Kiwi Crate Review + Coupon Code – April 2013

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Kiwi Crate
April Kiwi Crate

The April Kiwi Crate theme is “caring for the earth” and included two projects “my paper making kit” and “my leaf stamped bag”. Obviously the theme is perfect since April is Earth Month!

Kiwi Crate
The Box

Kiwi Crate changed their format a little this month, but the box was still the same. Kiwi Crate is one of my favorite boxes to ship things in. I don’t know why, but I always reach for it.

Kiwi Crate
First Look
Kiwi Crate
Second First Look

Instead of the box being wrapped in tissue paper with a sticker label on the lid, Kiwi Crate has changed their set-up and now has a card that flips over with a coloring page on it. You can cut out the little guys and use them to play!

Kiwi Crate
My Adventures with Kiwi Crate

Project #1 – my paper making kit

April Kiwi Crate
Project #1: my paper making kit
Kiwi Crate
my paper making kit: the materials

The first April Kiwi Crate project was “my paper making kit” and includes everything you need to create your own unique recycled paper!  The idea is to use the paper to write a note to someone you love.  Hopefully L writes it to me, but I doubt it ;).  This project is high on the messiness scale (yay!), high on the grownup involvement scale and involves discovering, caring and communicating.  We have to had a chance to try this out yet, but I am super excited and I know L is going to LOVE making his own paper.  This is such a cute idea!

As a side note, did anyone else “make paper when they were a kid?  And by making paper, I mean taking a piece of paper at school and crumpling it all up, smushing it, balling it up again, etc. until it turned really soft but didn’t rip?  Please tell me I am not the only kid that did this?

Project #2 – my leaf stamped bag

Kiwi Crate
project #2: my leaf stamped bag
Kiwi Crate
my leaf stamped bag: the materials

The second April Kiwi Crate project is “my leaf stamped tote” and includes everything you need to decorate a 100% recycled tote bag! You can create beautiful stamped artwork with leaves and clay. It’s high on the messiness scale (we so love a good mess) and is low on the grownup involvement scale.  Although to me, anything that involves an ink pad requires high grownup involvement.  I don’t need L stamping leaves all over WB now do I?  This project involves exploring, moving – fun and discovering.

I think L is going to love this one as well, but I gotta tell you want to steal this and do it myself.  That bag is ADORABLE.  No seriously. I love it.  Hopefully L lets me use it sometimes too!  It’s very sturdy and not too big or too small!

Kiwi Crate
caring for earth – explore more!

This month’s explore more!, teaches about the 3 R’s of caring for the earth (reduce, reuse and recycle).  Projects include sock caterpillar (making a cuddly friend out of an old sock), mailbox (make a play mailbox out of an empty cereal box) and “desk calendar” (create your own calendar with a CD case).  I think we are going to do desk calendar first because I feel like L would really benefit from having a calendar of his own.

Kiwi Crate
The (new) inside of the box

If you don’t already know, Kiwi Crate is $19.95/monthly and is geared towards kids ages 3-7. L and I have done most every project we have gotten in our crates so far and have always been entertained with them. You can go to the Kiwi Crate website to order your crate subscription! And you can also order single crates, so if there was one you are disappointed that you missed, you still can get it! LOVE this! If you still aren’t sure about it and want to check out more reviews (by me), click here and you can see all of the previous boxes we received.

Do you subscribe to Kiwi Crate? What’d you think of this month’s box? Did you love it as much as we did?

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