The Bouqs Flower Subscription Service Review

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The Bouqs - Killer Bouq
The Bouqs – Killer Bouq is a brand new way to order flowers online. Instead of your flowers sitting at a warehouse waiting for you to order them, TheBouqs ships directly to you from “the farm” (in South America). This keeps flowers at their freshest and allows them to last longer after they get to you!

The Bouqs offers 40 “bouqs” (aka a bouquet of flowers stripped of all the other “stuff” that comes with the normal flower delivery services) each of which are only $40! No shipping, just $40. For $40, you’ll a single bouq which includes 12 roses (16 lilies) and you can upgrade to the double bouq for only $50 (24 roses) or the triple bouq for only $60. Thats 36 roses for $60, including shipping!

I picked the “Killer” double bouq and honest to goodness received two dozen of the most amazing roses I have ever seen.

The Bouqs
The Box

The Bouqs ships via FedEx and requires signature delivery.  I believe they are working on allowing bouqs to be dropped at your doorstep with no delivery, but I’m not sure of the details on that.  Either way, I was home, so it was fine.  I should also mention that since your Bouq comes from South America you need to order at least 6 days in advance!

The Bouqs
First Look
The Bouqs
The bouq all wrapped up
The Bouqs
Unwrapped a little

I was very impressed by the packaging on these flowers.  They were still cool when I received them and the stems were wrapped in little cloth bags to keep the water in.  It did take me a while to unwrap everything though!

The Bouqs
First flower look

I finally got to the flowers and I was thrilled that they looked totally perfect.  These are the perfect flowers for me because they don’t have any fillers (like baby’s breathe or whatever) and were all one color.  The Bouqs does offer mixed bouqs, but I prefer one type of flower in all the same color.

The Bouqs
Unwrapped Bouq

I followed the instructions and cut the stems slightly before I put my Killer Bouq in a vase.  I also removed most of the greenery because the vase would have been too crazy full if I left it all.  Plus, I like just the flowers!

The Bouqs
Day 1
The Bouqs
Day 2
The Bouqs
Day 3
The Bouqs
Day 4
The Bouqs
Day 6 (I missed day 5)
The Bouqs
Day 7
The Bouqs
Day 8

Umm, yeah, these pictures all look just about the same right?  That’s because the flowers STILL look amazing.  I had to pick off a few brown parts, but other than that, I’ve just let them be.  I kid you not I think they have another week left in them.  And of course, I didn’t even take care of them like I was suppose to.  I changed the water a few times but never cut the stems like my mom and grandma insisted that I should.  And they still looking insane.  I am beyond impressed and will never use any other service. These are stunning.

What do you think of The Bouqs?  Interested in subscribing to their monthly subscription service (you’ll save 10% off each Bouq) or just want to order a Bouq?  Click here to get signed up or just to check out all the amazing Bouqs!  Which one is your favorite? The Killer (obviously) is mine, but I also love “Thick as Thieves”, perhaps because it reminds me of RHONJ???




Disclosure: My Bouq was received for review purposes. No compensation was received for this post and all opinions are my own. Seriously people, these are stunning flowers. I wish you could come over and see them! This post does contain affiliate links!
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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. Crystal G

    They are gorgeous!

    1. Lauren

      The flowers I have received twice have been half-dead and ugly. Not worth the money at all. I could do better at trader Joe’s! Much better–and cheaper. Their customer service is lousy–they make you send pix of the dead flowers before they will help you.

  2. Katie

    What a neat idea, I would love to have some fresh flowers in my house each month. I would rather I didn’t have to sign for them though. Any time I leave the house for 5 minutes, that is when something I have to sign for comes.

    1. Sophia

      If you don’t sign for them, they will not guarantee the freshness, and you won’t get a credit for the wilted flowers they send out.

      1. John

        Hi Sophia,

        So Sorry you did not have a great experience. We do require a signature upon delivery to provide a freshness guarantee, as No Signature Required can result in subpar quality as you experienced. We send only farm-fresh flowers, but any fresh flower package left outside in hot or cold weather can suffer as a result. Reach out to service(at) any time, and if you do order again please use Signature Required, and we would replace any subpar products free of charge per our Happiness Guarantee.


