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Because I have an insane amount of children’s clothing and because I thought it would be a fun experiment, I sent in a bag of clothes to Moxie Jean.  And just as I had heard, they processed my bag fast and paid me quickly.

The Timeline:
~7/12/13: Sent bag into Moxie Jean (via USPS).
~7/17/13: Bag was processed.  Payout e-mail received.  Requested check (you can also use the payout as a credit on Moxie Jean and they will add 25% to it).
~7/21/13: Check received.

Umm, tell me that is not lightening fast!  I mean I had heard it was fast, but I was amazed by this.

What I Sent In / The Payout:

You can reference my original post for all the details, but here are the items I sent in, Moxie Jean payout amounts and the actual links to the items at Moxie Jean if I could find them:

~BabyGap Fleece Hoodie (0-3 months): $1.25 (Moxie Jean Price Unknown)
~BabyGap Plaid Buttoned Long Sleeved Plaid Onesie (6-12 months): $0.85 (Moxie Jean Outfit Price $18.99 – Sold As Part Three Piece Set)
~BabyGap Cream Sweater (6-12 Months): $1.25 (Moxie Jean Outfit Price $10.99 – Sold As Part of a Two Piece Set).
~The Littlest Sparrow Two Piece Outfit (12-18 months): $4.11 (Moxie Jean Price Unknown)
~BabyGap Argyle Sweater Vest (12-18 months): $1.81 (Moxie Jean Price Unknown)
~Vitamins Baby Set (9 months): $4.11 (Moxie Jean Price: $11.99)
~Ralph Lauren Sweater Vest (9 months) $1.81 (Moxie Jean Outfit Price $18.99 – Sold As Part Three Piece Set)
~BabyGap Plaid Button Down (4T): $1.65 (Moxie Jean Price: $5.99)
~BabyGap Purple Striped Sweater (4T) $2.30 (Moxie Jean Price $7.99)
~BabyGap Khaki Pants (4T): $1.65 (Moxie Jean Price Unknown)
~BabyGap Snow Suit (6-12 months): $2.20 (Moxie Jean Price $10.99)

All totaled I received a payout of $22.99 for the 11 items (or the 13 pieces since they pay by piece) which were accepted by Moxie Jean.  The hat, which was with the Vitamin Baby outfit wasn’t accepted because it had a small stain on it.  This may well be true since I really have never looked at it.

I found the payout list kind of confusing and had to match up the items to see what the payouts were.  Moxie Jean does have a price chart so you will know exactly what to expect from your payouts.  I don’t even think I matched everything up correctly because I wasn’t 100% how a few of the brands were classified.  I think they were “Better” which is why I got higher payouts on the sets, but I am not sure.

The Moxie Jean E-Mail

The Moxie Jean E-Mail

I was very impressed with the speed of Moxie Jean!  And while I found the payout breakdown confusing, I am sure I could have figured it out better had I spent more time with it.  As for the payout amount, I now realize my original thought of $40 was way too high.  Clearly I have never sold clothes at a garage sale or to a consignment store before.  The pricing seemed (to me) to me similar to thredUP, but clearly Moxie Jean was much much much speedier!

Next Time?
I will totally send another bag to Moxie Jean in the future.  However, next time I will take the payout in store credit so I can get that extra 25% to shop with.

Have you ever sent a bag into Moxie Jean?  What’d you think?  And if you are interested in shopping there, click here to get $10 off your first order of $20 or more!




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9 thoughts on “Moxie Jean – The Payout!!

  • Sara

    I never even heard of Moxie Jean until you did a post about it. I just sent in my first bag this week and am super psyched to see how much I get. I have sold children’s clothes on eBay before and barely made money especially with all their fees.

    • Alician

      Don’t get super psyched! They are only going only pay you about $1-$2/per item, Then turn around & sell that same item for $25-$60.Anyone who sends them clothes is a fool..

      • cathy dimola

        Sorry, but that payout is a joke! I would be so mad! You were totally ripped off! $23 for 11 items and you’re happy? Seriously? Send your stuff to They take only $1 then 20 percent of your sale. Or drop your stuff at a consignment store. EBay. Anywhere! Not here!

