POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review + Coupon Code – June 2013

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June PopSugar Must Have Box
June PopSugar Must Have Box Review

Eeek! My June PopSugar Must Have Box arrived at my door today (along with a bunch of other things) and I was thrilled. Ever since I saw the spoilers last Friday, I’ve been stalking this box as it makes its way to me. I wanted this box in my hot little hands like you wouldn’t even believe.

June PopSugar Must Have Box
The Box

My PopSugar boxes typically ship from California and take, on average, a week (sometimes more) to arrive to me (I’m in Michigan). However, this month my box shipped from New York and took six days. Not a huge improvement by any means, but I’ll take it! I would like to let FedEx Smart Post know that the most efficient way from upstate NewYork to Michigan is NOT through West Virginia. Just saying.

June PopSugar Must Have Box
First Look

While I knew exactly what was in this box, I was still thrilled to get a peek at it. I can’t believe I have been getting PopSugar for almost a year now! The first look never gets less exciting though. Ever. If PopSugar is still around when I’m 90, I’m still going to get it!  L and WB will probably have to deliver it to me in the nursing home every month.

June PopSugar Must Have Box
The Information Booklet

The June PopSugar Must Have box doesn’t really have a theme.  It appears to include lots of items to help you enjoy and survive the summer in style!

Must Have Entertainment:
~Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns ($15.10): Umm, how did I not even know this book was realized? I had heard it was coming out, but hadn’t seen it at Target yet. And if it’s not at Target it appears I don’t know about it ;). I LOVED the Devil Wears Prada book and the movie and can’t wait to see how this stacks up.

June PopSugar Must Have Box
Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

Must Have Fitness:
~Addicted to Sweat – Jawbreaker Chair, Dripping Wet DVD ($19.99): This is for sure my least favorite item in the box. While I SHOULD do these workout dvd’s I get, I just flat out don’t. Unless someone comes in and puts this in my DVD player and brings me a chair (which is the only fitness equipment needed for the workout), it’s not happening.

June PopSugar Must Have Box
Addicted to Sweat – Jawbreaker Chair, Dripping Wet DVD

Must Have Fashion:
~Gorjana & Griffin Zuma Scarf ($62): Umm, hello, is this not the most fabulous scarf you’ve seen in a while? I love the colors, the fabric, everything. I just love it. I think I might even love it more than the scarf from the famous September PopSugar Box. I need to figure out where to wear this and fast.  I cannot allow this to just sit in my closet!

June PopSugar Must Have Box
Gorjana & Griffin Zuma Scarf

~Gorjana + Griffin Gift Card ($25): I don’t want to have to spend a lot money to use this gift card, but I don’t want it to go to waste either.  I did a little window shopping and decided on the Bali Tube Bracelet.  It’s simple and should only cost about $10 after the coupon.  Not bad!

June PopSugar Must Have Box
Gorjana + Griffin Gift Card

Must Have Beauty:
~Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer ($65): I love the Juice Beauty line, but have never tried this moisturizer. It’s rich formula to suppose to repair damage and aggressively firm and decrease wrinkles.  This sounds like it’s right up my alley and I can’t wait to give it a try.  Does anyone know how long you need to stick with the same moisturizer or any product for that matter to see the benefits?  I’ve always wondered?  A month?

June PopSugar Must Have Box
Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer

~Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream Samples (In Natural Glow and Warm Glow) ($7.80):  Well it appears PopSugar has learned from the errors other boxes have made and included samples of both shades of the CC creams.  I have lots of “skin imperfections”, so BB creams and CC creams are total must have products.  I these right away (I mixed the two for a better “fit”) and so far, so good. I like the coverage a lot.  It’s not all cakey and goes on nice and smooth.  I might just pickup this in the full size.  After I use all my other BB creams anyway.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream

Must Have Food:
~Project 7 Feed the Hungry Peppermint Tube ($1.79): I love the idea behind these mints (and the mints themselves aren’t half bad either).  For every tray of mints sold, seven meals are provided to American communities.  I can only imagine how many meals were provided by PopSugar including these in their June box and it totally makes me smile!

June PopSugar Must Have Box
Project 7 Feed the Hungry Peppermint Tube

Must Have Extra
~Fit Popcorn (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) ($5.33): Before subscription boxes came along, I never ate popcorn. Now I feel like it’s weird if I don’t have an in the house. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I opened it up and tried it and it’s pretty darn good. I’ll get it again. Assuming I can find it at the store.