  3. Jenny

    Pretty pretty flowers. I’ll get to have flowers again one day when my kittie passes on. She eats everything living in the house so flowers end up hiding in the bathroom and thats just not fair. M used to order me flowers from ProFlowers all the time when I was working and they come the same way straight from the grower with no vase or anything. I kept one in my desk drawer. 🙂

  4. Beth

    Holy moly Jennifer – those are AMAZING! I can’t believe how long they are lasting. Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Jacqueline

    Those flowers are stunning and their longevity is ridic!

  6. Rona B

    Wow! The flowers are just gorgeous. Now I just need to wait till my birthday next year.

  7. Kristina O.

    SO much better than proflowers. UGH don’t even get me started on them. Totally nickel and dime you. These are gorgeous. I will keep this in mind for a birthday!

  8. Erica G.

    I cannot get over how beautiful these flowers are. Do they have just roses or other flowers too? Seriously, I’ve never seen roses last that long before and still keep their beauty!

    Reviews Until You Drop

  9. Alison

    ?Thick as Thieves? automatically reminds me of RHONJ and I love it! I saw those flowers on your instagram and I thought, wow, B is just too good to be true and I was jealous! I have to admit I am a little relieved that these were a box subscription. And I might just be ordering this for myself, and maybe I?ll make people jealous too (they don?t have to know that I got them myself).

  10. Gail

    Did the roses have a fragance? You did not mention it in your write and sadly the wonderful rose fragrance has been lost on most roses today.


  11. Gretchen

    Well, here’s a different opinion; I *paid* $60 for a deluxe bouquet from the (vs getting one free for review), and I received a stingy, measly, half wilted bunch of dismal flowers with 6 of the promised 20 buds snapped off in shipping. Company won’t do anything about it. I could have had a prettier bunch of flowers from my local grocery store for $8. Buyer beware, I will never order from them again. No value, no customer service, completely wasted money. Very disappointed.

    1. Jennifer

      That is super disappointing!

    2. jb

      I bought 2 bouqs the diamonds(red roses with smaller white flowers) and the peace(white roses with smaller purple flowers) for my mom for mothers day and they were very wilted both sets. the white roses pedals were turning green and the purple smaller flowers that were suppose to be in the white roses were white instead of purple. I do not know how to upload the pics or I would love to for a buyers beware.

    3. L R

      I ordered 3 dozen roses from the bouqs for my employers & the roses were DOA, & they were a very difficult company to deal with. Go to a reputable local flower vendor. Bouqs are just a mean sales team, selling from foreign farms, Ecuador, no quality control at all. Anyone can set themselves up as a vendor as they do. Nothing special. In fact terrible.

  12. Michael

    I will never order from them again. I gave them an honest try the first time was for my anniversary I ordered 12 roses. I waited patiently for them to arrive when they arrived they were not roses but Hydrangeas. I not sure if you have seen Hydrangeas but they are a puff ball flower that all be it some of them are beautiful these were not. They did give me a credit for it because hello not what I ordered. So I tried again I spent 70 dollars this time for 3 dozen roses for Valentines day. I know how busy Valentines day is so I ordered them on the 14th of January. I thought there should be no problem well the Monday before that i still hadn’t received tracking for the flowers so I emailed them because you can’t call. I got an email back saying they are being shipped and will be there on time. Well after 2 days of nothing I finally got an email saying not to be worried that fedex was having a system issue but would be delivered on time. I still haven’t received a tracking number at this point. So I emailed again they said its been sent out and will be delivered on time. Needless to say the flowers weren’t delivered on time and I had to buy flowers last minute that cost me over a hundred dollars because of the rate hike do to people not planning. Now they want to say it was due to weather when that had and want to give me a store credit. they have ruined 2 special days for him in the last 6 months no way i would trust them again.

    1. Jennifer

      That does sound like a bad experience ;(

    2. L R

      Same here,absolute nightmare, & my employer purchased them for someone sick, And the person was upset. DEAD flowers, DOA. like a bad omen, they were SO upset. Never again. This had such bad energy.

  13. John

    The Bouqs Company is the absolute worst flower delivery service I have ever tried. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY if you want to count on your recipient actually receiving your flowers.

