POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review + Coupon Code – August 2013

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August PopSugar Must Have Box
August PopSugar Must Have Box

Eeek!  My August PopSugar Box finally arrived today!  Finally!!  PopSugar is one of my most favorite boxes and I can never wait to get my hands on it!  In case you don’t know, the PopSugar Have Box includes hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food and is basically like getting an amazing present in the mail every month.

August PopSugar Must Have Box
The Box

Every month I tell myself I am not going to go all crazy and stalk PopSugar’s tracking (you can track by reference on FedEx.com using your subscription number), but every month I do.  They ship via FedEx Smart Post and always takes at least a week to arrive to me in MI.  My box used to take a week when it shipped from CA and it continues to take a week now that it ships from NY.

August PopSugar Must Have Box
First Look

Of course I knew what was going to be in the box, but I was still excited to be able to open my box and check out my variations (this month’s variations were the body wash and the bento box).  I am never overly upset if I don’t get the variations I want, but I am always anxious to at least see them.

The Information Card

PopSugar doesn’t just have an information card, they have a little booklet that discusses each of the products, includes pictures, etc.  They also group their items into “Must Have” categories, which I also do.  Here’s what was included:

Must Have Anniversary Gift
Gorjana Open Circle Necklace ($65): When I heard that this was in the box I went on a hunt for my silver one that was just like it.  After a good 15 minutes of hunting for it, I realized I must have sold it on ebay since, umm, I hadn’t seen it for about 10 years.  But I did love that necklace so it’s no secret that I love this one too.  I did think it was going to be more substantial though.

August PopSugar Must Have Box
Gorjana Open Circle Necklace

Must Have Home
~Bentgo – The All-in-One Stackable Lunch Box ($14.99): I totally love this!!!  It’s got two separate containers and a tray for silverware and I am certain that I am taking the boys to the park for lunch next week so we can use this!  At first I thought I might need to go back to work so I could use this, but then I realized I can really use it anytime.  I really want to get one of these for L for school. Actually maybe I will give mine this one and get myself a pink one!  I could make him some amazing lunches in this thing and I love that it’s not crazy expensive.

August PopSugar Must Have Box
Bentgo Stackable Lunch Box

~Lunares Apple Bowl (est. $45): I had to guess on the value of this bowl, but similar ones on the Lunares sell for $45 – $55 so I went with $45.  I love this and it makes me want fall to come even more quickly so I can put it out!  And if you have no use for it, I think it’d be a perfect beginning of the school year teacher’s gift!

August PopSugar Must Have Box
Lunares Apple Bowl

Must Have Beauty
~Lulah Body Wash (Vanilla Orchid) ($11.25):  I have never heard of or tried this brand before so this is nice.  This was actually the scent I was hoping for which is awesome. And it works out well because I am on a “no-buy” for shower gel (I gotta use this stuff I already have up), so this will be nice to be able to switch things up.

August PopSugar Must Have Box
Lulah Body Wash

~Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel & Precleanse ($10 / $9.50):  I’ve tried a few items from this line, but they were always small samples and I still wasn’t sure that I liked it enough to full the full-sized.  I love that they are a larger size and I can’t wait to try the “precleanse”.  I have never used a precleanse before!!

August PopSugar Must Have Box
Dermalogica Precleanse and Special Cleansing Gel

Must Have 
~May Books Chevron “Weekly To-Dos” Planner ($17): I have heard so many things about May Books but have never actually ordered one.  I am going to make it a point to use this and keep it with me at all times.  I need some more organization in my schedule and hopefully this helps.  And it doesn’t hurt that it’s adorable.

August PopSugar Must Have Box
May Designs Weekly Agenda Notebook

Special Extras
~NatureBox Dried Granny Smith Apples ($4): I haven’t gotten a NatureBox in a while and I have never had these apples before so they were a nice treat.  The box also includes a 50% code for NatureBox, which is just what I needed to tempt me to resubscribe.

