Birchbox Home: From The Garden Box Review

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Birchbox Home: From The Garden Box
Birchbox Home: From The Garden Box

When I heard that Birchbox was offering another Limited Edition Home box, I knew (before I even saw what was in it) that I was going to order. I loved the last one so much and have been hoping they’d offer another one ever since!

Birchbox Home: From The Garden Box

I ordered a few other things with my Birchbox Home: From The Garden Box, so everything came together in a larger box. The Home boxes are much larger than the regular Birchboxes and I loved the design of it.

Birchbox Home: From The Garden Box
The Box in the Box

I don’t know why the box in the box is upside down, but it clearly the person who packed this is NOT as OCD as I am because I would have had to fix that before I sealed the box.

Birchbox Home: From The Garden Box
The real box

It took opening a few boxes, but I finally got to the real box! And again, I thought it was adorable. And can totally be reused!

Birchbox Home
First Look

Those little pieces of confetti paper must drive the people who packed this Birchbox and all those other boxes that use than crazy.  The paper dust gets everywhere.  You actually have to wipe off the stuff from the box because it’s covered in it!

Birchbox Home: From The Garden Box
The Information Card(s)

The Birchbox Home: From The Garden Box comes with the standard information card, as well as information cards on each of the catagories that tell you a little bit about them. I love me some information cards, so I am loving that there was more than one!

~Gift Republic Grow Me: Mini Herb and Vegetable Growing Kits(Basil) ($6): B was JUST telling me how he wants to start a mini indoor herb garden in our kitchen windows so this could not be more perfect.

Birchbox Home
Gift Republic Grow Me: Mini Herb and Vegetable Growing Kits

~TOCCA Crema da Mano Luxe(Biana – Green Tea * Lemon) ($20):  Ohhh, I have never tried this, but I love TOCCA candles, so I am just going to assume this is equally amazing.  I use so much hand lotion that I always get excited when I get some new stuff in a box! I’ve already tried it and it’s fabulous. Not greasy and it smells amazing!

Birchbox Home
TOCCA Crema da Mano Luxe

Slice and Dice:
~Core Bamboo Radish Print Utility Knife($13.99): If I needed any additional incentive to get this box, this would have been it.  This knife is so fun and I have never seen anything like it.  It makes me want steak knives with little steaks on them.

Birchbox Home
Core Bamboo Radish Print Utility Knife

~BAGGU® Market Shopping Bag($9): Who couldn’t use another BAGGU?  I have a lots, but I feel like you can’t have enough.  And I swear, I am going to start taking these (and other reusable bags) to the grocery store.  Ohhh, that might be a good I’m Totally Trying It May idea! And I don’t know if they sent out different color bags, but I really like this one!

Birchbox Home
BAGGU® Market Shopping Bag

~Birchbox Shopping List($6): This is adorable and I will certainly be using it.  I am cracking up that Birchbox actually included How it Works and How to Use it descriptions for this.  But yeah, I read them just to see if there was something I didn’t know about using a shopping list (there’s not). I do wish they’d include tips on how to remember your list because I always forget it.

Birchbox Home
Birchbox Shopping List

~Sarabeth’s Legendary Spreadable Fruit (Strawberry-Raspberry and Peach-Apricot) ($3): Anything that comes in little mini sized containers is a win for me. It’s L sized and he loves when I give him his own little jar to spread on his bagel (he’s obsessed with bagels). He’s going to have to share some of this with me though because I hear it’s amazing and I need to try it for myself!

Birchbox Home
Sarabeth’s Legendary Spreadable Fruit

~LAFCO Little Luxuries Candle Tin(Cilantro Orange) ($20): Although this candle is small, it has a 30 hour burn time.  Does anyone else think this contain looks like a coffee cup?  Does anyone know why?  I mean I love it, but I am just curious.  And it comes with it’s own little set of matches nested right in the top, which of course I love. I am not sure about the scent yet though. It smells like well, oranges and cilantros, which I am not sure is good or bad. It was so hard to get the lid off to smell it. Did anyone else have this issue?

Birchbox Home
LAFCO Little Luxuries Candle Tin

~L’OCCITANE Jasmin & Bergamot Eau de Toilette($6.80): I kind of expected to hate this, but I am pleased to report I don’t. The bottle is a nice size (bigger than I thought it would be), but it doesn’t have a sprayer. I think all samples should come with a sprayer thing!