    I was intrigued by their web site and their “story”, so I gave them a try this past Valentine’s Day. I decided to try their “Concierge” service, which they promoted boldly on their web site, because it offered the option to take care of my annual flower giving on V-Day automatically and I would save 10% in the process. I ordered an arrangement for my mom, my daughter and my wife and received a confirmation from The Bouqs. Valentine’s Day came and went and my wife never received the flowers. I decided to wait one more day because I thought, “hey maybe the crush of business backed up everything and it will show up on the 15th”. The 15th comes and goes and still no flowers. I sheepishly ask my daughter and mom if they received flowers, pretty certain of the answer. No flowers there either. I contacted The Bouqs to find out what happened and here is their response:

    “We are very sorry for what happened. The concierge services did not deliver any flowers because of an error in our software. We sincerely apologize for that. During Valentine’s Season we had a special delivery schedule and our concierge service could not handle it correctly. However this is of course not your problem but it we simply created a mess. We cannot express enough how much we are sorry.
    If there is something we can do at this point to remedy the situation, please let us know.
    Best, Team Bouqs”

    I was a taken aback that they hadn’t bothered to test their software before the biggest flower-giving day of the year. I was also disappointed that they didn’t offer some kind of compensation to make up for their obvious screw-up. But they did ask me if there was anything they could do to remedy the situation, so I offered this suggestion:

    “Yes what you can do to remedy the situation is ship the selections I made to my recipients at no charge to me. Failing that, please remove my name and standing orders from your Concierge Service and delete my contact information from email lists and sales contact software. Thank you.


    Here is their reply:

    “Following your mail.
    We have removed the concierge service and deleted your account.
    Again our apologies for what happened.
    Team Bouqs”

    Yeah, boy it sounds like they were really sorry… If they weren’t going to actually offer anything to “remedy the situation”, why did they bother to ask me? I call that rubbing salt in the wound. I guess The Bouqs calls that “customer service”. Here was my final message to them…

    “:A thumbnail of The Bouqs Company in action…
    1) Promote your new web-based flower delivery company with a “Concierge” service that is supposed make customer’s lives easier.
    2) Don’t bother to test your software to see if it works prior to perhaps the single biggest day of flower deliveries in the year- Valentine’s Day.
    3) Don’t bother to advise your customers that your software doesn’t work. Just wait for them to complain.
    4) When they do complain you tell them you are sorry that you screwed up and ask them “If there is something we can do at this point to remedy the situation, please let us know.”
    5) Your customer gives you an option to remedy the situation, gain back their trust and keep their business or sever the relationship and create a dissatisified potential customer that will be sure to spread the word about their negative experience with The Bouqs to others. You choose the second option.

    If your mission was to create a textbook example of how not to run a company- you have succeeded. Congratulations and good luck.”

    1. L R

      They are the WORST EVER …Agreed. They produce nothing. they are NOT florists, They are a glorified mean , bully sales team. Go to a reputable local flower vendor. Bouqs are just a mean sales team, selling from foreign farms, Ecuador, no quality control at all. Anyone can set themselves up as a vendor as they do. Nothing special. In fact terrible.

  14. Betty L

    I will NEVER recommend Bouqs to anyone either. I have a friend that ordered a beautiful orchid for me that required delivery with signature. As a Chicago resident and given the extreme weather we have been facing, the delivery person left the delicate orchid to freeze. It looked ok when I first opened the box but by the end of the week, it started to fade quickly. I had hoped to revive it with some TLC, but failed given the extreme cold that the orchid endured while sitting outside. I contacted The Bouqs company and after several back and forth messages, they indicated that its policy is to only provide replacements if I had contacted them within 3 days. The only thing they would do was provide a marginal credit for the purchaser, whom I have also notifed, and will never purchase from Bouqs again. I could have been a potential customer but with this less than satisfactory treatment, I will not recommend The Bouqs company and wanted to let as many people know as possible of my dissatisfaction with its service.

    1. Bonnie

      If the delivery required a signature, how could the delivery person dump it outside your door? How is this the fault of the company? Sounds like you have a problem with the delivery company, not the flower company. I wouldn’t have given you free flowers a week after receiving them either

    2. L R

      I feel the same way. They are all fake PR, spread the TRUTH !!!!

