonight/this morning/whatever (I’m almost done with my 12 hour graveyard shift…) I only need to delete like 2500 more! hahaha…but I struggle with deleting them 🙁

  5. Alexia561

    Love the picture of WB in the hat. What a heartbreaker!

  6. Alison

    I love the pics of the boys!!! They are so cute!!

  7. My dumb blonde moment this weekend involved my phone and I think I have you beat. I was looking for it because I could hear a phone ringing in the house. It was my daughters phone that was ringing and mine was in my hand the whole time 🙂

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