April Bugsy’s Box Review

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Bugsy Box
April Bugsy Box

Bugsy’s Box is “monthly box of goodies for dogs. Subscribers receive a box once a month which features 5 to 7 high quality, hand-picked, items such as dog treats, toys, care items, essentials and more.”

Bugsy's Box
The Box

Bugsy’s Box ships via USPS and was one of the many boxes I received last week.  Not that that’s a bad things, but I am certainly trying to play catch up!

Bugsy's Box
First Look
Bugsy's Box
Second First Look

After I peeled back the tissue paper, I was impressed by the first look!  There were a few familiar faces in there, as well as, a few things my boys have never seen!

Bugsy's Box
The Information Card

The Bugsy’s Box information card is nice and big and includes tons of information about the products.  I loved that I didn’t have to get out a magnifying glass to read the card!  Does that mean I am getting old?

~The Barking Bus Cookies ($1.49): Okay, these look exactly like animal crackers.  Exactly.  So what did B and I do?  We tried them.  And I’ll admit it, they are pretty darn tasty.  These get a total thumbs up for me.  If I like them, I am certain the dogs will too!

Bugsy's Box
The Barking Bus Cookies

~Incredibubbles ($4.88):How cool are these? They are non-toxic dogs made just for dogs.  They dry in the air and land intact, so your dogs can go crazy and pounce on them as soon as they land!  Buddy and I cannot wait to try these!

Bugsy's Box

~YumZies Barbecue Chicken ($6.99): We have tried these (the dogs have, not B and I), but I think in a different flavor.  They are the perfect size for the boys and they love them!!

Bugsy's Box
YumZies Barbecue Chicken

~9″ Animal Safari Toy ($7.50): I cannot find this exact toy online, but I am guessing $7.50 is a pretty good estimate for it.  I haven’t given it to the boys yet, but I am sure they will love it.  What’s not to love about a stuffed squeaky toy?

Bugsy's Box
9″ Animal Safari Toy

~Original Loofa Light ($6.23):I have cleaned up more dog toy stuffing than I want to discuss and my dogs aren’t even that great at ripping toys apart.  So when I see a toy with no stuffing, I am always happy!!  The boys are already enjoying this!

Bugsy's Box
Original Loofa Light

~Wafer Cookies Sample: These look totally tasty, but I did not try them.  The dogs already did though and they told me that I totally missed out on a good snack ;).

Bugsy's Box
Wafer Cookie Sample

~EcoDogPlanet Doggie Bags ($3.33): Not like that enjoy cleaning up after the dogs, but it is a necessary evil and these bags are made just for that.  And they are made from tapioca plant.  Seriously.  Who thinks to try and make a bag out of a plant?

Bugsy's Box
EcoDogPlanet Doggie Bags

~Fetch & Glow Ball ($10.95): We got a set of these earlier this month and it said they were the small ones, but this one said small too, so I am not sure what’s going on?  Maybe one is the extra small and one is the small?  Or one is the small and the other is the medium?  Whatever.  I gave this to my brother and SIL for their dogs since watching my little dogs pick it up would be funny!

Bugsy's Box
Fetch & Glow Ball

All totaled I came up with a value of $41.37 for the April Bugsy’s Box.  Pretty good considering that the box itself is only $29/month ($19/month if you order 6 months at a time).  All the items in the box are very durable and meet Buddy and Baxter’s high standards.

Buddy was busy

What do you think of Bugsy’s Box?  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here!

Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes. No compensation was received and, of course, all opinions are my own. And Baxter and Buddy’s.
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  1. Brianna

    Fun! I have been interest in this one – maybe I’ll give it a whirl after my Barkbox subscription is through. 🙂

  2. Melinda

    Hey Jennifer, you should tell your readers that today only at consciousbox.com.. you can get your first box, today only, in honor of Earth Day, for only 7.95 by entering EARTHDAYFREE!!! Melinda

  3. Crystal D

    Those bubbles are so cool!!! I hope they come in a barkbox soon. I may switch to this box once the barkbox is up in 6 months.

  4. Alexia561

    Hope the boys enjoy their new goodies! And I love that you and B tried some of the doggie treats. I’ve totally done that before! *L*

  5. Danielle

    This box looks like a great deal! I buy yumzies all the time….at Marshall’s of all places! I may have to order one of these for my dogs as a special treat!

  6. Amy

    I have to say that Bugsy’s Box is not a good company to do business with. Sorry, but they took my money and ran. Filed with the BBB and not a word from this company. Stick with Bark Box!

  7. Katie

    I agree with Amy I paid for 6 months worth of boxes and got the first box and that’s it. I keep emailing them and sending them facebook messages with no response. I am glad I paid $90 for a couple of toys that were destroyed in minutes and a couple of treat bags!

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