  15. Noh Whan

    I decided to try Bouqs to see if they really lived up to the hype. But my order was a fail for many reasons.

    Fail #1 ? No FedEx tracking number. Every other company gives me a tracking number so I can see if my order is delivered or delayed.
    Fail #2 ? I requested ?No Signature Required?. My order came ?Indirect Signature?, and no one was home, so I had to drive across town to pick it up. Gas is $4.25/gallon out here.
    Fail #3 ? The gift card was both glued and taped to the box, so it tore when I tried to (gently) remove it.
    Fail #4 ? The Rainbow Roses were in no way a ?rainbow?. They looked more like the leftover bucket at the farmer?s market.
    Fail #5 ? Most of the roses arrived very wilted. Some recovered, others did not.
    Fail #6 ? Two broken stems. Broken up near the flower. I guess I can float them, but that?s not what I paid for.
    Fail #7 ? Totally unequal lengths. Looked nice laid out when I unrolled the package, but I had to cut off half the stems on the long ones to make them look good in a vase.
    Fail #8 ? The blue rose was so badly dyed it looked scary, not pleasing, and the color came off on two other flowers in transit.

    And then after I complained to the company:
    Fail #9 – Customer service wouldn’t do anything about it unless I sent them a picture to prove what I was saying.

    1. Sophia

      OMG they had me send them a picture of the wilted dried out flowers they sent me and then only gave me a partial credit. Terrible company, it seems like they just sucker people in on a great story and lots of promises but they definitely don’t deliver. I signed up for Concierge service and only one bouquet was healthy and gorgeous, the hot pink roses. All the rest were delivered wilted or died within two days, I mean supermarket flowers last longer.

      1. L R

        Exactly …You got it!!!! TRUTH!!

  16. Carly

    I was doing some research online reviews about the Bouqs after watching shark tank. I have seen two bad reviews word for word on various blogs and sites…seems a little odd, the Michael, Tom and Jim write their personnel review word for word.

    1. Jennifer

      That is quite interesting!!!!

      1. jb

        let me add one. they shipped when they were suppose to. my peace roses that were suppose to be white with purple smaller flowers were all white and both the peace and the diamond bouq were very wilted. i would rather go to pro flowers or a local florist like blossoms and pay the extra money.

        1. L R

          The price really isn’t that different…if you use a teleflora online coupon, it’s within 15 -20 dollar difference. Grocery store is always the most reasonable.

    2. John

      I was one of those people that left bad reviews word for word in multiple sites. There is nothing “fishy” at all. I had a simply horrible experience both with the initial experience and then the “customer service” interaction afterwards. I wrote a rather lengthy and scathing review because I was so angry with them I wanted to make sure others didn’t get screwed over by this company like I did. So I copied and pasted my review for various sites. After looking at the number of negative reviews on various blogs, it appears there are a significant number of people that had a very bad experience with them, just like I did.

  17. Lydia

    Absolutely terrible flowers. My daughter sent me a $50 bouquet of roses for Mothers Day. Not only were the roses the smallest I have ever seen (from their California location) but they were deformed and half were dead! The leaves were even brown!!!

    So I reported it to customer service who says they will send me a new bouquet in 13 days ( almost TWO weeks from now)!!!!

    The worst part is that my daughter sent Irises to her Grandmother who is dying of cancer and they were not bloomed. After two days they still have not bloomed!

    Stay away from this company. They have no quality controls in place and you can NOT talk to customer service in person!!! Only emails are accepted!

    1. L R

      They offered replacement in 14 days. Who wants to wait that long. For more dead flowers.!!!

  18. Sharon

    I too was curious after their appearance on Shark Tank. So I looked over their website, and boy, was I shocked! If you look closely, you do not get many flowers in a bunch or basic $40 order. If you know what to look for, you will see exactly what I am talking about. Quite frankly, I can get a LARGER and fresher bouquet of flowers at my local Trader Joes or florist. So, in other words, you are over paying for the Bouqs flower delivery. Again, based on their website photos, I’d never order flowers from them.

