June Citrus Lane Review

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June Citrus Lane
June Citrus Lane (14 Month-Old Boy)

My June Citrus Lane box(es) FINALLY arrived today (CL is one of the boxes I stalk during the shipping process) and I couldn’t have been more excited. I’d seem some spoilers and read some reviews, but I like to wait until I get my box until I decide what I really think.

Citrus Lane
The Box

I purchased a bunch of this month’s add-ons (products from Episencial), so my June Citrus Lane came in a huge plain brown box with two normal sized Citrus Lane boxes in them.  One had the Episencial products while the other was the normal monthly box.

Citrus Lane
First Look

The June Citrus Lane box seemed kind of empty, but since they pretty much use the same size boxes every month, this doesn’t mean anything.  I should mention that Citrus Lane ships via USPS, but not Priority Mail, so it takes a awhile to arrive.  I want to say it took 5 days to arrive from NV.

Citrus Lane
The Information Card

The June Citrus Lane theme was “Fun in the Sun” (I thought they had done away with themes but I guess not) and included essentials for the beach, pool or park!  Here’s what we received:

14 Month-Old Box:
~Sun Protection Hat from iPlay ($14): I love the print of this hat (totally love it), but I’m not totally sure I am going to be able to talk WB into actually keeping it on (without feeding him while he’s wearing it to distract him). I probably wouldn’t buy a hat with flaps for him, but I gotta say, he look adorable.

Citrus Lane
Sun Protection Hat from iPlay
Citrus Lane
The WB Modeling

~Sand Sieve form Haba ($4.55): Sand toys are always a big hit and I think we’ve destroyed most of the ones we got last year, so this will be nice. WB is still more interested in shoveling sand in his mouth than playing nicely in it, but that will change. Plus, L will totally use this. He still loves playing in the sand.

Citrus Lane
Sand Sieve form Haba

~Happy Tot Plus from Happy Family ($1.99): WB loves pouches and we get Happy Tot ones quite often (I’m still working on making my own pouches – one day), so I never mind getting pouches.  He sucked this down in about two seconds when I was trying to get him to pose with the hat on, so I’d say he enjoyed it.

Citrus Lane
Happy Tot Plus from Happy Family

~Sunny Sunscreen SPF35 from Episencial ($8.33): You can never ever have enough sunscreen and everything we’ve tried from Episencial we’ve loved (and like I said, I kind bought a zillion add-ons to try more of their stuff), but I do wish this were a bigger size. I could use this amount up in a day! Maybe two.

Citrus Lane
Sunny Sunscreen SPF35 from Episencial

All totaled my June Citrus Lane box (for a 14 Month-Old boy) totaled $28.87, which is just slightly over the $25/month cost of the box.  I also received a 38 month-old box (I get a second one just for fun), so I’ll do a quick recap on that one too.

June Citrus Lane 38 Month-Old Box:

Citrus Lane
June Citrus Lane (38 Month-Old)

~Sun Protection Hat from iPlay ($14): This one is a bucket hat with a tie and is super big (it’s for 2-4 year olds), so it’ll be a while before it fits.  I love the print on this one too.
~Sand Drill from Haba ($4.99): Umm, L loves this.  He’s totally claimed it and relocated it to our sandbox.
~Dot to Dot Chalks from Alex Toys ($2.95): We have the Target version of these and they are a big hit.  You can’t go wrong with sidewalk chalk and I love that is has a holder. L doesn’t care, but I hate the feeling of chalk on my fingers.
~Sunny Sunscreen SPF35 from Episencial ($8.33): Now I have enough for a few days ;).

All totaled my June Citrus Lane box for a 38 Month-Old boy totaled $30.27.  Again, not a super “valuable” box, but I did enjoy it.  Plus, if I can get WB to keep that hat on?  OMG, I won’t be able to put a price on all the cuteness that will bring ;).  And just for fun, here’s a picture of all the add-ons I got this month.  They weren’t really a “deal”, but I figured why not?

The add-ons this month. Yeah, I bought them all;)

Did you get Citrus Lane this month? What’d you think? And what hat design did you get??  I’ve seen so many cute ones!  If you are interested in signing up or want more information on Citrus Lane, click here.

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  1. Lindsay

    I finally decided to get a Citrus Lane box for my 14 month old son. Our stuff was a little different. He got a sand pail and Happy Tots flavored rice cakes. Overall, it was fine, but I was majorly disappointed with the hat. They sent us a newborn size hat! I don’t think my son ever had a newborn size head! I sent Citrus Lane an email asking if they could send me an age-appropriate size, but I haven’t heard back yet. My son also refuses to wear hats, but he doesn’t have one that ties. It’s a cute seaside print with sea creatures, boats, sea birds and water. I am so bummed, and I hope they will send a new one. Have you ever had any issues like this? WB’s hat looks so cute on him!

    1. Deena

      I called customer service when I received a box that was not age appropriate and they sent a replacement box at no charge to me.

  2. Jenn

    Our hat is ALL white. Like a beautiful cloud! I’m actually jealous of the cute hats. Oh well, we’ll dye ours.

  3. Deena

    The sand toy for the 17th month old box was slightly different and we received a bucket hat with whales on one side and navy blue on the reverse. Really cute! The five year old box had a stainless steel water bottle and some bubble bath/soap.

  4. Tia

    We got a 33 month box (omg…..my baby is going to be 3 in 3 months… *sad face*) I got a white hat, sunscreen, chalk, and then a sand toy that was really small and I guess G can use it to build sand castles (??). If I had to rate the box I would give it a “Eh”. It seems like CL is running out of things to put in the box each month. When I first subscribed I would be blown away by the items and the value and now I am wondering if I need to find something more worth while.

  5. mary m

    I was underwhelmed by this box. Our sand toy was lame. I think I’m cancelling. We just finished a 6 month subscription, and I haven’t seen any other great deals come out (I think we paid $16/month). Totally not work $25/month IMO.

    Now to decide if we’ll switch to Stork Stack or just be done with baby boxes…

  6. This month will be my first month with Citrus Lane! I’m curious to see what we will get considering Peanutty is months away from being born, lol! Last I checked my shipping notes it still has not checked in to Colorado so its still between NV and CO! This is one box that I’ve been most excited to receive, even Tim is anxious to see it too!

    WB looks beyond adorable in his hat, I hope he learns to love it!

    I will be sure to post a picture as soon as we get ours!!!

  7. Emily KG

    That hat is some serious Rock Lobster Reviews swag baby!!!!

  8. Lauren Sackman

    I just ordered my first box for my 19 month old. I have heard about the site for awhile but didn’t think $25 a month was worth it. This month they took half of the price so I figured for $12 I would give it a try. I hope I’m not disappointed but if I decide to do it again I’m just going to do monthly. So I be waiting on my August box.. I’m already disappointed that I have to wait till almost the end of the month to receive it. But I guess there had to be a catch in their somehow.

  9. Cheryl

    Jennifer what is a add on to your Citris Lane box and how do you do it ? I see you say you bought all this baby time products and you said it was an add on. How do you do that ?

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