August PopSugar Must Have Box
NatureBox Granny Smith Apples

All totaled I came up with a value of $176.24 for the August PopSugar Must Have Box (not including the assorted coupons that also came with the box).  As always it’s way more than the $35/month cost of the box and, as always, I love the box.  I’ve been with PopSugar since they started out (back in July 2012) and I think they do a great job mixing things up every month!

What’d you think of PopSugar this month?  Did you love it as much as I did?  And what variations did you get?  If you still haven’t subscribed (what are you waiting for), click here and get to it! And don’t forget to use coupon code “REFER5” to save $5 off your first month!!

Oh and wait! If you didn’t order an August box and wish you did, you are in luck because I am giving one away! All you gotta do is enter in rafflecopter below (**) and you will be all set. This giveaway is in NO way affiliated with, sponsored by or related to PopSugar. Giveaway ends on 8.24.13 at 12:00am!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Amy Grainger Ballou

    I love the Lunares Apple Bowl, super cute!

  2. Sarah

    Woo-hoo! I haven’t tried this box and would love to win! Such great items!

    1. Sarah

      @Sarah: Fav item in the box: the necklace and stackable lunch boxes-they would be perfect for my husband!

  3. Lindsey

    LOVE the bento box! I signed up for Pop Sugar but my first box won’t arrive until October! 🙁 Fingers crossed! Would LOVE to nab the August box!! 🙂

  4. Sarah Z

    Necklace for sure!

  5. Cathy

    My favorite item is the necklace. I’m a fan of gold & more delicate jewelry.
    I started a 3-month PopSugar sub very late in July, but alas I was/am waitlisted for August. However, I am excited to see what fallish items are in store!

  6. Katie

    I love the necklace!

  7. Erin

    I have been meaning to get a planner since my oldest has started Pre-K, so I’m excited to get that the most I think. I’m actually loving this whole box. 3 great months in a row. Hope they keep it up.

  8. Alicia

    I love the bento boxes! I need something like this to take lunch with me to work. So cute 🙂

  9. Beth

    Bento box or necklace!

  10. Stephanie Drost

    The nature box apples are my favorite! I love dried fruit 🙂

  11. Mandy Hillman

    My fave items are the Bentgo and the notebook!

  12. Courtney C.

    I signed up for the necklace, but the boxes are my fave for sure!

  13. Katy

    I love the apple bowl and the planner!

  14. Jenny

    The bento is my favorite. My box came today. I got a purple one so no sharing with my boys. 🙂 Not that they would care though. I did order C some of the PBK items too so I’ll use mine when he and I go on our fall outings. What color is your bento box?

    I didn’t think of setting the apple out. I thought maybe it was a jewelry holder. I can easily see it in my jewelry drawer holding my new baubles. LOL

  15. Crystal G

    I like that stackable lunchbox a lot

  16. Jessica Spaulding

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I can’t find you on Instagram no matter what I search

  17. Shannon N.

    Oh man, I like almost everything in the box! The necklace is really pretty, but I will definitely get a lot of use out of the weekly to-do. I am an OCD list maker.

  18. Kristina O.

    I am really liking that body wash smell! 🙂 I wonder if there will be a variation. Also I am pleased to see you got a blue bento box. I was hoping it was a non girly color so the hubz and I can share. Did you get a coupon with it? I saw that they are on sale for $15 so I am pretty sure I will be getting another one. I think this is the most excited I have been about a box in a long time.

  19. Kate

    I LOVE the day planner. I’m so excited to use it!

  20. Victoria

    I love the apple bowl!

  21. Riann

    My favorite item has to be the simple necklace – though I am intrigued by the Bento box as well!

  22. Sam L

    The bento box is my favorite this month!

  23. Libby Sawyer

    I like the stackable lunch box containers. My son is getting to the age where one type of food at lunch time isn’t enough. He wants variety. If I fill each compartment with a different type of food, it will force me to consciously acknowledge giving him different options.

