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Edited to Add: Boink Box is no longer in business.

Boink Box offers a box of high quality adult products for you and your significant other, delivered to your door. You can select the Monthly Make-Out Box for $25/month (includes lube and other small sexy items every month), the Monthly Box for $50/month (includes lube, toys and other fun stuff to explore) and / or the Quarterly Luxury Box for $85/quarter (each quarter you’ll receive a luxury toy, lubes and more surprises).

Boink Box

Boink Box (Luxury Box)

Boink Box

The Box

Boink Box arrived while I was out of town and true to their word, it does arrive in a discreet box.  This is good because I did NOT want to explain this to my neighbors who got my mail for me.  Listen, the stack of boxes was one thing, but I don’t need them wondering what was in my BOINK BOX (*).  The return address doesn’t even say Boink Box.  It says “BBOX”.  Great idea!

Boink Box

First Look

Boink Box

Second First Look

B was checking out my stack of boxes and was asking me what they all were.  When we got to Boink Box, he was all, let’s open this up NOW!!  LOL.  It’s always more fun to open up a box like this with B around.  He’s so funny.

Boink Box

The Sort of Information Card

Boink Box doesn’t have an information card with product information, but it did have a coupon code for 25% off your next order, which isn’t too shabby (it’s: “KISSMENOW42”.).  Here’s what I received in my Luxury Boink Box:

~Clone-A-Willy Kit ($45.99): This kit uses cutting edge technology to immortalize yourself just like a porn star.  B and I were cracking up and must have read the package a dozen times.  There is a YouTube video about it, but I am haven’t gotten a chance to watch yet!  The name, the idea (it’s molds an exact vibrating of any, well willy). This is totally hysterical and I love it.  I was reading the reviews online and someone mentioned they bought it before their husband left for his military tour and I thought that was perfect.  A little something to remember him by when he’s away right?

Boink Box


~Cannalube (blueberry Kusk) ($6.95):  Cannalube is made with natural hempseed and aloe vera extracts, which totally explains the name.  It smells pretty good too.  I’m not going to explain this, because if you don’t know what lube is for, you shouldn’t be reading this review!

Cannalube (blueberry Kusk)

~KamaSutra Love Liquid ($13.99): Love Liquid is a smooth and slippery lovemaking essential. I tested it (on my hands you dirty birds) and it really is kind of silky like.  But pouring it out was kinda messy.  I would be scared to store it anything other than upright.

Boink Box

KamaSutra Love Liquid

~Refresh Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner ($6.99): For some reason I didn’t even know such a product existed.  When I read “toy” cleaner, I immediately thought of kids toys.  Umm, not even close.  They do recommend removing the batteries from your “toys” before cleaning them, which is a great suggestion.  For “adult” toys and all toys really!

Boink Box

Refresh Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner

~Glow-in-the-Dark Fantasy Body Finger Paint ($9.99): How flippin fun is this?  Glow in the dark body paint?  Part of me wants to keep this for myself (well and B), but the mom in me wants to give this to L.  He would LOVE it and I can’t say I blame him.

Boink Box

Glow-in-the-Dark Fantasy Body Finger Paint

~Dona by Jo Bath Salts ($9.99): B picked this up and I could see it in his eyes.  He wanted to go upstairs and use it to take a long bath.  Not with me or anything, he just wanted to take a bath and this stuff smells amazing.  It even made me want to take a bath and I am not even a big bath person!

Boink Box

Dona by Jo Bath Salts

~Sensor Vibrating Vagina Balls ($39.95): In each box we get of this nature, there is always (at least) one item that we look at each other and go “huh”.  This was that them from this box.   They go exactly where you think they do and they have a light sensor that works only in the dark.  I gotta tell you, I picked these up and they were heavy.  B even agreed they were.  And that’s all I am going to say about these ;).

Boink Box

Sensor Vibrating Vagina Balls

~Mini One Touch Vibrating C*ckring ($7.99): I have already told you all the story about B’s friend who we nicknamed c*ckring, but I do think of him every time I see / hear the word.  Weird maybe, but it’s the truth.

