Bespoke Post Review + Coupon Code – July 2013 “Shade”

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July Bespoke Post - Shade
July Bespoke Post – Shade

There were tons of options for Bespoke Post this month and it took B a while to decide what to get. He liked them all, but didn’t LOVE any of them. But of course, he didn’t want to skip, so he settled on Shade. Can’t go wrong with more sunglasses! In case you aren’t familiar with them, Bespoke Post delivers fresh and interesting lifestyle brands and products to men. Each month, you’ll get to choose from their of our limited-edition boxes filled with an array of products built around a central, unique theme. Don’t want one that month? Just skip the month (you can opt out during the first 5 days of the month) and you won’t be charged.

July Bespoke Post - Shade
The Box

Once again, Bespoke Post shipped via FedEx Smart Post this month. Last month, when the box shipped via UPS, must just have been a special event since the box was SO heavy. As a side note, my brother saw last month’s box with the salt plate in it and NEEDED one. So I sent him a box and he’s obsessed with that salt plate.

July Bespoke Post - Shade
First Look

Bespoke Post uses boxes that are perfectly sized for that month’s selections. I knew exactly what was in the box so the first look wasn’t much of a surprise, but it’s always fun.

July Bespoke Post - Shade
The Information Card

Like I mentioned previously, B picked “Shade” this month.  It’s described by Bespoke Post as follows “To help you look your best this season, we teamed up with some new kids on the block. The sun isn’t something to be afraid of.”  Here’s what the box included:

~Polarized Tortoiseshell Sunglasses, Derek Cardigan ($79): B does not have any sunglasses that are anything like these, which kind of spurred the decision to pick this box.  Now of course I think B looks great in everything, but the tortoise always seems kind of feminine to me?  They are totally men’s sunglasses and B will totally wear them, but that’s what I thought when I first saw them.

July Bespoke Post - Shade
Polarized Tortoiseshell Sunglasses, Derek Cardigan
July Bespoke Post - Shade
B in the Sunglasses

~Sun Cream SPF 18+, 3.4oz, Watermans Applied Science ($19.95): B likes an all in one moisturizer / sunscreen combo, so hopefully this will do the trick for him on the weekends.  He’s been running a TON lately too, so this will work nicely since it’s water and sweat-resistant.

July Bespoke Post - Shade
Sun Cream SPF 18+, 3.4oz, Watermans Applied Science

~Nautical Sailing Bracelet, JLK Sails ($36): In all the years I have know B (all eight of them), I have never once known him to wear a bracelet.  But Bespoke Post said they picked this because “men’s sailing bracelets are iconic, authentic, and thankfully, not flashy”.  Will B actually wear it?  I’m not sure.  But I hope he does because I like it on him.

July Bespoke Post - Shade
Nautical Sailing Bracelet, JLK Sails

All totaled I came up with a value of $134.95 for the July “Shade” Bespoke Post box.  Would I have paid $134.95 for this box?  Nope!  But $45 was a steal and we are totally happy.  I mean, we knew exactly what was in the box before we got it (you can always see all the details of the boxes before you opt in or out), so I don’t why we’d be anything less than pleased.

What do you think of Bespoke Post?  Did you get a box this month?  Which one?  Interested in subscribing (it’s $45/month) or just want to learn more?  Click here.  You can browse through past boxes and see what types of items they have offered before.  And I *think* the coupon code “LONELY20” will save you 20% off your first box ;).

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  1. Ace

    I hate to say it but the sunglasses make your husband look like he stole them off a little old lady. Those are totally chick sunglasses.

  2. Mrs. L

    The sunglasses, ahem, no. But I like the sailing bracelet on him!

  3. Frances Tolley

    Love the sunglasses! They look awesome on! We also ordered agave…equally awesome!

  4. Jacob Crim

    Tortoise wayfarer knock off’s that are solid quality for 45 bucks, how is that NOT a steal.

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