  24. Ashley June

    You’re killing me with these super long contests! I hope that the person who wins is one that had the dedication to follow you in every way possible and enter every day. The deserve to win for remembering to do it. 🙂

  25. Jean

    Oh, I love this box and am hoping I win since I don’t subscribe (yet)!!!

  26. Julie Meline

    I want that bento box. I’d be able to portion out meals rather than just stuffing my face at lunch 🙂

  27. Sam mcatee

    The circle necklace of course!!

  28. tiffany

    I’m iffy about this box…. but love the Bento box

  29. Julie Baldock

    I never win but this is being given away in my son’s birthday so fingers crossed. Also I’m a teacher so the apple bowl is perfect for me. 🙂

  30. Caroline P

    the gorjana necklace!

  31. Diana Vuong

    Gorjana Open Circle Necklace

  32. Eden

    Definitely the necklace and the bento box!

  33. Brandy Fisk

    I love the lunchbox!

  34. Mrs. L

    Didn’t really like the box when I saw a spoiler. That being said, once I opened it, I liked it a lot more. I got the lemon Lulah body wash (which will go immediately in my shower and that my husband can also use). I was pleased with the quality of the little apple plate. If I didn’t already have something I could see it being used to put my keys in once I’m home, my jewelry I take off at night or even my daily vitamins/drugs (I already a have an antique dish at work I put them in every morning). My bento box was green.

    I do have an issue (and I’m reading that others have the same thing) with the length of the chain on the necklace. I do not have a huge neck, but the chains pretty short…basically choker length…not a good look when you talk and the necklace moves. I may have to make this a gift for someone, too bad because I really like it.

  35. Kelly D

    Love the necklace!

  36. Liz

    Love the bento boxes and the necklace!

  37. Debbie

    Love love love your giveaways! I just subscribed to the PopSugar MustHave box after reading all your reviews. Unfortunately by the time I signed up, it was too late for the August box, which I’m really regretting because I love everything in it!

  38. melanie purcell

    i love the dermalogica products! ps – how do i find you on pinterest?

  39. melanie purcell

    nevermind i figured it out! it would have helped if i looked at the link 🙂

  40. Mackenzie

    I was hoping you would have a giveaway for this month’s box! My subscription ended and it was sold out by the time I reordered. Love the anniversary necklace from this month though!

  41. nicole

    I LOVE that there’s a May Book in this box! I’ve been wanting one of those forever – I don’t know how many times I’ve been on there designing a planner or two!

  42. Brianna Thompson

    My favorite thing in this pop sugar box is the bento box. Loving that idea. 🙂

  43. Kyra

    My fave item is the Gorjana necklace followed closely by the Bento Box!

  44. Holly

    I cancelled my sub for this month and I’m most upset about the lunch box. I love making bento lunches for my boys and this would have been perfect.

  45. Fen

    You’re dangerous! I already signed up for Love With Food after seeing your posts, and now I think this one might tip me over the edge with PopSugar, too :X

    I’m crazy about that necklace.

  46. Lacey A

    I want this box! Those chips especially. My first box comes in September 🙂

  47. Dawn

    I love everything in the box but especially covet the necklace!

  48. Kristin Lockwood

    The chevron planner and the Lulah Body Wash. I’m actually wanting to try the Magnolia Fig. 🙂

  49. Kim Kjerulf

    I love your blog. I always look forward to reading about the boxes and your family.

  50. Debbie J

    I get two boxes only blush bag and popsugar and popsugar is my fav…. have a great weekend..

  51. Gina F.

    Such an awesome box! I don’t know what would be my fave item, I am a freak for body wash (I’m on a no buy as well) and I love being organized so that planner is too cute for words!

  52. Beckie

    I’d love to try the Dermalogica – never heard of a prewash 🙂

  53. Caitlin

    The apple dish is definitely my favorite item as an aspiring teacher! 🙂 I’m so bummed the August box was sold out when I went to order it 🙁

  54. Kim Kjerulf

    FYI – Sears had their Ahava and Dermalogica products 75% off as well as all other cosmetics. Really didn’t know that they even sold cosmetics there. Not all stores did as I tried two different ones and there were no cosmetics at one of them. I picked up the pre-cleanse and an exfoliant from Dermalogica and tinted moisturizer and hand cream from Ahava.

