90% Off Target Summer Clearance Haul!

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target Clearance
The Haul ($24 total)

So I checked on Slick Deals this morning and some people were reporting that their Target Summer Clearance was still 70% off while others were reporting 90%. I figured mine was still 70% because it always seems to be a day the first reports of 90% off, so I didn’t even bother going out. Later in the morning I texted my mom who happened to be at Target herself and it was 90% off! OMG! So I packed up the kids, picked up my mom and headed to a different Target. My favorite Target. And what was I greeted with? A super lame clearance section.

target Clearance

The towel are in the picture was actually 30% / 50% off, but the rest was 90% off.  I wasn’t really excited about anything in the actual clearance are, but of course I didn’t just stop shopping!  Nope, I went on a little hunt through the store.  That’s the best way, in my opinion, to find the steals.  People always say, oh my Target didn’t have anything.  Yes, it does!  You gotta look for it though.

The Beverage Dispenser
The Beverage Dispenser (200060075) – $1.99


Every single year, Target sells a glass beverage dispenser in their summer seasonal section. And it just so happens that they sell the EXACT SAME beverage dispenser in the regular glassware area. The summer seasonal one is $19.99 and I think the regular one is like $22? But either way they are the same. The only thing that is different is the tag on the bottom.  The Threshold one on the left is NOT on sale.  The one on the right?  That is the summer seasonal one that I snagged for $1.99 today!  It was in the regular aisles mixed in with the non-clearance ones.  If you are looking for one, go there first!

Rope Tub My favorite find of the day was these rope tubs. I use them to store outdoor kids toys and was in need of more. I found them in the section with the other kids rope tubs (over by where you’d find the plastic storage drawers, kids milk crates, etc.). I knew they were the clearance ones by the rope (it’s striped not a solid color) and by the tag on the bottom. The little sun means summer clearance ;). Oh yes, and they were $0.59/each (reg. $5.99).

Target Another tricky item is the seasonal Glad products. You are looking for the “Summer Collection” packaging, NOT the “Designer Series”.  Again check the regular aisle and don’t be afraid to dig around ;).

Target Clearance 1
I love the Justice League craft items they have and we picked up more Paper Cup Super Heros, Super Hero Masks and Foam Shapes.  All were $0.50/each.  And the chalk-a-doos were $0.29/each.

Target Clearance 2 I was happy to run across a Batman Mask / Fin Set ($1.99), more goggles ($0.59), a bunch of Banzai inflatables (you don’t feel so bad when they pop knowing you only paid $0.99/each) and swim floats / tubes ($0.39 / $0.49).  I didn’t buy this sunscreen (I have so much already), but it’s also 90% off and rings up $1.39!

Target 3 I was shocked to see that the Slushy Magic for 90% off (making them $0.99) and of course had to pick some up!  The divided trays were $1.09 and while their suggested use is a serving tray, I am going to use them as a drawer organizer or to store kids crafts.  And finally, I couldn’t pass up for Justice League dinnerware!  They were $0.29 – $0.39/each.

I picked up a few more things included a Justice League Flash Hooded Towel ($1.49) and another watering can ($0.59).  And everyone always asks where we store / what we do with all this stuff.  Summer clearance is easy to answer because we use it.  Sand toys, squirt guns, pool toys, etc. do not last long at all (they get gross fast), so it’s nice to just be able to do a clean sweep of the toys and replace them with new stuff!

So did you go out to the Target Summer Clearance today?  Was your store 90% off or was it still 70% off?  And if you went out, what did you find??

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  1. Nicole

    I went to 5 targets today. Only 2 were 90% off and the other 3 were still 70%. So weird.

  2. LMG

    I went to two Targets. One was marked 70% but was actually 90%. I picked up several of the kids’ gardening tools, cans, buckets for preschool. There were 2 chip and dips for $1.29, but they were so big and heavy I passed.

    Then I went to another Target, where there was even less–maybe 20 items tops, and that’s hunting in regular sections!–and most was only 30-50% off!!! I don’t understand!

    Hoping I can hit one more tonight…

    Glad I shopped the 70% off last weekend…

  3. Rebecca

    Oh sigh this makes me wish I didn’t live an hour away from Target.

  4. Janice

    Went to my Target based on your post. I guess I will have to live vicariously though as there were no such deals at mine. The rope tubs are a fantastic find!