    1. L R


      1. Michael

        This L R person seems to be all over this, with some kind of vendetta. It feels like LR may have made up half of these bad reviews even. I’m not trusting all of these “TRUTH” posts. Seems fake to me…

  19. Jennifer Wright

    I have 2 bad experience with TheBouqs, one as a blogger and one as a customer. I agreed to do a review like you did, but I agreed because in addition to flowers, they promised to promote my link via FB, Twitter and Instagram with potentially “1.5 million” views. When I followed up about not seeing any links yet, I received a nasty message from a rude man named Kostas informing me that they aren’t “required” to post my link and that I obviously wasn’t a good fit for their affiliate program and that I was being removed from it. All because I inquired about the items they promised me in return for what was a pretty nice and well thought out review.

    Well, right before all of that, I had also ordered flowers for my mother-in-law in Florida. Granted, she missed the FedEx delivery on the first attempt but by the 2nd attempt it was already too late, they were beyond dead. This leads me to believe they were already on their way out. I complained about them not being shipped with water or cold packs despite the heat wave we were in and was told that they normally only use cold packs during the “warm summer months.” That week it was 90+ degrees in California where they were shipped from, and likely just as hot in Florida! I requested a paypal refund and was denied and just offered $10 off another purchase. As if I want to order more dead flowers. Just bad service all around on both ends. I was really bummed, I had high hopes for this company.

  20. Christine Bradley

    I completely agree with Jennifer! Worst experience and ugliest flowers I’ve ever received. I live in FL and they were shipped here with NO cold pack or water. When they arrived they were wilted, falling over and some torn. So I hoped that after some love and a few days, they would bloom…but they never did. They basically died in a matter of 3 days. I requested a refund but was denied based on the fact that they say it was due to my lack of care that they died.

    Ugliest flowers I’ve ever received and even uglier customer service.

  21. John

    Hello readers and commenters at Suburban Mom. My Customer Service team recently made me aware of some of the issues they’ve seen posted here, so I wanted to come to the site and personally reach out to see if we can get these fixed up asap. In some circumstances such as No Signature Required deliveries, there isn’t much we can do unfortunately as the company policy is designed to ensure optimal results, and we provide multiple warnings on the site to choose Signature for these reasons. But in other instances, I can see that we simply let you or your loved ones down, and for this I apologize and I want to make it right.

    We typically receive <1% complaints about our product but it seems that a few of the cases here are cases that should have been taken care of right away by our CS team, and I am sincerely sorry that that was not the case. We aim to be great and when we are not we should make it right, and I am so sorry we did not do so in some cases here.

    If you had an issue and it has not been resolved, please email service(at) and note in the subject the date of your blog comment and the ROASM blog name and I will be sure to have our managers take a look and follow up directly.

    Again our sincere apologies to any folks we've let down. We aim to be the best in the business and when we fail we aim to be the best at Customer Service, and it appears that we've not delivered on that goal in a few instances here. We look forward to sorting this out, and feel free to email me at CEO(at) any time.

    I have put some notes below regarding specific issues above in the hopes that they can help provide some context. Again our sincere apologies for these issues, – please know that they are rare, unacceptable and we will work hard to win back your trust.


    Gretchen – it sounds like you received poor quality flowers. Per our Happiness Guarantee, you should have received a free replacement right away. Please contact CS and they will accommodate you right away.

    JB – if you received subpar quality and/or the wrong colors, you should receive a free replacement right away. Please contact CS and they will take care of it!

    Michael – I am glad our team replaced incorrect flowers with a free set, as they should. On Valentine's Day there was a huge, severe storm that did delay about 10% of all (not just ours, but the entire industry's) shipments. It was an unfortunate occurrence and we're so sorry this resulted in a delay for you. We did everything we could to move packages and we will be better prepared for this year after learning much through such a severe storm.

    John – My sincere apologies for this issue. We did have a software issue that we were not aware of through the various stages of testing we do, and it looks like this impacted your order. While that is disappointing, the CS response is even moreso. You should have received a free delivery to compensate for the issue. My apologies for this and if you can please contact CS they will get you one.

    Betty – I'm so sorry the cold froze your delicate Orchid. It does sound like FedEx did not abide by the signature requirement. If you would like we can help you file a claim with them for a refund, and we will be happy to do this for you, and to also provide a free replacement on us for your troubles.

