Thursday Thoughts

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Thursday Thoughts

~I watched Part 1 of the Teen Mom reunion special the other day. Oh my. Kailyn was looking all kinds of crazy on that show. Have I missed something other than her being annoyed that Jo’s girlfriend posted some inappropriate pictures on Facebook?  Because it seems to go way beyond that.  Way beyond.  I do look forward to seeing Chelsea and Leah next week.  I may cry when Teen Mom goes off the air for good.

~Okay, so I have posted about it a few times, but I participate in a fitbit challenge with some “IRL” friends.  And we post our totals on a daily basis.  I am happy if I get to 10,000 steps a day.  That’s my daily goal.  At least 10K steps.  Which equals about 5 miles.  Umm, some of the ladies in our challenge get 30K steps a day!  Pretty sure I am never going to win that challenge.  LOL!  30,000 steps is like 15 miles! Unless I can figure out how to type blog posts and walk on the treadmill at the same time, no one has to worry about me winning!

~With the news of the 3 women who had been missing for years being found alive after being kept in a house for all those years, it’s got me wondering, how well do we really know our neighbors?  I see pretty much all of my neighbors on a regular basis and there is no one that I am at all creeped out by.  We are a fairly close knit bunch and always stop and chat and watch out for each other you know?  I’d like to think I’d know what was going on, but would I?  Would you?

~I am working on reviews for FAIR Treasure, lullubee (I just need to make the craft), and KLUTCHclub and hope to have them all up between today and tomorrow.  I have also received shipping notices for Pawalla, Birchbox (SO fast this month), Yuzen and I was able to track my May PopSugar Box (that’ll take ages to arrive, but it’s still exciting)!  What are you expecting to arrive soon?  And what are you most exciting about getting??

~Thanks to Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram I have discovered it is Teacher Appreciation Week.  We love L’s teacher (she’s the best), so I totally want to do something for her.  I need fast, yet cool ideas!  Anyone???  She’s young and single and cool if that helps at all. I am thinking about getting her a Stella & Dot necklace or bracelet  for an end of the year gift, so maybe just a gift card and a “go-with” now?  Help me!

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  1. Jen

    I’ll be sad when Teen Mom 2 if off the air too but mostly because I love the recaps on Huffington Post — I totally laugh (out loud, by myself!) when I read them. Wish she recapped the reunion specials! 🙂

  2. Jenny

    I have figured out how to FB and play words with friends and candy crush on the elliptical. 😉 I get so bored I have to try and do something.

  3. Lauren

    As a preschool teacher the most useful gifts I have gotten are giftcards to Starbucks, Target, and Michaels (even in small amounts). I also love reusuasble cups/water bottles/travel mugs (I think this is just me-I don’t know why I get excited about cups!) and candles. I appreciate every gift I am given, because it is thoughtful, but for some reason I always get lotion/bath products…seriously I have a lifetime supply if B&BW in my closet!!!

    I’m so excited to see what is in the May Popsugar box! Hopefully it is better than last month.

  4. Debbie

    The best gifts teachers love are gift card like, coffee bean or star bucks, itunes or apps if they have an ipod or phone. And books store’s if they read because as a teacher they can get added discounts…

  5. Tiffany

    I was thinking the same thing! Would I know if something like that was going on? The common thing that these people are saying is how shocked they were that that was going on, they all seemed shocked that what they thought was a normal guy had this deep dark secret…

  6. Janaya

    Teen mom was so crazy! I really feel bad for Janelle’s mom. You can tell it really hurts her that her daughter is crazy drug addict. Janelle really doesn’t get it! I seriously feel like she lives in her own world and is oblivious to what is really going on. She makes it sound like its nbd that she does heroin and she still doesn’t understand why Jace can’t spend the night! Uhh maybe because you do heroin?! And Kaylin! I think she is just jealous of Jo’s girlfriend, like wants to be with Javi, but yet she doesn’t want Jo to be with anyone else. She was so upset about the pictures she saw on fb from YEARS ago, of V smoking, but yet she admitted that she’s smoked before too! She sounds like a hypocrite! okay I’m done ranting. lol

  7. Aimee

    Yeah the thing we are missing about kailyn is that she still just want joe back, and it really doesn’t matter that its V. It could be any girl and she would be crazy!

  8. Angela

    Your PopSugar box shipped?!! Yay I’m so excited 😀 After so many people (excluding myself) hated last months’ box I am betting that this one will be amazing.

  9. Jill

    Totally cray, right?!?!? She definitely wants Joe back, just like I still think Leah would drop Jeremy in a hot minute if Corey wanted her back.

  10. Shannon

    Ooh, I got my Yuzen box yesterday and really liked it! There is something in there with a strong scent though, so be prepared opening it. I don’t know that type of scent, but my husband is uber sensitive to it.

  11. Christina G

    Holy cow! 30,000 steps a day! are they runners? Or are they clocking miles while traveling to and from work in their car? I noticed mine puts up tons of miles while I drive and I’ve had to put the “timer” on at the beginning and end of car rides to have an accurate count. I researched it and it seems like most FBs are doing this. I didn’t notice until it said I went up like 15 flights of stairs and I was like “WHAT???” then realized it was the hills I was driving up.

  12. Shannon Dew

    I’m still catching up on Teen Mom2 so I’m on the episode where Gary just beat the shit out of Janelle. But I agree, what does Kailyn have on this girlfriend? I mean she’s been a total hypocrite!

  13. Amanda

    The best teacher gift ever? My friend, a special Ed hs teacher got a gift card to binny’s!! (Wine, beer, liquor store!) I was super jealous….

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