August Goody Gorilla Review + Coupon Code

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August 2013 Goody Gorilla
August 2013 Goody Gorilla

Goody Gorilla is a brand new snack subscription box. You can expect to receive approximately 7-12 healthy, gluten free, vegan friendly, and organic type food snacks in each box. They will also be including “splurges” in boxes which will likely be sweet treats you’ve never tried before. Boxes are $15/month, but there was a coupon code (FREE495) out there to a try a box for $4.95, so I figured why not?

August 2013 Goody Gorilla
The Box

Goody Gorilla ships via USPS First Class mail and I didn’t get a shipping notification for it. I believe it appeared 5 days after I ordered? The website says your box will be shipped the first week of the month (so if you order August 15th, you’ll get your box the first week in September), but maybe since they are so new they shipped right away at first? I’m not sure.

August 2013 Goody Gorilla
First Look

The Goody Gorilla website didn’t show any sample boxes (at least none that I could find) and I’d never seen any reviews on it, so I was really anxious to check it out.  I figured at worst I’d be out $5.  But the first look had me excited! There was no information card though, so you’ll have to rely on my descriptions.

~Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips – Sea Salt: I’ve tried these before and they are good! I’m going to have these with hummus which will make them even better.  I have to say though, it annoys me that the serving size on this bag is 1.5.  Who picks up a little bag of chips and then eats 2/3’s of it and saves the rest for later?  Certainly not me.

August 2013 Goody Gorilla
Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips – Sea Salt

~Veggie-Go’s Mountain Berry Spinach: These are soy free, dairy free, gluten free and vegan.  L doesn’t like fruit strips as much as he used to (unless of course it’s a fruit roll-up or something along those lines), but B will eat it.

August 2013 Goody Gorilla
Veggie-Go’s Mountain Berry Spinach

~Stretch Island Fruit Co, All-Natural Fruit Strip: Again this will probably be another B item, however, I think I have more of a chance of L eating this because of the color.  It’s much brighter than the previous one, which attracts L ;).

August 2013 Goody Gorilla
Stretch Island Fruit Co, All-Natural Fruit Strip

~Surf Sweets Sour Berry Bears: These came in Love with Food last month and everyone in the house (well except for WB who has never tried them) likes them.  They are a huge muffin tin meal hit and will be in L’s lunchbox next week ;).

August 2013 Goody Gorilla
Surf Sweets Sour Berry Bears

~Kay’s Natural Cinnamon Toast Protein Pretzel Sticks: L and I tried these right away and we decided that they taste like a cross between a pretzel and a graham cracker.  Sort of unexpected, but good at the same time.

August 2013 Goody Gorilla
Cinnamon Toast Protein Pretzel Sticks

~Giddy Up & Go Granola:  I’m saving this for B to pack for work / school, but I am expecting it to be a hit. It looks amazing and I don’t believe he’s ever met a granola he didn’t like.

August 2013 Goody Gorilla
Giddy Up & Go Granola

~Betty Lou’s Apple Cinnamon Fruit Bars: While this was tasty, I don’t like it as much as some other fruit bars out there.  I’m guessing I would have loved it if it were a different flavor and I would now buy a larger box of them if I ran into them at the grocery store!

August 2013 Goody Gorilla
Betty Lou’s Apple Cinnamon Fruit Bars

~Yummy Earth Organic Sucker – Very Cherry:  L said this was good and that’s about all I have to go on!  It’s real organic and made from fruit extracts and planet friendly ingredients grown on sustainable family farms.

 August 2013 Goody Gorilla
Yummy Earth Organic Sucker – Very Cherry

I didn’t do a cost breakdown on the box (it gets too hard with single serving foods), but I certainly feel like I got my $4.95 worth!  I’m not sure if I will continue with my subscription for $15/month, but I really did enjoy the new products this introduced me too!

If you are interested in subscribing to Goody Gorilla or just want to learn more, click here.  And don’t forget to use the code “FREE495” to try your first box for only $4.95!!!

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  1. Kyra

    You need to try the YumEarth Sour Jelly Beans and the Gummy Bears – I buy them in bags of 50 smaller packs from Amazon! Delish!
    I need to go on the hunt for those Betty Lou Fruit Bars – i’m always looking for new items that are safe for my son!

    1. Melissa

      The Raspberry Betty Lou Fruit Bars are the best ones if you can find them. They have a bit of a sweeter taste than the apple.

  2. Mrs. L

    I’m still waiting for the non- healthy, full of gluten, very un-vegan friendly, and full of crap type food snacks monthly box.

    1. Mary

      I think that is the Goodies Box, by Walmart.

  3. Jessika

    My box was the same except I got different chips. I did like this box.

  4. Sara

    I got mine today and I also cancelled it today. It was okay but nothing in there was special or new to me except for the fruit bar which didn’t appeal to me. Not sad I’m cause I can deal with the $5 but I would rather get the bigger love with food box than this by far!

  5. Samantha Vermeulen

    When I ordered, the website said they would ship a week after ordering. Also, if someone uses your referral link AND the discount code, you don’t get a free box. But if you email them, they will give you the next box for the discounted rate again.

  6. Mary

    My kids love the lollipops. We buy them from azurestandard or amazon.

  7. Natalie

    The only thing I liked in this box was the bean chips & apple cobbler thing, otherwise it wasn’t that great.. but mine was also 4.95, so I can’t complain too much

  8. angela

    so upset that code is no longer valid!! however you can get a box for $10 with GOODY10

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