June PopSugar Must Have
Fit Popcorn (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

All totaled I came up with a value of $202.01 for the June PopSugar Box.  INSANE!!!  Since PopSugar Must Have boxes are $35/month, this box was a crazy good value! This is for sure my favorite PopSugar box of 2013. For sure. I’ll use totally everything in it (except that pesky workout DVD that will just stare at me when I see it in the dvd drawer) and love it all!

June PopSugar Must Have Box
Another Look

Did you get a June PopSugar Must Have Box? What’d you think? Did you love it as much as I did? I’m seriously smiling just typing this post because I loved it so much!  If you still haven’t signed up for PopSugar yet, what are you waiting for? Click here and use the code “REFER5” to save $5 off your first box. And you should know that the July Box will be PopSugar’s 1st anniversary / birthday and I know a lot of people are thinking they’ll hit it out of the park again in July to celebrate!

And since I’m in such a good mood, I’m going to giveaway my extra June PopSugar Must Have Box! Just enter in rafflecopter below and I’ll pick a winner next week.
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Disclosure: This post contains referral links. But I’d get PopSugar no matter what anyway.  LOVE this box.
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  1. soon p

    My favorite item is probably the moisturizer.

  2. Leah

    For me it is a tie between the scarf and the book!

    1. Dani

      @Leah: I agree with Leah!

      1. W


        Same here. Definitely a tie between the two…. 😀 Can totally picture using both of them at the beach….aaaahhhh

  3. Megan

    Love the scarf!!

  4. Sarah

    Oh man, I had to cancel starting this month so that I can get my budget in check, and I’m so sad I am missing the Juice Beauty stuff! I loved the CC cream when I sampled it through Birchbox last year, and I’ve liked several other samples from them (a face wash, lip gloss, and the hydrating spray). So jealous that I’m not getting to try the moisturizer and that it’s FULL SIZE. I’ll be over here crying in my corner now.

  5. jmd

    That scarf is beautiful and is definitely my favorite item!

  6. Lisa

    I actually cancelled my subscription to Must Have PS since I wasn’t too thrilled with the last few boxes. After seeing the items in the June Box…I immediately went to the website and ordered the subscription just in time to received a June Box ;). I think for the the people that are hesitant to subscribe, getting a sneak peek helps to decide if the box is right for you. Also, I fell in love with the scarf!!!!

  7. Carly

    I realllllyyyy want the book, so I would say that is my favorite!

  8. Samantha L

    The book is my favorite thing in the June box! I read an excerpt in Cosmo and I think it will be a great beach book 🙂

  9. clarisse

    This is the one popsugar box I’m mad I didn’t get!!! I love everything about it and cancelled a couple months ago for financial reasons. Please let me win!!!

  10. Jessica R.

    That scarf is so pretty! Love the color combo!

  11. Carrie

    I love juice beauty products!

  12. Ashley

    My favorite item is definitely the scarf! So cute!

  13. Shana

    The scarf and book!

  14. Leigh

    I *NEED* this scarf in my life! Love it!

  15. MaryAnn

    The Scarf is for sure my Favorite item in this months box!! love it!!!

  16. Sonya

    I got mine this morning as well (Michigan here). I love, love, the scarf. Going to wear it to lunch with my bff on Wednesday. My book jacket is white, can I be a little jealous that you got it in red? I loved the first book and can’t wait to read this one. Going to save it for the beach though. My popcorn was sea salt flavored and boy is it delicious. I tried the moisturizer and hope it will do all the wonderful things it says it will. I picked up the Anchor necklace from Gorjana. I had wanted it from charm and chain when we got our May boxes, but it had sold out. I was tickled pink that we got another card this month and it was from her store. I have been happy with the past few boxes. I sure hope the July box is just as wonderful.

  17. Debbie

    love popsugar. and I can’t sleep with socks on, I will go to bed with them on but after the sheets become warm I will take them off.

  18. Kellie

    I am so excited about the book!

  19. Jen K

    The book!! And the scraf… no, wait the workout plan… and the book for sure! 🙂

  20. kirstyn

    I actually really like the addicted to sweat dvd I have tried I believenthe first one and it kicked my butt!