Boink Box

Mini One Touch Vibrating C*ckring

~S&M Satin Black Blindfold ($6.99):  I took this out and it’s pretty fancy.  And it really does make you not be able to see.  I do need to make sure L never finds this though because I know if he saw it, it’d turn into some superhero mask ;).

Boink Box

S&M Satin Blindfold

~Assorted Samples (Samples): Boink Box also included assorted lube samples.  If you want to try their Lube Sampler (a pack of 10 different lubes) for free, sign up for their e0-mail list here and they’ll send you a code.

Boink Box

Lube Samples

All totaled, I came up with a value of $148.84 for the Boink Box Luxury Box.  Pretty great consider that the box itself was only $85!  If your husband thinks your box addiction is silly, perhaps it’s time you order one of these?  He might end up being a little more supportive of your hobby.

What do you think about Boink Box?  Something you’d be interested in?  If you want to sign up or just learn more (or check out their shop), click here.

ETA: Just a heads up, I have heard various people mention they are having some trouble with the customer service / box shipping in recent months (via e-mail and on here).    Not sure if they are having trouble with their service or what is happening.



(*) I don’t know if I ever mentioned it here, but one of my neighbors actually got a box of “toys” in the mail and my other neighbor got it delivered to her on accident. Since she too gets a lot of packages, she opened it because she thought it was something she had ordered. Boy was she surprised. This just goes to show that you never know what your neighbors are up to ;).
Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes. No compensation was my own and as always, all opinions are my own!

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17 thoughts on “Boink Box (Luxury Box) Review

  • Jenny

    Oh my gosh. I am literally LOL with this one. I then had to read certain parts to my mother in law who is sitting here. 🙂 Good thing she has a good sense of humor. 😉 Oh and M would totally love this box.

  • LMG

    omg love the fact that you show you’re human by reviewing these types of boxes in addition to the other boxes. though i *wish* you’d review after “use” to show whether worth buying or not 😉 though can understand why you wouldn’t do that (e.g., clone-a-willy) hahaha that one had me cracking up. AGREE with the KS stuff! it’s such a mess!!

  • Stephanie

    If you have read 50 shades, you know what the “balls” are for 😉 Have you read it yet?? I thought I had read that it was on your list.

  • SimplyBelle

    wow. you’re box looks great. The box they sent me for “May” that I got last week, was shit. The total value was 20$ and the product was inferior. To top it off they sent a voucher I can’t use because it’s for American’s only.

    Tried contacting the company to return my box, but they fail at responding to emails and only want to communicate (sometiems) via Facebook. Tried calling.

    I would caution people to STAY AWAY from Boink Boutique.

      • SimplyBelle

        @Maxine: So sorry to hear that! I haven’t recieved my third box. My first was back with luvmybox. I’ve been attempting to contact with Boink for the past two months. Finally got a conclusion today. Apparently they can only be contacted via facebook. wtf. and have no working emails or phone numbers, at least ones they ever respond to! I hope you figure it out. I got them to give me a refund! Finally!

  • Maxine

    I am having an issue with this company. They have charged my credit card twice and I have not received a card yet. I have repeatedly email them to no avail. Anyone else having this issue? Any tips?

  • Melanie

    I have received two boxes from this company and they are terrible. The first box came in an envelope with the contents wrapped in tissue paper. All that was in there was lubricant. The a second envelope I received for September was even more awful than the first. It was again lubricant samples tossed in there sans the tissue. This is definitely not worth the money! Thought this would be exciting for my husband but turned out to be a disappointment and waste of money!

  • nick

    my wife and I have been using for about 2 months we almost picked luv my box but what we read did not motivate us. The value of little secrets 365 has been pretty close to on point they offer a great service plus the customer service is wonderful we had a reaction to a lube they sent us we called the apologized and sent a different lube out asap. Very discreet packaging over all very happy with the service. Just wanted to let you know after reading this article.

  • Katerina

    I live in Ukraine, ordered the Boink box in the last year. In the selection of the country was specified “Ukraine” so I do not doubt that there is delivery to Ukraine.I pay $ 25. I received a letter from Boink: “Sorry, we do not deliver in Ukraine.” I asked: “Ok. Then return my money to my card”. The answer from them was no more. I wrote the email, on Facebook, but no I did not answer. Scammers!