April Coco Rocha Fancy Box Review

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Coco Rocha Fancy Box
April Coco Rocha Fancy Box

My April Coco Rocha Fancy Box, almost arrived in April.  I mean, it was this close, so I am counting it.  I was expecting it to be as late as it was last month, so I was happy that this was not the case.

Coco Rocha Fancy Box
The Box 

After we got back from our walk, my Fancy Box was waiting on the porch!  Sometimes I let L look for packages first, sometimes I do ;).  We like to fight over it actually.

Coco Rocha Fancy Box
First Look

As usual, I ruined the surprise yesterday and peeked at some spoilers online.  I have no willpower.  I mean, I can’t even wait 1 day to see what’s in my Fancy Box.  I have no idea how people don’t find out what they are having before they give birth!

Coco Rocha Fancy Box
The Information Cards

I think I mentioned it last month, but I feel like Coco Rocha is a huge part of this box.  The information cards are totally her and it just seemed like she’s totally into it and enjoys it!  I felt the same way about Tyler Florence.  Pink?  Not so much.

~Tivoli Ribber TKO Watch ($135): Let’s be clear, I would not pay $135 for this watch. Not at all.  I find it to be pretty similar to the one we received in PopSugar a few months back.  Maybe that’s just because they are both rubber?  I love the look of an oversized watch, but probably could have done without the “diamonds”.  I was happy to get the pink one though!!  I actually LOVE this TKO watch and may need to add it to my wish list!

Coco Rocha Fancy Box
Tivoli Ribber TKO Watch

~Heels Door Holder ($17): While this does not fit the “theme” of my house, I am actually really excited about it.  When we have the windows open upstairs all the doors like to slam shut on their own because of the wind and I am always looking for random things to put in front of them to prop them open.  Jar candles (unlit of course) are a favorite.  So really a high heel isn’t going to look any crazier than a BBW 3-wick you know?

Coco Rocha Fancy Box
Heels Door Holder 

~All Purpose Greeting Cards ($4.50): LOL. These cards are funny.  I opened the box and right away wondered who I could send it to.  I *think* I have an idea, but we will see.  This is totally something I would have bought on my own, so I love that it’s in here.

Coco Rocha Fancy Box
All Purpose Greeting Cards 

~Creature Cups ($15): I’m pretty sure I am going to put some milk in this for L later today and get his reaction when he realizes that something is in his cup.  I am cracking up just thinking about it!  I have seem these mentioned often lately and could totally imagine Coco Rocha drinking out of one, so I love this pick!!

Coco Rocha Fancy Box
Creature Cups

All totaled I came up with a value of $171.50 for the April Coca Rocha Fancy Box.  Would I have paid that for these items?  NO! But I got the box for $21.95 (there was a $25 off coupon code when I ordered it), which was totally worth it for me!

Did you get an April Coco Rocha Fancy Box?  What’d you think?  If you are interested in subscribing or want to learn more, click here!  And don’t forget to use the code “20OFF15” to $20 off your first box!  It works on the Coco Rocha Box or ANY other Fancy Box you may be interested in.  Even the new Jennifer Love Hewitt one, which yeah, I ordered yesterday.

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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. Ashley

    I got the Turquoise watch! I agree with you – when I saw it I thought ‘PopSugar gave one similar out…’. But it’s cute & girly. I don’t really own any “fun” watches (per say), so this is a great addition to my jewelry collection.

  2. Sonya

    I didn’t get the Coco Rocha, but totally caved and got the Jennifer Love Hewitt box. I am such a sucker for The Client List. Hoping the box is great. Can’t beat the price with the $20.00 off code.

  3. Kristina Cruz

    You are so funny. I too can not wait for my boxes and I ALWAYS read the spoilers, but I had my last two girls and even had ultrasounds weekly for one of them and never found out the gender! It was the hardest thing to do in my entire life!

  4. Jenny

    Those notecards are awesome and the shoe so cute. We have the same problem here when the windows are open everything slams shut and drives me crazy. At first I thought it was a cell phone holder since when I worked I had a hot pink phone holder for my cell. It would blink whenever the phone rang. I loved it and it was my little bit of feminine in my cube. LOL

  5. Jenna

    Okay so I ordered my first Fancy Box today – the Jennifer Love Hewitt – because I couldn’t say no to getting a box full of items she chose. There’s GOT to be a couple things at least that I love. I feel like she’ll want to choose hair extensions and false eyelashes…but Fancy will be like…uh…maybe next time.

    Anyway…I find the fancy website SO freaking confusing! The only reason I managed to get the JLH box is because I was given a link straight to the page but how in the hell do you navigate the stupid site if you just want to see a particular box??


  6. Vicky

    I really loved this box! I am so thankful that I switched from the lame P!nk box to this one. If you go on the fancy site, Coco Rocha actually responds to comments people leave. She is totally into it, which I love! My watch was a fun teal color:-)

  7. I’m so subbing to this box with a code of course! Box number 2 and I’m still really impressed!

    1. Erica

      @Stephanie Bradshaw: Can you use a code with your box everymonth?

      I want to sub but it’s a little pricey + shipping to Canada is always a pain.

  8. Gyps

    I like the creature cup and doorstop. I am just not feeling the hot pink rubber watches. I got the hot pink watch in my Must Have box a couple months ago and I ended up giving it to my 85 year old grandma-in-law. She loved the size. It’s a little too brite for her but she said she wears it around the house (what a sweetheart).

  9. Sue

    I agree with what others have said – I find the fancy website so confusing! How do I find the Jennifer love Hewitt one????

  10. Susan

    I completely agree with you Jenna. The website is so confusing, it’s amazing they sell much at all. I also caved & ordered the JLH box. It’s the first Fancy box I’ve subscribed to, so I’m hoping I’m not disappointed. Anything would be a step up from that Pink box.

  11. Alexia561

    I’m still waiting on my regular and food boxes (which they have assured me have been shipped even though they’re still listed as pending on the site), but haven’t ordered a specialty box yet. Love the creature cup! Let us know what L thought?

    This might be my last month, but will wait to see what comes before pulling the cancel trigger.

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