  21. Becky

    I should lover this box and I’m thinking i will get the July box for my sisters birthday! I hope it’s awesome

  22. Jenny

    I’m still waiting on mine it says tomorrow. The shipping is crazy my friend who lives 5 minutes from me got her yesterday. grrr. Sept was actually my first box and I got it at half price and then I took a couple months break and I’m getting this one an half price so I’m loving it. The DVD reminds me of Flashdance. I think I might totally have to give it a shot. LOL My fav item is the scarf for sure. I just need to start wearing using all my pretty scarves.

  23. Kyra

    The scarf is gorgeous, definitely my favorite item and one of those things I can’t bring myself to actually purchase on my own. Could have something to do with the fact that I have no idea how to wear them!

  24. Olga

    I love the scarf! So beautiful.

  25. Valentina M.

    Oooh I didn’t know that they had a sequel to the book either… I didn’t subscribe this month so I hope I win this as it will be great summer reading

  26. liddia

    I’m singing up for your giveaway just for the book! I loved the first one and I hope this one is just as good!

  27. Ashley G

    After religiously viewing your site for the last couple weeks and reading all your reviews on various boxes I finally decided on pop sugar and asked for a subscription for my birthday. My husband obliged and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I apparently got in at the right time because they seem to have improved shipping this month. Mine came from NY and went to Northern VA and it took 2 days! Which was amazing. Even though I saw the spoiler I was still thrilled to get the box. I agree with you that I’ll never use the DVD, but I’m sure I can find it a good home. And the value couldn’t be beat. Can’t wait for next month hope it’s even better!

  28. tina

    WOW this box looks great!!!

  29. Kelly G.

    I am loving the scarf in the box and I’d also love to try to Juice Beauty products!

  30. Lola

    I’m most excited about the book because I cannot believe she write a sequel!! I would love to read it on the beach. Also, the scarf looks so luxurious!

    Hope you enjoy your box! 🙂

  31. Alicia

    ahh! do you know when you have to resubscribe by to get the July box? My favorite item is a toss up between the book and the scarf. I don’t own any scarfs actually but I love how they look!

  32. Amy

    I LOVE that scarf!

  33. Michelle R

    This is one of the first Popsugar boxes I’ve been genuinely excited for in a long time. I’ve been subscribing since the very beginning and I usually end up keeping 1 or 2 items from each box and selling the rest, but I will keep everything in this one – except for probably the workout dvd. I’m not into those either.

  34. Annie

    I actually just subscribed to Pop Sugar and my first box will be July–I didn’t even know it was their anniversary! I’m super stoked now!! My fav item in this box is the scarf! Totally gorgeous and I’m loving summer scarves right now.

  35. Sara Tomase

    I am becoming addicted to these monthly subscription boxes…first birchbox, then ipsy and just signed up for julep…I have to say I’m interested in PopSugar too but I can’t afford the ones I’m already subscribing too! Aaaaggghhh! 🙂

  36. Anna

    That scarf is amazing!! I could definitely see myself wearing that! 🙂

  37. Crystal G

    Ohh that Juice Beauty moisturizer!

  38. Juli

    I love that they sent this book, but I never read the first one. I only saw the movie. So, I was like, fine, I’ll get the ebook from the library to take on vacation. Of course they don’t have it 🙁 Looks like I’m gonna be buying it!

    The scarf is for sure my fav item in the box!! It is AMAZING!! Can’t wait to wear it!

    1. Jennifer

      I agree, I am going to try to get the book from the library…or buy it, because I never read the first one either.

  39. Pilar

    I just love that scarf it’s my favorite

  40. audrey

    The scarf is beyond gorgeous! I love, black and white and the color really gives it a great punch while still being sophisticated and classy. Love it! Would love to wear it to a wedding for a friend of my husband’s in early Sept!

  41. Shauna

    I’ve been completely waffling on signing up for this one and Julep, and I’d love to see a box in person before committing. This one really does look incredible!

  42. Mary

    I loooove that scarf!

  43. Shauna

    Just forgot to mention that I love the scarf!!

  44. Amanda

    Hello! Boy do you spoil your blog readers 🙂 I really love the scarf the colours are so cute it just looks like something you would wear on a boat for some reason! HAHA Also the popcorn looks delicious I’m always up for trying new brands of popcorn. Man do I wish the PopSugar box is available to us Canadians!

