Thursday Thoughts

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Thursday Thoughts

~I’m still working on a grocery list and a meal idea post for the Advocare 24-Day Challenge, so stay tuned for that. It *should* be up today.   And if there is anything else you want to know about that, let me know!  Oh and the Costco mason jars I picked up for a few people are headed out today in the mail. And a few other things, including the June PopSugar Must Have Box which was won by Leigh over at Whimsical Adventures of a Magical Mom! Congrats Leigh!!
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~It appears that this week wasn’t as slow as I was expecting box wise. I have reviews to post for The Happy Trunk and Treatsie and I am expecting Goodies Co., bluum, Hello Fresh (use code “AHELLOSUMMER” to save $20 off your first box), Foldigo, The Fantasy Box (B is like GET HERE ALREADY), and KidStash.  So much for my slow week right??

~So I have been seeing these Dole Banana Dippers all over Instagram and I NEED to try them before the Challenge starts. The boys and I went out in search of them yesterday and it was a complete fail.  So tell me people, where can I find these?  And if you have had them, are they worth the hunt?

I need these

~While at Costco this week I discovered that they carried The Honest Co. Shampoo / Body Wash.  Why didn’t I know this?  They come in sets of two 17oz containers for$14.99, which is so much less expensive than than it is on, where you can get 1 8.5oz bottle for $9.95.  So 34oz for $14.99 or 8.5oz for $9.95.  Pretty sure I’m not getting the Shampoo / Body Wash in my bundles again!!!!

The Honest Co. @ Costco

~Almost every single night there are fireworks near or around my house and it is driving me insane.  It drives the dogs even more insane.  It’s so loud.  Like bombs going off.  Why people need to light fireworks off on Wednesday nights?  Can’t you just do it on the 4th or the weekends surrounding the 4th and let that be that?  I don’t live in the middle of nowhere by any means, however, I do happen to live near a few empty fields and that’s enough for people and their fireworks.  Last year my own neighbors set the grass on empty lot behind us on fire.  Fire Department came and everything.  Really?  Why is that fun??  Does this happen in anyone else’s neighborhood???

~Has anyone tried the new Watermelon Oreo’s?  They are….interesting.  Just imagine watermelon flavored anything combined with Oreo cookie filling.  I’m not sure that I’d ever get them again (or eat another one), but they were totally worth trying!

Watermelon Oreos

~My thredUP bag came this week (I ordered it on 6/12 and it arrived on 6/17) and I plan on gathering some items today and sending it back tomorrow.  I seriously can’t wait to see what happens!  I’m going to send kind of a mixture of things, some with tags, some not and just see what happens.  I know a few other people have sent bags in too and am excited to hear their results as well!

thredUP Bag


That’s it from here.  What’s on your mind today?  Don’t forget to link-up below!

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  1. Alena

    I was just thinking about those Banana treats, because I have seen them on Instagram! Let me know if you find them and try them! I wish we had a Costco around here. I hear that store is amazing! 🙂

  2. Gina F.

    Ok, seriously you must have the best Costco ever! I don’t think mine carries the honest company, but you bet I am going over there to check!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Melissa

    I am so excited about the Honest Shampoo at Costco! I really liked it when I tried it but use Charlie’s Green Soap for most of my other cleaning and decided it was cheaper than the Honest Company and then didn’t want to pay shipping for just shampoo. I am going to Costco tomorrow to get mason jar glasses AND that shampoo!

  4. brandy

    The Honest stuff is brand new at Costco. It was in this month’s Costco Connection. I am a Costco FREAK!

  5. Ellen A.

    The Dole Banana Dippers are in the freezer section with the rest of the frozen fruits… I actually bought some a few weeks ago because they looked good. They’re still in my freezer… oops! Its not that they were bad (they were actually pretty good), it just didn’t hit the pregnancy craving I was hoping it would and since then I’ve forgotten about them. Sounds like I have a dessert for tonight!

  6. kara

    How do you like the Honest Company bath stuff?
    I actually really like the Watermelon Oreo’s. They remind me of watermelon gum.

  7. Jessica R.

    I will let you know what my ThredUp payout is. I sent in a ton of my son’s clothes, including 14 items from Gymboree and Crazy 8 that were new with tags. The rest was mainly Gymboree, Baby Gap, Children’s Place, and a few other nice brands and all in good condition. I should have taken photos of what I sent in. I think I might cry if they don’t give me a good payout.

