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Spicy Subscriptions July Deluxe Spice Box

The Box

To my surprise a SpicySubscriptions box appeared in my mailbox this week!  B love these kind of boxes (why wouldn’t he) and I love anything that appears in my mailbox unexpectedly, so it was perfect.  Since SpicySubscriptions is an “adult box”, I am going to spoiler the rest of this just in case your eyes don’t want to see it or, or if you are, for example, my mom.

Spicy Subscriptions July Deluxe Spice Box

The Box

SpicySubscriptions ships in a plain USPS Flat Rate Envelope.   Even though I know how they ship, I always stare at the package like what in the world?  At this point I don’t care if my neighbors/mail lady thinks I am a freak in the sheets, but I suspect some people do. I think my neighbors who don’t know about my blog are more curious as to why I in the world I get all this mail!

Spicy Subscriptions July Deluxe Spice Box

The Box

Previous  I had received the SpicySubscriptions “Premium Spice Box”, but this month I received the “Deluxe Spice Box”.  The Premium Spice Box is $24.95/box and includes 1 flirty item, 1-2 full sized products and 2-4 trial sized products, while the Deluxe Spice Box  includes 1 deluxe item, 1-2 full sized products, 1 deluxe accessory and 2-4 trial sized products.

Spicy Subscriptions July Deluxe Spice Box

First Look

I opened the box right away and, of course, texted B some pictures.  Sometimes his day needs a little spicing up.  I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it, but if you do a YouTube review on your SpicySubscriptions box, I believe you get a free gift in your next box.

~Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray ($7.57): This is actually a multi-use product as it as can use for “that” to reduce discomfort or as a breathe freshening spray. I don’t know if I would whip this out as a breathe spray, but it might make for some interesting conversation.  And the picture on the box?  My dirty mind went some places with that!

Spicy Subscriptions July Deluxe Spice Box

Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray

~G*Spot Tickler Vibe by Pipedream ($15.95): I don’t even know where to begin with this other than than just telling you the facts.  It’s battery operated and waterproof and since I know some people are interested in this, it’s Phthalate free, non-toxic materials ABS plastic. And it’s pink ;).

Spicy Subscriptions July Deluxe Spice Box

G*Spot Tickler Vibe by Pipedream

~Happy P*nis P*nis Massage Cream (Big Banana) ($8.30): By far this was my favorite item in the box.  Not only is it called “Happy P*nis Massage Cream”, it also is the “Big Banana” flavor which tastes surprisingly good.  At least it does off my wrist.  Seriously though, Big Banana P*enis Massage Cream.  Who names this?

Spicy Subscriptions July Deluxe Spice Box

Happy P*nis

~Body Boudoir Coochy Rash Free Shave Cream ($6.99): Ha!  I am so giving this to B to shave his chest with.  I know it’s not the intended purpose, but it’s going to work perfectly  and I know he’ll love it!  And so will I.

Spicy Subscriptions July Deluxe Spice Box

Body Boudoir Coochy Rash Free Shave Cream

~Assorted Samples: The box also included five samples, including Oh My Strawberry Lubricant and Swipes Lovin Wipes.  Lots of variety and not just a bunch of different lube samples.

Spicy Subscriptions July Deluxe Spice Box


All totaled (not including the samples), I came up with a value of $38.81 for the July SpicySubscriptions box.  Of course, I used online prices which don’t include shipping.  A true test would be to actually go to the corner adult store and do some comparisons ;).  I say it all the time, but if your husband thinks all the subscription boxes you get are silly, I recommended an adult box ;).

Spicy Subscriptions July Deluxe Spice Box

Spicy Subscriptions July Deluxe Spice Box


If you want to sign up or just “learn more” about SpicySubscriptions, click here. And don’t forget to use the code “ramblings” to get some extra sample products in your Spice Box!!!




Disclosure: This box was received for review purposes.  All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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10 thoughts on “SpicySubscriptions July Deluxe Box Review

  • Alyssa

    Funny thing is my mom is a consultant for a company that sells versions of most of the things in that box their shave cream is even called coochy but it sounds like every shave cream like that is named coochy and it helps prevent ingrown hairs and rashes anywhere you would shave. Also I believe that spray is good for stopping pain from bug bites as well

  • Tammy Young

    I LOVE the Body boudoir Coochy shave cream, it works great, ANYWHERE! I got some at my local adult store (plumeria scented not fragrance free) and it’s what I use instead of regular shaving cream now. It works really well on my armpits and legs! I’m surprised to see it in a sub. Box, but I think it’s great that they’re getting it out there! They also sell an after shave mist that is so nice!

  • Jacqueline

    Soooo true, my BF thinks all of my subscriptions are kind of obsessive (whatever – I like to save money and get presents in the mail!) But he would be interested in the arrival of a box like this. OMG, the throat spray, omg, is all I have to say.

  • Mrs. L

    My husband got all excited because I got him a subscription to the Goodies box and the Skoshbox full of candies and snacks. I have no idea what he’d do if I got him a subscription to this kind of box LOL!

  • Roxi

    I used to manage an adult store for a major xxx production company & let me tell you, that spray can be a life saver when your throat hurts! (and you people with dirty minds, I mean when your actually sick. :-p)

  • Scarlett

    Well, I’m horrified. I tracked my September box and it was delivered last Thursday. I don’t know who received it, but it sure as heck wasn’t me. One of my neighbors likely received, and I’m assuming opened, this box with my name on it since no one has come knocking to tell me they got my mail. Slightly embarrassing, to say the least. Ugh. I’m glad this was my last box from them anyway.

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