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The Haul

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from MeUndies giving me a heads up about their monthly subscription service and asking if I wanted to check out a few things from their line.  I was SO excited because B loves MeUndies.  He got a pair back in his Birchbox Man back in the fall and I just recently bought him a few more pairs as part of his 30 gifts for 30 years birthday presents and he really likes them. And when I told him about the e-mail, I think my cool level went up a few notches.  I’ve never tried MeUndies (nor did I even know they made women’s undies), so I was also pretty excited.

The Bag

If you’ve ever gotten a pair of MeUndies, you know they come in a pouch like this.  I have a picture of the bag B got in his September Birchbox here.  So I thought it was so cute when a bigger version of the same pouch appeared in my mailbox! And just like the little packages, it had a resealable closure.  So cute.

First Look

I wasn’t sure what they were sending for me to check out so it was hard for me to take a first look picture!  I wanted to rip into that package so badly.  Now I know how B feels when I make him stop opening things so I can take pictures.

~Men’s Collection – Boxer Briefs ($16/each): These are the boxers B has and loves.  I was so excited to see that they included some in the package. These are soft and fit nicely.  I should have taken a picture of B wearing them ;).  He looks good.  If I had an extra $3,250 just sitting around, I would buy B the 365-Pack (a pair for every day of the year).  He’s serious about his underwear rotation!!

Men’s Collection – Boxer Briefs

~Men’s Collection – Socks (6 for $40): B has finally embraced funky socks so these are a great addition.  And I personally think he should ONLY wear funky patterned socks.  They are much easier to match up than plain old boring black and grey socks. Much easier!

Men’s Collection – Socks

~Women’s Collection – V-Neck ($20): I love a good v-neck and am always on the hunt for the perfect v-neck and this is a great one.  They do run small though, so I would totally size up (which I did not)!

Women’s Collection – V-Neck

Women’s Collection – Briefs ($16/each):  I usually buy underwear at Target (shocking I know) or VS, but these are way nicer.  Super duper soft and very comfy.  And now B and I can match since the ones I bought him for his birthday were the pink ones.

Women’s Collection – Briefs

Uber Car Service ($20 off): When I saw this card included in the bag, I was like yeah right, they don’t have that in Detroit.  But they totally do!!  Next time B and I spend the night downtown at the casino, I am so going to try this service.  You can request a pick-up through your iPhone app and it seems so easy.  If you have ever been to Detroit, you know our public transportation is lacking.  Seriously lacking.  The prices don’t seem crazy at all and the cars look way nicer than taxis!


The verdict?  We still love MeUndies!!!  I’m thinking about surprising B with a subscription for Father’s Day.  No joke, he’d be thrilled to get a new pair of undies every month!!

What do you think of MeUndies?  If you are interested in checking out their subscription service, click here and then go to the product you are interested in.   You can select “Auto Ship” to do the subscription or just purchase a single piece (the price is a little higher though).  And if you use my link to sign up, you’ll save $5 on your order!

Disclosure: I was sent this package for purposes of a review. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own. I used to have snappier disclosures to see if people actually read them but for whatever reason I stopped that.  I need to start again because I always laughed at them even if no one else did ;).
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  1. Mackenzie

    Love your disclosure!

  2. Alicia

    I read them! 🙂

  3. Mrs. L

    LOVE Uber Cab in San Francisco. We use it anytime we are up there for dinner etc. Much safer too if you decide to have a few drinks with your meal. We found the cabs they contracted with to be much cleaner and the drivers much nicer than calling for a regular cab. Plus, if the wait was too long, or we wanted to splurged we’d get the “limo” for a few extra bucks. Totally worth it especially if you use it for special occasions.

    And of course I read the tiny little italicized print. Never know what good info might be included LOL.

  4. Jenny

    I read your disclosures. I love the funny ones. I might have to look at my drawers I could possible already have a pair for everyday of the year 😉 I love me some undies.

  5. John

    Not sure I really like me undies. The socks shrunk so much that it feels like I’m wear ankle socks and the T shirt I bought has this gaping neck opening that it just feels (and looks) weird. Plus the collar rolls meaning you have to press it to flatten it. I don’t think I’ll be ordering from them again.

  6. Jarred

    I bought a 5-set confidently thinking I would like them but I do not. I am a male and really wanted to like these but honestly they just are not comfortable. I wear a lot Banana Republic underwear and highly recommend their boxer briefs over MeUndies. Here are the 2 main reasons I thoroughly hated them:
    1.) The material bunches up on your legs. I got the boxer briefs, and throughout the day the material would slide up my legs and bunch together – very uncomfortable and annoying. Every time I would sit down and move around the material would slide up into my groin! Sucked! I would then have to reach down my pants and pull it down due to the discomfort.
    2.) My dick and balls would sweat! I’ve never experienced underwear that literally heated up my groin area. Who wants that!?!?! If I wasn’t reaching down my pants to pull down the bunched up material, I was fanning out the underwear to cool down my manhood. The little guy was sitting in a steam room.

    Seriously, don’t waste your time and money on this underwear, because you will be thoroughly disappointed like I was. I read this review and had to take 5 minutes to give you the honest truth from a 23-year-old male.

    1. Jessica

      Thank you! I was literally JUST about to purchase these and read your review. Was getting them for my boyfriend who normally wears Express boxer briefs. Will be sticking to those! Thank you!!

  7. Jeff

    Not impressed with meundies AT ALL! Nice material, but they don?t fit. Tried a medium ? too big, tried the small ? too small. Customer service was not helpful either. Looking for quality underwear that fit? Look somewhere else.

  8. Chicken

    Oh my gosh.. I usually love your posting but I completely disagree with you.!
    The clothing runs small and stretches out.. The butt looks saggy after 3 wears.
    The quality is not there and the customer Service experience was awful!!!! Buying underwear on line is ridiculous.. I feel silly falling for the “experience” . Im sorry .. But I was NOT impressed..
    Looking forward to another box another day. CEO went to prison a year ago

  9. LKB

    My two cents….The women’s undies are comfy and the cut makes my booty look very cute BUT…. the fabric starts to pill up very very quickly. If you wash and dry them.. even on delicate cycle, they wear out fast (within three or four rounds of the wear-wash-dry!!!) The socks are cute and seem to be holding up well.

  10. Jared

    Their products lag behind technology found in the new Adidas boxer briefs if you work out in them.

    Also, unfortunately their customer service is borderline pathetic. If they send you the wrong size, mischarge you or for whatever delay the shipment a few weeks it is nearly impossible to get ahold of them.

    I had a small issue with a delayed shipment and after several unanswered emails and Facebook messages I decided to try Twitter…I noticed that half the posts are from customers irate over screw ups on meundies end and they too had an almost impossible time talking to someone at the company.

    Save yourself money and a headache on this overrated product and buy a nice set of driclimate Adidas boxer briefs instead

  11. Philip

    I recently purchased meundies to do my own comparison with Tommy John underwear. My assessment is that Meundies while soft are not as comfortable. The reason: They ride and pinch a little but more than the TJ’s I could also feel the ‘flat-seem’ of the meundies while could not on the TJ’s.

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