    Noh Wahn – So sorry you did not have a good experience. Every client receives a tracking number, but it may have ended up in your SPAM folder. It may be good to check there. If you had any quality issues and provided a photo (that was our policy at the time) we would have provided a free replacement per our Happiness Guarantee. We no longer require the photo up front, but providing one does help us identify issues and work with our farms to ensure we fix any problems. Also note that we send 15% free blooms (in a dozen that's 2 free roses) in case 1-2 have any issues.

    Carly – thanks for catching this. While I am not indicating that anyone here is committing fraudulent reviews, we do see this here and there in the industry. It's unfortunate, but it does happen.

    Lydia – I'm sorry you didn't get the quality you deserve. Our company was likely trying to ensure you received top quality blooms from our Volcano collection, and after such a huge holiday there was a bit of a backlog and challenges getting inventory for our young company. This is no excuse and you certainly deserved a free replacement at your convenience. I hope this did arrive and remedied the issue for you. If not please let CS know and we'll get you that free delivery to compensate you for your issues.

    Sharon – we typically send a dozen roses (plus 2 free) for $40 flat. Compared to the industry this is about a 10-15% discount. I understand and agree that a local grocery store will have cheaper flowers, but this will typically be at the expense of quality and freshness. It also does not include delivery, so gifting those flowers is a bit of a challenge. Our $50 for 2 Dozen roses with free shipping isn't beat in the industry anywhere. I'm hopeful that this provides good value for our clients.

    Jennifer – I'm sorry you weren't pleased with our affiliate relations. You certainly deserve respectful and timely communication, and I'm sorry if that was not the case. We do indicate that we may/might publish reviews to different channels, and those audiences do add up to now north of 2 million eyeballs. But regardless of that aspect being possible and not promised, you should have been treated more kindly and my apologies for that. On your order, we only ship out fresh product straight from the farm. We typically do not need to ship with hydration except for in those super hot summer months and for deliveries to hot areas like Phoenix or Florida to get great results. Regardless if an order is subpar in quality within 3 days of delivery, the Happiness Guarantee provides a free replacement. Please let CS know if you would like one.


    1. John

      Christine, sorry I didn’t address it but I know CS is already in touch regarding your situation. They will help out for sure – it was unfortunate luck that the flowers were in your office without temperature control for a long holiday weekend and didn’t survive. We’ll get that fixed up as well.

  22. Michael

    While it seems like some folks here have had poor experiences, my 3 orders from Bouqs came out looking just like this review – fresh and pretty, and they lasted quite some time for my wife. And on one order where I screwed up and contacted customer service, I was pleasantly surprised by the quick response and attentiveness of their team over there. Certainly will be ordering again – thanks for letting me know about them!

    1. Michael

      Oh and I don’t think anyone can claim fraud or bullies when the CEO comes on apologizing and offering to help. I mean, that’s pretty good service!

  23. Marty L

    Thanks for the referral! Absolutely loved my Bouquet of “Just Make it Awesome” Lilies. They came super fresh and lasted over 2 weeks. And for only $40 with free shipping, it beat everyone else by $15! Bouqs fan for Life!

  24. Rachel M.

    Love TheBouqs! Barbara Corcoran didn’t like the name but I think it’s super cute and I looooove their flowers. Thanks for reminding me about these guys! I just purchased my 3rd time and I’ll never go anywhere else. Their my flower power for life!

  25. Michelle Reassin

    Love these guys. Best flowers, period!

  26. Mike

    The flowers I received were horrible. I ordered Wild About U. They looked like someone cut some weeds from the side of the road. I ended up having to going to the local grocery store to buy my wife flowers for valentines day. I tried to upload a picture of the flowers on the bouqs website but kept getting an error.

