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It’s time for another edition of Tuesday Troubles. I’ve said it before, but this should be named “things i’m annoyed / confused / want to complain about”, however I couldn’t figure out how to make any of those into a snappy title, so Tuesday Troubles it is. And yes, I do realize that these aren’t true “troubles”. I know these for sure could be defined as first world problems!

~Okay, so I don’t have cable right? But I have an antenna so I can watch all the normal channels (ABC, NBC, FOX, etc)., so it’s really no big deal. Only now I can’t get Fox. It says that it’s unavailable. What on earth do I need to do to fix this? Should I like somehow reset the thing? Meaning do I need to send B back up into the attic and do something?  There’s nothing I want to watch on Fox right now (is there), so I don’t really care, I am assuming that eventually Temptation Island or another one of Foxs’ fine reality shows will return to the airwaves and I will NEED to watch so I feel like I should love into this before that happens.

~The mention of Temptation Island brought up another sore spot for me.  Not only have a ton of these amazing reality shows have been canceled over the years, I can’t even figure out how I can see the reruns.  What I wouldn’t give to see Charla deny Keith that money on Paradise Hotel again.  Or to see those Sorority Life sisters on my tv.  Ugh.  Someone please please make this happen.  PLEASE!

~Yesterday we went to the new Orange Leaf (aka fro-yo) which just opened by our house. It was super fabulous and they had a ton of amazing flavors and delicious toppings and cool decor and the whole deal. It was perfect. Except for one thing. They don’t have high chairs. WTF? Umm, babies like frozen yogurt too. At least WB does. And if you’ve ever held WB and eaten fro-yo, you know it’s no easy task. One person has to hold him while the other has to make sure the spoon is getting to his mouth quickly enough. Why can’t they get some highchairs? It’s a huge store. Come on. Everyone (even hotel casino restaurants) has highchairs. Everyone.  Everyone but Orange Leaf anyway.

~L’s last day of school is Wednesday and then he’s off for, oh, 3 months or so? Please someone explain to me what I need to do so doesn’t totally forget everything he learned in preschool but still have the most amazing summer ever?  Do tell.

~For whatever reason, I have been sleeping like crap lately.  I mean, it’ll be 2am and I am totally exhausted so I go to bed.  And then I am up at 3am. 4am. 5am.  You get the picture.    When when I finally do fall asleep it’s time to get up for real.  UGH.  So annoying.   Why can’t I sleep? I realize that the answer to solving this is likely “go to bed earlier”, but that’s not happening.  So this is really more of a complaint that a solve my problem kind of thing.  Unless you think posting on Facebook “I can’t sleep” will help?  I always see people posting it, so maybe it does work????

That’s it from here for now! What’s troubling you today?

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  1. Kelsey

    I have a similar issue with my tv.. only it’s CBS that i don’t get. well. I get it occasionally. Whenever it wants to give it to me. we do the free qam stuff through the wall though.. which is basically just like the antenna without the antenna.

    and how do you go through life without watching the fabulous Gordon Ramsey? He’s on fox… so you NEED it.. just for him 😛

    As far as helping to fall asleep, I make sure I say away from caffeine/sugar 6-8 hours before I want to fall asleep… and I’ve gotten into a routine. I’ll slowly start to step away from the computer, won’t look at my phone.. I’ll read a chapter or 2 in an actual book (not a kindle or a nook) and then it’s like my body knows it’s time to stop stressing out about everything.. and I sleep. Usually pretty hard. I’ve also found that since starting back up at the gym i’ve been sleeping ridiculously well… so maybe it’s as easy as getting active again.

  2. lisa

    does your orange leaf have a frequent guest card? The one I went to in Houston does- 10 punches and free!

  3. Jenny

    I watch way to much tv so I will always have cable. Although with BBAD on a regular cable channel this season I may drop showtime. I don’t really watch it except for that.

    My MIL bought her new townhouse yesterday so instead of running errands by myself tonight I have to take the boys with me today so that we can do new house stuff tonight. Happy she got a place but I have plans too.

    My mom booked us at Great Wolf Lodge on Thursday and I so need to pack the boys. Hmm I may want to do some laundry first and then I can just pack from there without hanging and folding. Not sure that’s a trouble since that sounds good to me now. The hanging/folding is the worst part.