  • Crystal G

    I sell on Instagram(baby clothes,shoes,mom clothes, vintage books, etc.) You would make way more money posting your kids clothes on there. There’s a huge community of moms who sell/trade on IG. All you need is a Paypal account, & it’s way easier/faster than selling on eBay.
    If you want to check out my page my username is deerylou27

  • Linda Berrios

    I have sold to Moxie Jean but never bought from them. I always thought their sell prices were way too high. I could easily buy the same thing new and on sale cheaper than what they are selling used for. I also noticed when they sell NEW WITH TAGS items, their “original price” doesn’t match up to what they claim the original price is. For example – they are selling a baby costume new with tags. The sales tag clearly has a REG. PRICE of 14.99 on it. This is how they are selling it. WAS $22.99 (then that price is slashed and they put a sale price of $9.99) To me that is not honest so that’s why I’ve never purchased their clothes.

  • Alician

    I will NEVER send MOXIE JEAN anymore clothes! They ripped me off! I sent them a large shipment of Brand New clothes with the tags valued at approx. $800. They rejected 1/4 saying they had stains or holes…and they didn’t! They sent me a check for $50! Could have sold on EBAY for more! They are a RIP OFF! Their checks say “Good Karma Clothing” What a joke!

    • Susita

      That is what I am afraid of. I recently sent some things in to them and Everything I sent to them was Gymboree or better. Even some smocked things, Ralph Lauren and Lilly Pulitzer. Still haven’t heard from thredup (and I am still hoping they will be better) but I have gotten my accounting from moxie and it was awful. First off, you have no idea what they kept. Secondly, you have no recourse even if you KNOW something you sent was NWT/NWOT and was not stained. Third, their pricing doesn’t add up. Fourth, if what they kept is what I think they kept (but again, you just don’t know until you hunt it down), I was paid the “basic” price for “better/new” stuff. As I see it there is no accountability on their part. Sadly, I watched the videos and fell prey to all their good karma babble and felt like I was doing something that was a win/win. I now just feel like a fool and wish I had those clothes back so I could donate them to our local thrift store. I don’t mind their markup. It’s worth it to me not to have to take photos and deal with shipping and the occasional, crabby ebayer (and risk my 100% rating). But I do mind being lied to. The one thing they had going above the others was the fact that they gave you the pricing up front. And even that backfired as my check total is not even a round number (ending in 0 or 5 as it must if you follow their listed payout amounts).
      I am just so glad I held back all of our beautiful Strasburg, Orient Expressed, Matilda Jane and other expensive items. Somehow I don’t believe I would have been paid 33% of what they sold it for. Done ranting and now I’m off to figure out how this Instagram selling stuff works. Or maybe I will just take them to the Women and Children’s Shelter where I know they will be put to good use.

      • Bella Jay

        I don’t know what fantasy world most of you live in but what most of you ladies forget is that this is a BUSINESS that has to pay staff, utilities, and rent to house all of these USED clothing items. Yes, USED CLOTHING. Be grateful that this model actually exists that you receive money for clothing your kids outgrew. You are not going to get back what you spent on it. I digress, Moxie Jean is a great business that gives thrifty moms an avenue to shop for GENTLY used items for their children instead of diving through tons of garbage donated to thrift stores. So when someone here said “or maybe I will just take them to the Woman and Children’s Shelter where I know they will be put to good use.” How about those moms that shop Moxie Jean that have tight budgets and have to clothe 3 kids and can do so through this website. Isn’t that put to good use? This website does not run on “hopes and dreams”. Unfortunately you have to pay bills to survive as a business. So if you get $1 for and item your kid pooped/drooled/peed on, be happy.

        Yes, you can try to feel good by donating your items to a goodwill or a thrift store so you don’t feel ripped off. Guess what, THEY ARE GOING TO SELL YOUR ITEMS TOO except they don’t have to give you any money up front. I would feel a lot more ripped off with that scheme. They prey on your emotions by saying they will donate A PORTION of the sales to a charity. So if anything I would much rather support a mom owned business that pays out to sellers and is upfront rather than support a Goodwill/Thrift Store that claims they give money to a cause while being ambiguous about it. Goodwills gauge prices on items (they get for free) too. I don’t hear anyone complaining about that!

        In conclusion, get a reality check. Support a mom-owned business and you will help a mom save money on her little one’s clothing while getting some money for your items that you would’ve otherwise thrown out/given away.

  • cathy dimola

    Sorry, but that payout is a joke! I would be so mad! You were totally ripped off! $23 for 11 items and you’re happy? Seriously? Send your stuff to They take only $1 then 20 percent of your sale. Or drop your stuff at a consignment store. EBay. Anywhere! Not here!