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Cotton Booty

Cotton Booty “Easy Does It” Box

Cotton Booty is a brand new monthly cloth diaper subscription service. The cost is $24.99/month ($19.99/month if you purchase an annual subscription) and each month you will receive one name brand cloth diaper, sample(s) and a fun item.

Cotton Booty

The Box

Cotton Booty ships via USPS First Class Mail and arrived fairly quickly.  I don’t think 6 days from PA to MI over a holiday weekend is bad at all!

Cotton Look

First Look

Since Cotton Booty is a brand new subscription service and this was their first ever box, I certainly wasn’t sure what to expect.  I did feel bad ripping that adorable sticker to get my hot little hands into the box, but I needed to see what was inside!

Cotton Booty

The Information Card

You know I was happy to see an information card in the box.  I get why some boxes don’t include them, but I do love them.  This months Cotton Booty box theme was “Easy Does It” and the following items were included:

~Bumgenius AIO One Size Cloth Diaper ($19.95):  I don’t cloth diaper, but I have a few friends that do and I know they love Bumgenius.  I think the print on the diaper is adorable and if I did cloth diaper, I think I would have a hard time actually putting pants on my baby because I’d want everyone to see his stylish diapers!  I am going to pass this along to my SIL(*) who does cloth diaper and I know will be thrilled to get this!

Cotton Booty

Bumgenius AIO One Size Cloth Diaper

~BabyLegs ($12): I don’t care what B says, I LOVE BabyLegs and think they look adorable on WB.  And they would have looked adorable on L too had I known about them back then.  I can’t wait to put these on WB!  LOVE!

Cotton Booty


~CJ’s Butt Butter (Sample): This “BUTTer” is totally cloth diaper safe so you don’t have to worry about repelling or staining.  I didn’t know this, but not all diaper creams are cloth diaper safe!  It addition to using this as a diaper cream, it’s also been used on adults and children to help relieve eczema, dry / chapped skin, rug burns (from crawling) and more.  I’m totally going to try this on WB’s knees!

Cotton Booty

CJ’s Butt Butter

All totaled I came up with a value of $32.94 (plus the value of the sample) for the May “Easy Does It” Cotton Booty Box!  An amazing deal considering that they are a small company and this is their first ever box!!  Like I said, I don’t cloth diaper, but I can appreciate a service that lets you test out a ton of different brands to see what’s the best fit for your little one.  And if you end up deciding that one of the brand isn’t for you, like Cotton Booty noted in their card, you can try and swap them at a site like Diaper Swappers.

What do you think of Cotton Booty?  Is it a service you’d be interested in?  If you want to learn more and just want to get signed up, click here!

(*)I have many SIL’s. Five (so far) to be exact. So when I mention my SIL it’s not always the same one. There are lots. B has 4 brothers and 1 sister and I have 1 brother. That leads to many SIL’s.
Disclosure: This box was provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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8 thoughts on “May Cotton Booty Review

  • Elizabeth

    We loved our box and do cloth diaper so were thrilled with all the items inside.

    Speaking of L and BabyLegs, a lot of people put them on their older kids as “arm warmers” – it’s kind of a way to layer shirts without having a second shirt…if that makes sense.

  • Stephanie S.

    I love all of your box reviews and would like it if you did a separate post about what you do with all your box stuff! Do you use everything? Does it just sit there for days/weeks/months without ever being opened? I tend to do that with samples I get. They sound neat at the time but then I don’t know how to use them and they just sit and take up space underneath the bathroom sink!

  • Sandra

    I’m glad that you featured a cloth diaper subscription box. It seems like this box is a great value. And even though I own a lot of cloth diapers, I occasionally like to buy more. I actually have the diaper shown above — I wish you would have included a picture of the back, it’s so cute. And definitely use the BabyLegs, it makes diaper changes much more quick.

    I’ve used cloth diapers with two kids. I love how much money I’ve saved, the cute designs/colors, plus avoiding the chemicals in disposibles.

  • Kelsey N.

    This seems like it would be a fun box to subscribe to! It would definitely be a great way to try out different cloth diapers. I have never tried the bum genius brand before but the AIO would be great to throw in the diaper bag for when we go places. I mostly use prefolds and diaper covers at home, but when we are out and about or the boys go to the grandparents house we use pocket dipes. I’ve heard lots of god things about CJ’s too for using it for other stuff other than just diaper rash. I really like the LuSa Organics Booty Balm, it smells great and works amazing.

  • Jessica R.

    I think I’m going to take the plunge and get cloth diapers for our baby-to-be. My husband is being a hard sell though. He doesn’t think I’ll stick to it and the up front cost is freaking him out. Just makes me want to do it more though! I am going to try out this company to get some different styles to try once baby is here. I found them last week and subscribed, but haven’t gotten my box yet.

  • Deborah


    I’m already in love with your blog– I was searching for “box” reviews so that I can choose which ones I want……

    I can’t believe you get so many boxes! I was going to do a “quick” look at reviews but I have been on YOUR blog for over an hour lol.

    Great work!

    I was initially looking for MOI, but I think I want to order a “Cotton Booty” subscription for a girlfriend of mine that just had a baby a few weeks ago. The website is kind of wonky- can’t figure out how to order more than one box. Going to have to send them an email.

    Great blog! Looking forward to reading more from you. I might be a little biased 😉 I’m active duty…. 🙂