  45. Courtney Lane

    I am so in love with the scarf. For some reason I have been falling all over any type of railroad print stripe stuff! I got a denim and white striped bag with brown accents and now this scarf! YAY!!!

  46. Meagan

    Love the moisturizer. It smells amazing and it has a cool dispenser. If you figure out cool ways to wear the scarf let us know. I know I’ve pinned a couple things on Pinterest that I need to check regarding scarfs. I’m 1/3 of the way into the book and its enjoyable but probably not as much as the first one was. Still a fun summer read.

  47. Tracy

    um, that work-out video looks like maybe it should be in..well….an adult subscription box. If you get my drift.

  48. Jennifer

    I love it all! I’d love to win 🙂

  49. Sue

    I hope I win this one… I cancelled this month and I LOVE that scarf. Boo hoo!!!

  50. Stacey

    How amazing is this box! My favourite has to be the scarf or maybe the book deepening how good it is!!

  51. Crystal Diebold

    I love the scarf!! I also love those mints.

  52. Victoria

    The Juice Beauty moisturizer! Such a great brand:-)

  53. Janine

    I’m excited for the scarf and the moisturizer!

  54. Oshea

    The June box happened to be my first box. I was pleased with the contents. My favorite item was the scarf. I’ll probably use it at the beach this summer. The popcorn was surprisingly good.

  55. Cathy

    I’m a scarf fan, so that’s definitely my fave. Love the classic stripes with the pop of color!

  56. Mandy Hillman

    The scarf and Juice Beauty are my faves! Awesome box!

  57. Rebecca

    I love this month’s PopSugar box. The scarf is my favorite. I just picked up The Devil Wears Prada, so I’m happy to get the sequel.

  58. Hillary

    I think my favorite is the scarf but I also love the moisturizer and am really excited for the book! I’m with you on the work out dvd, probably never use it!

  59. Samantha Vermeulen

    The popcorn looks yummy!

  60. Mrs. L

    Love the scarf. Mine scarf is blue and white stripe with the salmon-pink color. I wore it to work today with a white t-shirt and some blue pants. Definitely a favorite. Love the whole box (except for that damn workout DVD lol).

  61. Deanna

    Oh the book!! The is just something about a new book at the beginning of summer! Direct me to the beach!

  62. Inna M

    Love the scarf 🙂

  63. christine h.

    the scarf is definitely my favorite from this box!

  64. Jennifer

    My box isn’t here yet-and I live in New York, so what is up with that? Speaking of Smart Post’s most effective route…my Birchbox went from New York to Ohio, then back to New York to get to me. Um. Yeah.

    I love the scarve and the Juice Beauty skin care. I can’t decide which is my favorite until the box gets here! 🙂 I think the dvd will be my least favorite also. I do exercise at the gym, but I have a bad back. The last time I hurt it was doing Jenny McCarthy’s wii exercise, Your Shape. I thought Madonna gave up exercise for yoga years back. Guess that wasn’t working out…ha ha.

  65. Shana Gallaspy

    The Scarf and the Book would be my favorite thing. Oh how I would love to trial this subscription!!

  66. Christina G

    Thanks for the giveaway! I cancelled after last month and of course this month is pretty much everything I could want, LOL.

  67. Sabre Pacheco

    I’m loving the scarf!

  68. Kimberlee

    the book is my favorite thing in the box… even though I have every version of Kindle ever made I still prefer BOOKS… yes, I am a nerd that way. Want to know something sad, I don’t even remember if I am getting this box this month or not… my box spreadsheet got “jacked up” during storm/power outage late last month so this month is going to be a lot of surprises…not only in my mailbox but in the credit card as well. I know which boxes I am getting for review purposes, but as far as what I paid for…not a CLUE…and that is kinda fun and exciting!

  69. Melissa

    I always drool over your review of the Pop Sugar boxes, that scarf is fantastic!

  70. PGT

    I love that scarf!!!! And I have always wanted to try Juice Beauty products – have heard so many good things about the brand.

  71. mary m

    I decided to try this one out for a month, but my computer is all wonky. Did it give you credit? can you check?? I want someone t benefit. LOL

  72. nichole budnick

    The DVD I love I watch them all the time as in sit on the couch and watch it not do it

  73. Angela

    I love that scarf!

  74. Ryan

    Omg. Obsessed with this box. I’m sitting at gymnastics class right now wearing my scarf and reading the book, so I guess those two win!! 🙂

  75. Lauren

    Really love the scarf!

