FabFitFun Review – Summer 2013

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Summer fabfitfun VIP Box
Summer fabfitfun VIP Box

fabfitfun is a quarterly monthly subscription box that includes hand-selected items (the “hottest of the season”) in beauty, fashion, fitness, and wellness from Giuliana and the fabfitfun team. fabfitfun is $49.99/quarter and got off to a bit of a rough start with their Spring box (you can read about that here), but I stuck around and gave it another chance.

Summer fabfitfun VIP Box
The Box

I got a shipping notification for this box last Friday and it finally appeared today.  It ships via UPS Sure Post, which is the same speeds as FedEx Smart Post.  That speed would be comparable to that of a snail.

Summer fabfitfun VIP Box
First Look

I had to wait to open my box which drove me insane.  I couldn’t wait to dig into it and see what variations I received!  Also, when going through my box I thought I was missing items, but it turns out they were just buried under the packing material (there was a lot of packing material and I plan to repurpose it).

Summer fabfitfun VIP Box
The Information Card

fabfitfun doesn’t have quarterly themes, but they do promise to deliver amazeballs goodies.  I am not sure how I feel about the use of the word amazeballs, but I am going with it.  I should also mention that for the Spring boxes, some people got “better” boxes than others.  Some people got a bunch of “bonus items” in their boxes, while others got nothing.  However, save for a few variations in colors / flavors, everyone is getting the same Summer box, which I think is way better!

~ivory + mason sunglasses (Morris Sunwear Gold Tortoise) ($135): I had heard some people were getting crazy sunglasses so I was anxious to see what I’d get. Of the options I saw, I think I did pretty well! I certainly could have done worse. There is an option to exchange the sunglasses you got (I believe there is a $9.95 processing fee) for a different pair, but I am not going to. While these aren’t something I would buy on my own (I like big face covering sunglasses) I can totally handle these.

Summer fabfitfun VIP Box
Ivory Mason Sunglasses

~Catalina Su Lip Gloss ($14): I tried to see if there was a color on this, however, there is not. It’s a universal color and is quite nice. Not too much shine and not sticky at all. The card says this is a staple in Giuliana’s make-up bag.

Summer fabfitfun VIP Box
Catalina Su Lip Gloss

~Purlisse Pur Delicate Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser ($36): Ohh, I have never tried anything from Purlisse, but I am very excited to. This was recently named as one of Vogue’s favorite products and is soap-free and non-foaming. I probably wouldn’t buy a $36 cleanser without at least trying a sample first, so that’s why I love these boxes!

Summer fabfitfun VIP Box
Purlisse-Pur-Dulicate Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser

~Evian Facial Spray ($12): Yes, this a spray can of water. It’s supposed to “set” your make-up and refresh your face so I am going to give this a test run one day when we are out and about for hours. This is something I have always wanted to try, but I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase is.

Summer fabfitfun VIP Box
Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray

~Infinity Sun Glow on the Go ($24): I have never used an aerosol sunless tanner, but why not?  I need devote some time to making sure I do this properly so I don’t look like an Oompa Loompa (I am fairly heavy handed with self-tanner and it’s worse when I am in a hurry), so I haven’t tried it yet.  I certainly will though.

Summer fabfitfun VIP Box
Infinity Sun Glow on the Go

~It Haircare Surf Spray ($6.99): Love this! I tested it out right away and it smells great! All these fun hair products I’ve been getting are totally up my ally. My hair is stick straight and I rarely even blow dry it, so anything that helps me give it a little body with out really doing anything is amazing.  I wish I was actually at the beach, but this will do until that happens.

Summer fabfitfun VIP Box
It Hair Care Surf Spray

~Kind Bar (Dark Chocolate Chili Almond) ($1.99): I have mixed feelings on Kind Bars.  I don’t buy them on my own, but I’d eat them if there was nothing left in the house.  B likes them more than I do though so I will totally pass this on to him.

Summer fabfitfun VIP Box
KIND Dark Chocolate Chili Almond Bar

~Orly Nail Laquer (Choreographed Chaos) ($8.50): I was super excited to see what color polish I’d get (because we all know I need MORE nail polish) and this certainly is pink! Oh my! Of course I love it though. It’s like a shimmery pepto bismol and will look good alone. Or with glitter over it.

Summer fabfitfun VIP Box
Orly Nail Lacquer

~Yes to Cucumbers Wipes ($2.99): Love these!  These are one of my staple items and I totally love them. Sometimes, at the end of the time washing my face is just way too much work. These are perfect. If you have never tried them, you should!

Summer fabfitfun VIP Box
Yes to Cucucmbers Facial Wipes

All totaled I came up with a value of $241.47 for the Summer fabfitfun VIP Box!  I wouldn’t have paid $241 for this box, but I am beyond thrilled with the $49.99 I did pay (*).  I am glad I stuck with this subscription after the Spring box and will totally stick around for the fall to see what it brings!

Did you get the Summer fabfitfun VIP box?  What’d you think?  What item variations (polish, sunglasses, etc.) did you get?  If you are interested in signing up or just want to read more, click here.




Disclosure: I bought a fabfitfun box, but I *think* I am also getting one to review.  I’m unclear on which this box is, so let’s just say it’s one I got for review purposes for disclosures purposes.  And should another box appear (which means I did get one to review), you can expect a giveaway ;).  This post does contain referral links!
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  1. Jenny

    Well it is amazeballs. LOL I find it funny that a company actually used that word. I do use it occasionally but not in a professional capacity.

    This looks like a great box all around.

  2. Judy

    Did you try the sunglasses on? A lot of subscribers have commented that theirs was child-like small. This was the case with mine, but I was planning on exchanging regardless. My sunglasses weren’t sunglasses at all! The lenses were clear. Think they were “demo” lenses. Loved everything else so far though especially the cleanser and lip gloss.

  3. Beth

    I think they did a great job with this box! Lipgloss is an A+ and I’ve seen a bright orange and a pearly blue nail polish along with your pink so far! Love FabFitFun! I think this was your box. 😉

  4. Jackie

    I love Kind Bars and those cucumber wipes. Those wipes are a must-have-always in my bathroom. Makeup remover…don’t have time to wash face…quick refreshing…

  5. Alicia

    I love those Evian spray bottles! I used one at a hotel I was staying at since it was complimentary and it is very nice and cooling after baking in the sun for hours.

  6. tammy tinsley

    Me to I loved this box. I was really disappointed in the spring box, and emailed them and they gave me the summer box for free, so that was even better. I loved the sunglasses and the face spray.

  7. Sarah

    Love your reviews! I just got my FabFitFun box and it came with the coupon code 751840 for $10 off your first FabFitFun box if anyone wants to use it!

  8. Charity

    I’m on the fence about signing up for this so thank you for the review! The excitement of the seasonal box sure is tempting…thanks for the awesome review!

  9. Alison

    what was the Evian Facial Spray like?

  10. Ann

    I just ordered the box for spring and I am so excited! Do you know if you get charged every 3 months or if you sign up as you go?

    1. Jennifer

      You’ll get automatically billed.

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