August The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri Review – “Summer in St. Tropez” 13

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The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri

August The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri

The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri is a brand new nail polish subscription box service. For $19.50/month (+$5 S/H) you’ll receive 3 full-sized polishes, nail care tools, beauty samples and a full sized surprise! When the folks over at Inzuri asked me if I’d want to check out a box, I couldn’t say yes fast enough! More nail polish? Of course I want to try that box!

The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri

The Box

The I.N.N. Box ships via USPS and comes in what I can only describe as the most unexciting box.  I’m cracking up because I was totally thinking in my head that the box was going to be meh.  That’s what I get for judging a box, by well, it’s box!

The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri

First Look

The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri

Second First Look

The first and second look had me much more excited than the outside box!  I still wasn’t 100% sure what was going to be in the container, but I couldn’t wait to find out.

The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri

The Information Card

You can opt from three themes for the August I.N.N. Box. The themes are “Summer in St. Tropez”, “Midsummer Night Dream” and “Walk the Wildside”. You can see sneak peeks of each on their website and select your box, or you have them surprise you! I didn’t know which box I would be receiving and OMG I was thrilled it was the Summer in St. Tropez one. It’s totally what I would have picked for myself, so it worked out quite nicely. Here is what the August I.N.N. “Summer in St. Tropez” Box included:

The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri

The Container

Everything in the outer box was packaged in a cute plastic box with a lid. Perfect for bringing your mani / pedi supplies with you or storing, well, whatever in. I liked that instead of an inner box they did a plastic container instead.

~Essie – Big Spender ($8): This is a such a pretty purple / pink color and I don’t believe I have anything like it?  That’s subscribe to change of course when I actually did through all my polishes, but even if I do have a similar one, that doesn’t make me love this any less!

The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri

Essie – Big Spender

~China Glaze – Keeping It Teal ($7.50): I love teal polishes and I think this is the now the brightest one I have.  My others are more blue and this is more green.  Totally love it.

The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri

China Glaze – Keeping It Teal

~China Glaze – Surfin For Boys ($7.50): Surfin for the Boys is my favorite polish color in this box and I cannot wait to use it.  I am going to try to polish my nails with this tonight (time permitting), but if it’s not tonight, tomorrow for sure.  It reminds me of like a summer punch and is a great color for sure.

The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri

China Glaze – Surfin For Boys

~Tilth Beauty Flawless Serum ($62): I have never heard of this brand before so I did a little research on it.  It’s suppose to “boost moisture levels, protect against skin degeneration and reduce the depth and appearance of wrinkles”.  All of this sounds good to me!  With all the various products and samples I get, I gotta say that I am quite pleased I do not have sensitive skin and can try whatever I get sent.

The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri

Tilth Beauty Flawless Serum

~OC8 Mattifying Gel ($41): This gel goes on after moisturizer, but before foundation and is suppose to reduce shine, control oil and even out skin tone.  It sounds great and I actually plan to use it even if I don’t wear foundation just to take some of that shine away.

The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri

OC8 Mattifying Gel

~Pedicure Sandals: This is going to sound so dumb, but I love those sandals they give you after you get a pedicure and I am thrilled to get my own pair.

The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri

Pedicure Sandals

~Nail Brush: This could NOT have come at a better time.  I don’t use a nail brush, but I have been meaning to get one for L.  5 year-olds get DIRTY and nails just need to be scrubbed!  He won’t even care that it’s purple.  In fact, he will probably like it ;).

The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri

Nail Brush

All totaled I came up with a value of $126 for the August I.N.N. Box by Inzuri!  The box itself is only $19.50 (+ $5 S/H), so yeah, this is a complete steal!  I am super excited by this subscription and have my fingers crossed that all months are as amazing as this one was!

What do you think of the I.N.N. Box?  Which August theme would you go for this month?  If you are interested in subscribing (you can still order the August box I received or one of the other August themes) or just want to learn more, click here.



(*)This box received for review purposes. All opinions are my own (I think we ALL know how much I love nail polish) and no compensation was received.

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13 thoughts on “August The I.N.N. Box by Inzuri Review – “Summer in St. Tropez”

  • Victoria

    Big Spender is my favorite color right now. I picked it up at Target a few months ago. I love to mix it with Essie Geranium (toes/ fingers) 🙂 This box looks fun!

  • Kaitlin

    Wow – this box looks awesome! I just received my first “actual” Julep box in the mail and while I love Julep, I’ve had the NCLA polish from the Pop Sugar Must Have July box on for 3 days and my manicure is kicking my previous Julep manicures butts. How do people get Julep to not chip after a day?! How would you compare these to Julep? I don’t regularly purchase these brands. Are you gong to try Bondi? Never tried those either! I’m really curious to see how the next months of I.N.N. box go and if they are as awesome as this one.

    • Sara

      You have to use a top coat that is NOT from Julep. I’m able to get my Julep polish to stay chip free for 4 days after using Palladio clear coat.

  • Kim

    I’m trying not to sign up for this box, but I don’t think I will be successful. This looks like a lot more fun than Julep!

  • Sara

    I’m definitely going to try this box! I have been so unimpressed with the julep colors lately and keep skipping boxes. They have just been too similar to what I already have! This is a great box!

  • Susan

    I know I’ve said before that I have entirely too much polish (and I do), but I’m also trying to restrain myself and not sign up. LOL. I’ll see how long I can hold out.

    • Heidi

      I tried this box service. Signed up in April, paid, they never shipped . . . ever. It was impossible getting a refund and I had to contact my bank. I think others are having issues as well.