  5. Crazy good deals. I need to check out the local Target where I am to see if this sale is on in Canada too!

  6. Nicole

    I went to two Targets and found some gardening tools and super hero stickers, cupcake toppers, and coloring sheets. No hooded towels 🙁 those would have made my boys day!

  7. Tiffany

    Going this morning in my way home from work hope there’s something left!

  8. Crystal D

    So I’m not sure if my target is just behind or what but NONE of the rafts are on sale. Is this normal? The sunscreen isn’t on sale…. A LOT of the summer stuff hasn’t been marked down at all. Is this normal?

  9. Um, you’re a rockstar for telling us about this! I never have a freakin’ clue when sales happen.

    I went to the SlickDeals website, but I couldn’t find anywhere about the 90% off at Target. Am I missing something? I want to know about these deals, too! 🙂

  10. kelly

    🙁 You got such awesome items!!!!!! I’ll have to try and go again tomorrow.

  11. mary m

    You got some great deals!

    I was tempted to go to Target yesterday, but baby girl is still sick, and I figured it would be well picked over by 530/6pm when I could have made it out there 🙁

    BUT since we don’t need anymore stuff (I’m in a purging/organizing phase right now) it’s probably for the better 😉

  12. Jenny

    Went to a baby Target today and they had basically nothing. We did a little scooping around but didn’t find anything more but did manage to grab a couple of the sand toys for $.29 and the superman and batman sand belts for $.99 I was surprised to see those but they had a whole peg of them like maybe they discovered a new box or something. Very odd.

  13. Melissa

    Thank you so much for posting about the labels on the beverage dispensers! I was able to find one hidden in the regular isle! I went to 2 stores and was hoping to find a few. One more store to hit tonight. Overall I wasn’t really impressed by what was left, but was still able to find some things I thought I “needed”. Dang addiction to Target!

  14. Jill

    Wow, if you think that selection is lame you should see my Target!

  15. Tammy Young

    So jealous of your great deals! My target was already cleared out about that much several days ago, when it was 70% off. I guess everybody decided to grab it all up at 70%, instead of waiting or 90%! There wasn’t much left at all when I went yesterday. Also only a handful of things were 90% off! I ever took your advice and scoured the regular isles and didn’t come up with ANYTHING! Just a (only one) full priced $22. Glass beverage dispenser. 🙁 Maybe next year!

  16. Mel

    My target is nuts. A handful of items. 70% is the max off and that is on very few things. Most were 30% and few 50%. Um, no thanks 🙂 Scanned several patio sets. FULL price. Pool toys and masks – FULL PRICE. Isles full of FULL price stuff. This target never marks anything down anymore. I may head out again and look for the sun you showed on the tags. Maybe I will find some hidden deals. 🙂 Thanks for all the photos and tips. You are always the best at helping me find the goods!!

  17. Shana

    Did my first Target haul today! I bought 5 bags of things and only spent 12 dollars! I love it. I wanted the beverage dispenser and slushy magic. Couldnt find. But I did find the summer series gladware! Yay!!! We only have 2 here so I will try the other tomorrow!!!

  18. Ashley C.

    Go figure — I should have gone to our Target YESTERDAY! But I waited, thinking they might not be to 90% yet. We went today … and they had just about completely cleaned out the aisle to move in more back to school stuff, thus ending the sale. I found a few of the craft kits, and got one of the kids garden tool sets for the kids to use in our gravel driveway. Otherwise, they had NOTHING anymore. And the stuff they had around the store that WAS ringing up as marked down earlier in the week [at 30*50% off] was now ringing up MORE expensive than before. The same Bonzai slip and slide that I paid $2.50 for was $8.99, and mentioned you were saving a whole $0.99! Oh well … its a sign I didnt really need that much!!

  19. Jennifer

    Great deals! I shopped the first day of the 70% off sale at my store, and the shelves were already wiped pretty clean! A lot of other deal hunters around here, I guess. WE only had 3 beach towels at our Target left that day. The other nearest target is pretty far away, which is probably why ours gets cleaned out so quickly, even at 50% off.

  20. Ely

    Went yesterday and it was also cleared out for the school supplies but was able to get a 50 ft hose RE (room essentials) colors green and orange for $.99 cents ($9.99 reg price). If you need a hose then its a good deal. Its located in their garden section.

  21. Jill

    None of the summer stuff at my Target has been marked down yet. It is all still on the shelves and full price.

  22. Jill

    I’m in southeast Michigan. The Target I go to is in Sterling Heights/Shelby Township

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