  76. Jessica Plunkett

    I love the scarf!!

  77. Ashley H

    My heart did a little skip/jump when I saw that scarf…so that’s definitely my favorite item this month. Now, I’m kind of sad I cancelled. 🙁

  78. Suzanne

    I just got my box today. My first box was in April and I wasn’t thrilled. I didn’t get May’s box and was a little disappointed. So glad I got June’s box. It’s great!!

  79. Claire H.

    I’ve loved my BB cream and wanted to try out a CC cream for sure. I am also interested in the scarf, and I love workout DVDs (not doing them, I just like having a variety)… it’s hard to choose a favorite!

  80. Ricki

    The workout DVD looks cool. The popcorn also looks good.

  81. Emily

    My favorite thing from this box is for sure the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer.

  82. Kari

    I don’t absolutely love this box like I would’ve liked May’s, but I really like the scarf!

  83. Crystal

    I’m digging the scarf, and the book. I so want sunglasses but know they won’t send any bc they put it in the luxury box.

  84. Ruby Yoshi

    I like the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer

  85. Lauren

    The last two months of Popsugar have been amazing! I love the book and the scarf (both are equally my favorite!) I was going to buy the book to read on my vacation next month and poof it showed up in my box! I let out a little squeal when I saw the scarf because it is exactly something I would pick out for myself. I love, love, love, this box!!!

  86. Kelsey

    Echoing the scarf sentiment. SO GREAT

  87. Brandy Fisk

    The scarf!

  88. Toni

    Revenge wears Prada is my fave!

  89. Etana

    Love the scarf! So cute. I got the popsugar box last month and didn’t think there was anything in it I would use, so I canceled for this month. Now I am disappointed. I would have used everything in this one!

  90. Susan

    I live in KY & got my box on Saturday. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this box. It was one of the best ones yet.

    1. Susan

      @Susan: My favorite item is the Juice Beauty moisturizer.

  91. Haley

    This is my absolute favorite box so far! I don’t know if I can pick just one item, honestly maybe the book! I’ve been on a reading by the pool kick, and this will definitely be coming on vacation with me in July.

  92. Kayla

    I must have that scarf! I LOVE it! Thanks for the opportunity to win a box 🙂

  93. Gris

    I love love love the scarf and moisturizer! Of course I pick this month to take a break and save some dollars…….whyyyyyyyy

  94. melissa g

    I got my box on Saturday and am in love with every single item in this box with the exception of the DVD but I will definitely try it..once. lol The scarf is even prettier in person and doubles as a sarong as well. In fact, I think I like it better as a sarong. This is by far the best Popsugar box to date. I sooooo hope with next month being their anniversary, itll be just as good, if not better. Fingers crossed!

  95. Emily KG

    I got a tiny sample of Juice Beauty and REALLY want to try some more of their products!

  96. Katie Petersen

    I absolutely love the scarf and the book looks like a good read!

  97. Kristin t

    I love the scarf!

  98. Deena

    Oh my gosh! My favorite item is the scarf for sure. I love gorjana and griffin. I bought the parker wrap bracelet and I love it. I tried to order this box, but alas, my subscription would start in July. Boo!!!

  99. Sara

    The scarf is gorgeous! I miss this subscription so much but I just quit my job so have to start being more thrifty!

  100. miranda

    love the scarf

  101. Gary


  102. Mansi M

    I love the book 🙂

  103. Nicole

    Scarf!! But I also wouldn’t mind reading that book either 🙂

  104. Jennifer Frank-Lopez

    I have been wanting a Juice Beauty moisturizer for a while now.. But I think that gorgeous scarf might be the thing I would love to try most

  105. Lily S.

    This was a pretty good box! My favorite item is the scarf, for sure.

  106. Shelly

    I think my favorite item would be the book..

  107. Tabitha

    I don’t have a subscription to this box…yet. I think you probably have me sold on this one, among others, haha! Now to convince the husband… Anyway, I think I’m lovin the fit popcorn. I’ve seen it mentioned somewhere before and the brand that makes it always has tasty variations of popcorn.

  108. Amanda

    I love the scarf and anything by Juice Beauty. I can’t believe how incredible all of the items are. They really stepped up their game and I cannot wait to see what next month is like! It is also my birthday month, so I am hoping it will be doubly good lol

  109. Val

    It’s a super-tie between that scarf and the book! Since I could get the book at the library, I’d say the scarf!