Birchbox Home
L’OCCITANE Jasmin & Bergamot Eau de Toilette

All totaled, I came up with a value of $84.79 for the Limited Edition Birchbox Home box! I seriously wish they offered a monthly Birchbox Home subscription box. I would love a monthly box like this. Do you guys agree?

What do you think of the Birchbox Home: From the Garden Box? Do you love it as much as I do? If you didn’t subscribe and wish you did, well, you’re in luck because they are still available! How awesome is that? Just click here and head to the Home & Food tab under Shop and you’ll see it!

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  1. Jessica R.

    I got mine today too! I got a different lotion scent and bag design, but otherwise it was the same. I am super impressed and working on my blog post about it now. It’s definitely the prettiest package I’ve ever gotten (though those paper crinkles were really annoying). I would totally be up for getting a limited edition home box monthly or at least every other month. And I’m with you on using the Baggu bags for the grocery store. Too bad I only remember to bring mine about 50 percent of the time.

  2. Danielle

    I got mine today too, I’m glad I decided to vacuum AFTER I opened it because the dust from the confetti paper did get all over the place! Nothing was broken in my box but all the smaller boxes like for the lotion, perfume, and basil pot were all smashed. I was waiting to see what yours looked like and they look just fine….the outside of my box was in perfect shape and the box wasn’t over crowded so they had to have been put in there like that 🙁 So, not a great first impression since I can’t use these items as intended now (as little gift add ons) I love the smell of the perfume and the matches on the candle lid are the cutest thing ever though. My husband will probably demolish the jam on Sunday too…lol!

  3. Ashley

    My BAGGU was hot pink, and my candle was mint scented. This was the first box I’ve ever received from Birchbox (my first monthly subscription arrived today) and I absolutely loved it!

  4. Rose D.

    So jealous of your Tocca scent! I got Florence, and it is SO strongly floral that I got a migraine. And that was the part I was most excited about! 🙁

    1. Rose D.

      @Rose D.:
      Oh, and I also got the same candle and Baggu. The candle is really nice and fresh in the kitchen. My husband was really excited about the knife, and how it is partially serrated.

  5. Mary Q.

    You know, I really need a home of my own so I can get things like this. I’m a sucker for home goods but I’ve never really gotten to buy any! I’ve never seen a BAGGU, but I have a bunch of ___ that I LOVE. I have like 3 in the car at all times so I can’t possibly forget to bring them when I go to a store (and I must always use them when at Target to get my 5 cents off!).

    As for the shopping list… I like to keep mine on a dry erase board so I take a picture of it to reference from my phone. Or sometimes I just use one of those list/reminder apps that I always mean to use to get organized with.

    I’m pretty sure that candle in a coffee mug looks like it because of that raised top part. If you too it off, I’d imagine it would look like a bucket.

  6. Mary Q.

    HAHAHA oops! I was going to go look up the name of the bags and then forgot and posted. -__-; They’re ChicoBags!!

  7. Mrs. L

    I would have been perfectly happy with this box. I love anything home or food related (not into the beauty boxes so much).

  8. Jackie

    I totally agree, I LOVE this Birchbox Home box! I would totally sign up for that monthly box!!! I got a different baggu bag and a different candle (mint) but otherwise all the same stuff. So much fun, definitely one of my favorites that I’ve gotten recently. Doesn’t hurt that I was able to apply some points to pay for it too. Love, love, love!!! 🙂

  9. Ali

    I’m so glad you posted this review! I was contemplating ordering it and wasn’t sure if I should or not, and your review totally swayed me. I’m so excited for it to come now!

  10. Alexia561

    Would love a monthly subscription box for the home! The items in my Fancy Box grew on me after playing with my items for awhile, so I resubscribed, but I’d love a cheaper option.

    I keep 4-5 tote bags in my car for grocery shopping, otherwise I would forget. Of course, I always forget to take them with me when I go to Target, so no nickle rewards for me! 🙁

  11. Kelsey N.

    I use envirosax and love them. You can get them in a set of 5 that come in a little bag to keep them in so they aren’t all over in your purse. I am always getting compliments on my bags, but that could be because they are Sesame Street ones haha!

  12. nichole budnick

    If you watch the documentary bag it you will totally use your bags instead of the store ones. I don’t because I have almost zero follow thru. Save the planet lord knows I wont

  13. Sold! I decided to order this instead of the Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box! It was at the part in which you said that you would love to get steak knives with cute little pictures of steaks on them that I just knew I had to buy this box, lol! Now I can’t wait to get it!

  14. Joi

    I would love a monthly home box. Are there any sub boxes out there that offer montly home items or close too?

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