  8. Shelby

    I want to try those oreos but can’t find them here. I only saw the lemon ones!

    Those banana dippers look yummy though!

  9. Rebecca

    I agree with you about fireworks. I live in the middle of nowhere so fireworks start early here too. My poor dog was in the yard while she heard them and ran away and I could not find her for four days.

  10. Sue

    Those Dole Dippers look amazing!!!! I need to find those!!!

  11. Michelle

    Banana dippers…I need those too!! Please let us know when you find out where you can get them…if you find out. 🙂 I’ll do the same.

  12. Brittany

    The Banana Dippers are AMAZING! I am slighlty addicted. I got them at our commissary on base, so I don’t know how much help I am on finding them!

  13. kelly

    I tried to watermelon oreos and love them! I like that the watermelon isn’t tooo overpowering. My son likes them too, luckily hes still little so he barely finishes one. 🙂

  14. Leigh

    Yay!!! Happy Dance! You have no idea how much I was so jealous of everyone that got this box! I’m so flippin’ excited.

    And I love you. Of course.

  15. Amanda

    I really need to go to Costco!! I didn’t know they had honest! Oh and those dole dippers? Omg how did I not hear of these??? I just gts and found them sold at Walmart and SAMs. Totally buying these!!!!!

  16. Jennifer

    hey! I enjoyed catching up with you this week! typing one handed–E got her first bee sting at school, and she is home laying on my other arm. I miss costco! We have a bj’s in the next town. not as good imo. I think those oreo’s look just terrible! We get the fireworks a lot for ball games, parades and now graduation at the schools. Drives my dog nuts.

  17. Ashley C.

    I’ve seen the banana dippers at the commissary — but haven’t tried them. My kids were watching Disney Jr the other morning, and they actually had a recipe on there for freezing sliced bananas and then popping them in the blender to make banana ice cream. It comes out sort of froyo textured, from the looks of it. They added some chocolate chips to theirs, and I’m thinking of making some for the kids. Hey, a healthy summer treat, right?!

    Those “oreos” though?! No way … not in my mouth! I love watermelon! But the candy and gum and other things watermelon flavored? Doesn’t taste at all like watermelon to me.

  18. Nicole

    So the fireworks issue is happening in Grosse Pointe also. I. Also drives me and me dog (a yorkie) completely crazy. I even called the police to see if there is any ordnance and I struck out BUT I do work for the city and am seriously thinking of pulling any strings I can. I don’t mind THE WEEK OF the fourth, but at this rate I may loose mind by then. Being nice to these neighbors as also been a big huge fail. I need Dear Abby!!

  19. Valerie

    The banana dippers are fantastic. I found mine at Publixs in the frozen section by the frozen fruit. They are worth it. Trader Joes has a brand of frozen bananas that are just as good and only around 1.60 a box. The dole ones are around 3.99 a box.

  20. Mrs. L

    I make those frozen chocolate bananas all the time. Except instead of dipping, I drizzle chocolate on them (quicker and easier and less messy) and then put them in a big bag in the freezer and pop them out whenever I want a treat. Directions on my blog.

    So wanted to try the Watermelon Oreos but can’t find them in my area (or they are already sold out 🙁 I did try the Ice Cream Sherbert ones and they weren’t bad.

    I used to live not near, but close enough, to Great America amusement park. From March till I think October, if the wind was right, you could pretty much hear the fireworks any time they set them off.

  21. marcy

    Love the banana dippers! it’s a good cool treat. The chocolate is dark and the package contains 4 pieces.

  22. Emily KG

    Shame on you for mentioning the Fantasy Box….I couldn’t resist!

    And I’ll try those Oreos for sure…I miss the super extra stuff ones so much 🙁

  23. Kara

    I don’t know about the Dole Dippers, but I know Trader Joes has had ones called “Gone Bananas” which are the same thing. They are amazing.

  24. Nicole

    So now the word on the street is baby kimya is named North West…also stupid.

  25. Jackie

    Ohh ok now I may need to get myself a membership to Costo! First those Mason Jars and now Honest Shampoo?! By the way, let me know what I owe you for those when they ship, thank you again, you rock!! 😀

    And those banana dippers look yummy, but I may just try the ones at Trader Joes since those might be easier to find for me!

  26. Lauren M.

    I get my Dole Banana dippers at Costco…. Just finished a box today :0)
    (I’ve had it for a while tho! Tehe)

  27. Mary Q.

    Watermelon Oreos?!?! Where do you find them? I’ve got to try them.

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