  110. Caroline P

    I am a scarf addict so definitely the Gorjana & Griffin Zuma Scarf!

  111. Antonia

    I love the scarf it is the perfect weight and colors for summer.

  112. Ashley

    I’m loving the scarf and the gift card to buy more Gorjana stuff!

  113. K.C.

    Great post, as always! Opened the box last night and am wearing the scarf today. Absolutely love the style and the quality. It’s definitely my favorite item though I’m excited to try the cream as well. Not so excited about the book, probably giving it away. I’ve stopped spoiling myself (at least the last couple of boxes) and it totally makes the popsugar box experience that much more fun!

  114. Sandra

    I’m most interested in the moisturizer. I love Juice Beauty! I also like the scarf and book. Actually I like everything!

    These subscription boxes are frustrating! I subscribed to PopSugar for 3 months in the Spring and wasn’t overly impressed. 1 box was good, 1 just okay, and one was uhhhh. And now that I canceled, of course there is an amazing box. I

  115. Emily W

    The scarf!

  116. Jennifer

    Didn’t know this book existed – now I’m #1 on the waiting list at our library. Thanks!!!

  117. Jen

    I love the scarf but the book looks great too!

  118. Pattie

    I love my PopSugar box this month and I can tell you that the scarf is beautiful – however, that scarf is going to be my bathing suit cover up when I go to the Keys in a few weeks! I received the Parmesan Popcorn – super good and the little mints reminded me of the “inside” of a LifeSaver!

  119. Alice

    I like the scarf the most but I would have to learn to tie it. I have seen the youtube videos on how to tie, nope still don’t know how.

  120. Mackenzie

    I am ALL about that scarf! It’s so soft! The whole box is a winner, though!

  121. Christine

    I just signed up because of this entry and used your referral link. 🙂

  122. Deborah Bozich

    Hmmm, hard one to answer, I love the scarf, moisturizer, the book and ect so any of them is my pick LOL
    Geez I sound greedy………..
    Thanks for a GREAT contest…….GLTA and me too

  123. T

    Scarf is pretty high on the list. I definitely want the book. It’s one of those summer fluff books you can get through quickly and feel a little glam from wherever.

  124. Annette

    that scarf is gorgeous! although, as a scarf lover it’s hard to not just zoom in on it

  125. Alexia561

    For some reason, I thought of Flashdance as soon as I saw the DVD! Probably because of the chair. 🙂

    Love the scarf, but the book and DVD aren’t for me. Think PopSugar is a great box, but too expensive for me so I cancelled. I’ll probably regret it because July will be an awesome box, but whatta ya gonna do? *shrugs* 😉

  126. Lisa

    Definitely want to read the book

  127. Kim H

    I love the scarf! I have been waiting to get the bracelet you picked out as well!

  128. Kate

    The fit popcorn looks fantastic!

  129. Ashley C.

    Ugh — I’m torn. That scarf is beautiful … but that chair workout dvd?! Seriously, LOVE!

  130. Kathy

    Ha! while I typically agree with your product reviews, I think my favorite item is the DVD. I love workouts that don’t require tons of additional equipment.

  131. Cindy

    I am so excited, I just signed up, so July will be my first box!

  132. Julie P.

    My favorite item is definitely the G&G scarf!

  133. Michaella B

    The moisturizer is something ive wanted for a long time! 🙂 lol

  134. Calli

    Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer!

  135. Sela

    that scarf!

  136. Maria

    I’m loving the colorful scarf!

  137. Katy

    I want that scarf!

  138. Meg

    I love the scarf, the colors are awesome!

  139. Lauren

    I love the scarf also! I dont know how you couldnt.

  140. Nichelle

    My favorite item is the moisturizer and CC cream sample. I have gotten nice compliments on my skin, since using it earlier this month. I am loving my PopSugar boxes and I can’t wait till July’s box.
    PS Jennifer, thanks for recommending Glossybox, I love it, I’m still waiting for the June box:-(

  141. Dawn

    I’m bummed I didn’t sign up sooner, just did today & first box will be the August box so missed out on 1st anniversary box for July. Excited to see what August box will be!

  142. Celina

    I am in love with that scarf!!!!!

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