May Mantry Review – Smoke and Whiskey

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May Mantry

The May Mantry theme is “Smoke and Whiskey”, which somehow B knew about before I did. When I told him his Mantry was on it’s way earlier in the week, he was all oh yeah, it’s Smoke and Whiskey this month. I felt out of the loop that he knew this but I didn’t ;).

The Box

A skipped a picture of the outer box this month, but you know the drill. It comes in a USPS medium sized flat rate box with the Mantry crate fight snugly inside.

First Look

Happily, this month’s Mantry crate was NOT sealed as tight as last month and I was able to open it easily. Last month was rough! Other than knowing the theme, I didn’t know anything else about the May Mantry box. I didn’t seen any spoilers on Instagram so I was excited to open it.

The Information Card

Like every month, the Mantry information card was packed with information and was highly entertaining. Also, on the back it referenced a contest that Mantry + Vice are holding. You can go here for a chance to win 1 of 5 Vice + Mantry prize packs!

Here’s what the box included:

~Woodford Reserve Bourbon Sorghum Vinaigrette ($10):Well I certainly have never considered mixing bourbon and salad, but I can’t say I am sad someone else did!  I cannot wait until we have a Mantry day (a day where every meal has Mantry items in it) and B makes a salad with this.  Maybe this will happen this weekend.

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Sorghum Vinaigrette

~Bourbon Smoked Peppercorns ($9): B is excited about this and is already plotting what he’s going to make with it.  He’s been on Bourbon Barrel Foods checking out recipes.  I am certain he’ll come up with something amazing!

Bourbon Smoked Peppercorns

~Vermont Smoke & Cure Natural Summer Sausage ($6.98): No Mantry would be complete without meat and here it is.  This will be happily gobbled up by B and I’ll taste a tiny bit.  Ohh, and I see a “Brooklyn Brown Ale” in the background of this picture.  I’d love to hear some of Mantry’s (summer) beer recommendations.  Mantry boys are you out there?

Vermont Smoke & Cure Natural Summer Sausage

~Salted Bourbon Goat’s Milk Caramel by Fat Toad Farm ($9.95): B saw this in the box and I think his mouth started watering.  I cannot wait to have a sundae with this on it.  SO GOOD.  Sea Salt + Bourbon + Caramel?  Yes please!

Salted Bourbon Goat’s Milk Caramel by Fat Toad Farm

~Wondermade Bourbon Marshmallows ($7.50): I gotta tell you, I am excited to try the Goat Caramel S’more Slider recipe that Mantry references in the card.  It’s not on their site (yet), but I look forward to it.  I have never tried a caramel s’more, but I think it’s something I could get into.

Wondermade Bourbon Marshmallows

~Bourbon Nib Brittle by Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co.($12.99): I find peanut brittle to be so-so, but bourbon brittle?  Let’s do it!  It sounds great and I hope B will swirl some brittle and fat toad caramel into some vanilla ice-cream for me like Mantry suggests.  Amazing.

Bourbon Nib Brittle by Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co.

All totaled I came up with a value of $56.42 for this month’s Mantry. Plus, whatever the value of the crate is, which I am obsessed with.  If B doesn’t start building his bar soon (he wants to build it out of Mantry crates), I am going to start using them instead of gift boxes.

Did you get Mantry this month?  What’d you think?  If you are interested in subscribing (it’s $75/month) or just want to learn more, click here.  And don’t forget to enter their giveaway!

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  1. Lynsey

    I’m dying to try those marshmallows!! You gotta let me know how they are I have all the flavors in my online cart there to give to J for Fathers Day. The GUINNESS and Pretzels flavor looks awesome too!

  2. Jaia

    Perfect timing! My DH loves whiskey and I was thinking of putting together a tasting for him for Father’s Day but getting my hands on some of these products might be even better. Then our little guy (he’s 2) can taste too! Especially those marshmallows!

  3. Leslie


    I love your blog and have read your Mantry reviews before finally ordering a crate for my boyfriend[‘s birthday. Do they ship out at a certain time in the month or are they sent when I place my order? Thank you!

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