April Julibox Review

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Edited to Add: Julibox is no longer in business.

April Julibox
April Julibox

I was having a little subscription box drought last month and decided to order a few boxes I had never tried before to mix things up. One of those boxes happened to be Julibox. I ordered too late to get the March box, so I had to wait until April. In case you don’t know, “Julibox is your passport to cocktail discovery. Each month, you will discover two great cocktails, curated by world class mixologists and designed especially for easy home preparation.” They send enough to make four cocktails total (two of each) and you’ll probably end up having “leftovers”.

The Spirits Box

Julibox ships UPS and must be signed for by an adult 21+ years of age. Listen, I am besties with my UPS guy and he didn’t even leave it for me.  Rules are rules.  You want your booze?  Stay home on delivery day or have it shipped to your office.

The Mixers Box

I don’t know if it’s like this every month (does anyone know), but the spirits and mixers shipped separate.  The mixers arrived about a week after the booze (via FedEx Smart Post which we all know takes forever), which I found slightly annoying.  Who wants to wait an extra week when you are this close to making a yummy cocktail?

First Look
Second First Look

How cute is all of this packaging?  I love it. Since the bottles are glass, there is a lot of packing material.  But it’s not just thrown in there in a big mess.  The box is divided is two – one cocktail per side ;).

The Information Card
The Recipes

The April Julibox theme was Derby Tipples and included cocktails to get you geared up for the upcoming Kentucky Derby, including Mint Juleps and an Orange Basil Smash.  Has anyone ever been to the Kentucky Derby?  It’s totally on my bucket list!

The first recipe is for a Mint Julep and included the following:
~Woodford Reserves Kentucky Straight Bourbon: I can’t say that bourbon is my booze of choice, but it is the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby, so it’s got to be good right?  Plus, you need it to make a Mint Julep ;).

Woodford Reserves Kentucky Straight Bourbon

~Thrasher’s Mint Syrup: For whatever reason, the much anticipated mint syrup had some fermentation issues which caused it to leak in shipping.  This was an across the board issue and Julibox sent out an e-mail apologizing (before it even arrived actually), a revised recipe and $5 off your next box (or a $5 refund).  I guess the little bottles were made just for Julibox and since the larger bottles never have this issue they didn’t expect this at all.  Things happen and I get that, but I want to try the cocktail as intended, so I am going to find this syrup around town!  I am actually surprised the post office delivered this package because it smelled and you could tell something was up.

Society Farms Thrasher’s Mint Syrup

~Mint Julep Spoon Straws: I cannot for the life of me figure out what these are called?  Are they just spoon straws?  I wish they would have included Julep cups too because I that would have totally made this box perfect!

The Tools

The second recipe was for the Orange Basil Smash and included the following:
~Woodford Reserves Kentucky Straight Bourbon:  Same bourbon as in the other recipe, but in smaller (aka cuter) bottles.

Woodford Reserves Kentucky Straight Bourbon

~Canton Ginger Liqueur: I am really liking the sounds of this drink.  It’s served in a mason jar which is so fun for summer!  As for ginger liqueur, well that might be something I can get into as well!

Canton Ginger Liqueur

~Angostura Bitters: The bitters arrived in the same package as the mint syrup, however, it was undamaged.  I wiped it off and it was as good as new.  The bottle is so tiny and cute and really does contain only enough to make two drinks!

Angostura Bitters

I didn’t do a value calculation on this box because it’s more about the experience than the value.  Plus, liqueur costs vary by state correct?  From what I found online, the bouborn would be valued at $13.19 and the ginger liqueur would be $2.73?  Something like that?  Again, I think it varies by state and I am not even sure you’d find this at your corner liqueur store would you?

Do you subscribe to Julibox?  What do you think of the box?  Is it something you’d be interested in?  It’s $40/month (or $36/month if you opt for an annual subscription), which works out to $10/drink – about what you’d pay at some fancy pants bar.  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here.

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  1. Lauren

    It’s hard for me to tell the size via photos…. In your personal opinion, do you think it’s worth the $40??? In other words, will you be ordering it again? Maybe I will try it one time and then decide!!! Decisions, decisions!!!! I do like the idea of discovery!!! 😉

  2. Pixiepower

    I have been a subscriber for awhile. At first I wasn’t sure because the value is kind of low but considering you don’t have to buy full bottle of alcohol or go out to try a drink I think it’s worth it. I love the cards they send also. I have been saving them and writing notes for future reference. Usually everything ships in one box but since they did a collaboration with society fair that item shipped separately. I was also surprised it was delivered since it smelled bad and was leaking everywhere.

  3. Crystal D

    I have a question for you about this box, did you have to sign for it? Do they ID you when you sign for it? I want to subscribe but my boyfriend and I both work when the mail runs so I was wondering if they would just leave it at the door. When I purchased wine online I had to get it sent to my moms work because they require a signature.

    1. Crystal D

      @Crystal D: Nevermind!!! I see now! Thanks!

  4. mary m

    I’m tempted to try this–we always like trying new drinks, but I can’t justify it right at the moment. And we have things covered–Tom drinks whiskey, I drink vodka, and we’ll both have rum and tequila. LOL

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