  27. Brooke Bode

    I agree.. Terrible company. I placed an order for my mothers birthday and she never received her flowers… four days later still nothing from customer service and no delivery…Go with Proflowers or a company that you can count on…

  28. Jennifer

    Here is something everyone should know. All flowers weather they are The Bouqs, market or floral, they all basically come from the same places, so what this company is claiming is no different from what you get from 100 flowers or your local supermarket. Anybody can glorify the fact they come from the bottom of a volcano or are farm fresh etc……all flowers are fresh from the farm. Lol when they take 7 days for delivery, not so fresh, really. So, think about it, please support your local market florist or florist shop. I am a florist for a supermarket and it’s not the flowers themselves, but the presentation of them. I get some pretty gorgeous flowers and I’m full service. I also do free Lance work. The only things is when you support us, we get to work. We get hours, medical benefits and we put our money back into our local community.
    Just food for thought.

  29. Beth

    Please be aware that their customer service is email only. No matter how badly they mess up your orders, they will only communicate with you via email. Very frustrating because they often do not read the entire email and email you back asking for details you have already provided. Or they “promise” to address the problem and then they do not. My husband used Bouqs to send me monthly flowers and he had to cancel the account. He has spent hours emailing back and forth and gotten no help. They have a new supervisor to “improve” customer service and my husband showed me some of the emails – the guy does not understand customer service at all. No apologies, no credits, no solutions, no nothing. The guy was basically asking my husband to explain to him what customer service means. The owner, who claims he started Bouqs because of bad customer service in the flower industry, refuses to intervene and will not provide his contact information. So much for the owner’s long social media posts about how much he cares for his customers! Are the flowers nice? Yes. But ask yourself what your time is worth. Are you willing to have an email exchange go on for days and days to get things fixed – maybe? My husband was using their “concierge service” which meant they KNEW he was ordering flowers every month and had pre-ordered flowers well into next year. You would think that would get you a phone call to make sure all the problems with your account was fixed, right? Nope! My husband showed me all the emails he has sent and how they promised to get things “fixed” only to have the problem come up again. He also showed me that since you have to contact them initially via their website, he has contacted them many more times then his emails indicate. I agreed that it was ridiculous to ask any customer, let alone a steady, monthly regular, go through all that. It was abusive. So, if you want to order Bouqs, yes, you will get nice flowers. That’s not the reason he cancelled the account. However, if a problem arises, you will not get anything that resembles customer service and you will have to start an email chain that may go on for days, weeks, or, in my husband’s case, months. Worth it? Not in my opinion.

  30. Kathy pratt

    I just received a Valentine bouquet from my husband. Dead wilting weeds. No flowers. Greenery and weeds. He wasted 54.00.

  31. Z.M.

    STAY AWAY FROM THE BOUQS COMPANY!!!! I tried to order flowers to be delivered to my mother, who lives in a different state, on her birthday. The flowers never showed up! We spent hours picking them out and spend close to $70 on a bouquet and she never even gets it!
    In my attempts to remedy this I found out how absolutely terrible the customer service for the Bouqs company is. They don’t have any kind of phone number to call and there was never anyone available on the live chat feature.
    My only option was to send an email to their customer service department. I spent 4 days going back and forth with them. I just kept telling them that I wanted my money back, and in response I would get some generic statement about giving me a store credit. As if I would ever consider using their services again!
    If you really care about the person that you want to send flowers to, and you don’t want to be treated like garbage, please stay away from this website!!!!
    They are awful!!!

  32. Rachelle

    Best flowers I’ve ever received, period! In Mid-March my Valentine’s flowers were still going! #bouqlove #amazing. Thanks for the review!

  33. Shantal Freedman

    I WISH I saw these reviews before I sent flowers for Mother’s Day. I have been back and forth with them for the past several days about an issue and they have been nothing but awful. The worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I originally sent them a message saying that I need to know if they can guarantee a delivery time for the flowers and if they cannot guarantee b a certain time, I need to alter the address. I have in writing from a customer service representative that all deliveries are guaranteed by 10:30 AM. That was perfect. Low and behold, the delivery came at 2:15, despite their guarantee. This was a big issue because this now meant the flowers were only going to be able to be retrieved by the recipient 3 days later when the flowers were going to be dried up and not fresh. I demanded a refund and they kept on saying “we do not guarantee delivery times”. I repeatedly said they makes no difference in this situation because they guaranteed it to me. They made a mistake and need to own up to it. I paid for a service I did not get. I have enough proof for a court order which I will proceed to do. Also filing a claim with the BBB.

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