  4. Courtney Lane

    haha! every time I post “I can’t sleep” or something of the like on FB I totataly fall asleep. It does work. Scroll through Vine, IG, and FB and you will fall asleep, no doubt! LOL.

    For Willard over the summer I try to keep a little routine going so he doesn’t forget things, too. I got a plastic tub and put some kindergarten workbooks, crayons, pencils, flash cards of the words he has to know to pass kindergarten, bananagrams, and a writing tablet. Each morning after breakfast before he can go play or anything he has to “sign-in” which means he has to write his name in his notebook. I put the date next to it every day and it is so much fun to see how much better his penmanship gets over the weeks. Then when I am doing something at the computer for school usually (which I imagine you do just as much as me, maybe more with the blog) He sits in the room with me and works on some of the workbooks, reads, or something like that. The Leap Frog skills books are really great and come with stickers to put in a little sticker zone on each page etc. He always has lots of fun because he thinks we are in school together. LOL

  5. Danielle

    Looks like from your pics we have the same folding fisher price booster….I keep an extra one in my car for places with no high chairs….actually I take it in to pretty much every restaurant because I like having the tray and I can sit Stefanos next to me in a booth if I want too….love those things.
    Lol on the Facebook comment….I see that so much!

  6. Susan B

    OMGosh I was thinking about Paradise Hotel the other day and I would love to watch it again. I loved that show!!

  7. Alison

    So far I haven’t been anywhere that doesn’t have high chairs – but I’d be just as annoyed as you were…. and it’s good to know hotel casino resturants have high chairs too.
    We also don’t have cable and I get the same channels you do – we move the antenna around A LOT. When it’s windy, forget about watching ABC in the livingroom, BUT then in the bedroom it comes in okay. Having a channel come in and out is so frustrating and even my 19 month old looks at me and shrugs his shoulders like what happened to the tv mom fix it by moving those things. SOMETIMES a channel will like totally not come in, like you said – and I turn the box on and off and REALLY move that antenna around and magically it comes back, sometimes after a day of not coming in and I have NO IDEA if it had to do with anything I did or if it was the weather or what. (that wasn’t very helpful information, but hopefully you feel better that others have the same tuesday troubles).
    And for your sleeping… This happens to me sometimes when I’m worried about stuff and my routines change. Hope you get some good sleep soon!

  8. Mrs. L

    Ahem. When I started having trouble sleeping it meant gasp…the change!

  9. Mrs. L

    You can find old episodes of Temptation Island along with other reruns of reality shows on Hulu. Don’t blame me for the time suck 🙂

  10. Nicole

    That’s weird your orange leaf doesn’t have high chairs. The one closest to our house is super small..literally maybe 15 seats and they have 2 high chairs.

    Also I watched through episode 6 on Real World…so Nia is literally bat shit crazy. I’m beginning to think she has a personality disorder. Also does Anastasia think her make up look good?? Maybe it look better in person…cause its just too much.

  11. Advocarerunner

    LOVED Paradise Hotel and Temptation Island! What happened to good tv?

  12. amanda

    no high chairs? wtf!?
    And no cable? Wow – my hubby really wants me to do that, but I can’t get rid of it. I think I mentioned to you my spreadsheet of all my shows before, ha! Your antenna – do you have an hd antenna or a regular one? I know that hd tv’s can get more channels, but i don’t know if you need a special antenna or something? No clue…

  13. Susan

    We went without cable for awhile before we had kids, but like Jenny said, my family watches way too much tv to be without it now. My kids would not know what to do if they couldn’t watch Disney, nick, sprout, the hub, etc.

    I would be totally annoyed if I took my kids out for fro-yo & no high chair. There’s an orange leaf close to my work, but I’ve only been there with co-workers, so never noticed if there are high chairs. I’m going to look next time.

    When it comes to sleeping, I sleep like a rock. However, my hubby has insomnia, so he takes Tylenol pm or melatonin. Otherwise he’d never get any sleep. I’ve told him numerous times, he should go for a sleep study, it might help, but he keeps putting it off. Maybe he’ll go eventually.

  14. Alison

    We keep our antenna right above our TV. I never thought of putting it anywhere else, but we live in an apartment so there really is no where else for us to put it.

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