  55. Breann

    I would love to try the body wash! The apples sound delicious too!

  56. Lisa Davis

    Love your blog and your reviews. I am sooo excited to sign up.

  57. BB

    I haven’t tried this box yet. Looks great!

  58. Kimberly

    I would be so excited to win this box! I love everything in it, but my favorites are the apple dish, the weekly planner, the bento box (I’ve been looking for one for work), and the necklace. I’m excited about trying the body wash and the face cleanser. I’m least excited about the apple chips, but even if I don’t end up liking them, I already love the rest of the box. 🙂

  59. Elizabeth

    Thanks! I would love to try Popsugar! Sounds like an amazing box! Would love to try!

  60. Joanne

    My favorite item is the apple bowl. It looks very high quality and very useful.

  61. JT

    I was just looking at bento boxes this week! Those are my fave.

  62. Tiffany

    My fav is the bento container. Always looking for a good size to put in a lunch bag, love the silverware is in it as we’ll something I always forget to bring!

  63. Rose D.

    Confession. I got this box, but I love the Bentgo, cleansers, and body wash so much I’m entering the contest. My absolute favorite is the Bentgo.

  64. Nichole

    I love the necklace! I wish I would have ordered one

  65. melissa g

    Love this box!

  66. Tiffany

    I love the body wash and the necklace is super simple <3

  67. Ginger S

    I love that bentgo box!!

  68. Diana B

    My favorite is probably the necklace or the bento box.

  69. Atrayee Sarkar

    I would like to use the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel & Precleanse 🙂

  70. Amanda

    The apple bowl or the bento box, love them both!

  71. Kaitlin Gilbert

    I really love the apple bowl… I like to put jewelry in cute little dishes. Thanks for the amazing giveaways!

  72. Bethsaida

    Definitely the weekly planner!!

  73. Brigette

    My favorite item is the lunares apple bowl it would be great for my rings 🙂

  74. Sara

    My fav is the May Book. I love anything that can help me stay organized.

  75. Bobbi

    Keep thinking I need to just break down and get this…

  76. Ashley

    I love it all!

  77. Kara

    My favorite items are a toss up between the necklace and the bento boxes. I have been waiting for PopSugar to do a more delicate necklace forever now, and I can wear it absolutely everywhere. The bento box is great for travel and packing lunches, but I also think I could use it at home, and I love that it has a “back to school” feel.

  78. Kelly G.

    My favorite from this box would be the bento box.

  79. audrey

    I love the shower gel and the necklace and I honestly think the bento would be perfect for my husband who happens to take a million containers in his lunch!

  80. Enrica

    I LOVE the bento box!! Well and the necklace 🙂

  81. Pilar

    The lunch box is my favorite item in the box

  82. Linda

    The necklace is my fave! Thanks for giving a box away!

  83. jmd

    I love the apple chips and the bento box and the planner!

  84. Vita Mykhaylivna

    I love the weekly planner!

  85. Alice

    My favorite is the necklace but right this minute I would like to grab the apples as a snack.

  86. Ally

    I love the bento containers!

  87. Gretchen @ A Fit Fashionista

    I will post my review of this box this weekend! I loved the necklace and the Dermalogica products the best. I like the color you got of the Bento box! I got a purple pink color. We did get the same body wash though – I am seeing that everyone got a different scent! This was my 1st box, and I really liked it.

  88. Krystal

    Bento Box and apple bowl

  89. Susan

    I got my box yesterday and received the blue bento box and magnolia fig body wash. I love the necklace.

  90. Catherine Faulkenburg

    I showed my husband this post hinting strongly that I’d like a subscription. How awesome would it be if I won the contents of the August box? Which I totally love by the way,

  91. Amy P

    That bento box is too adorable!

  92. miranda

    bento containers look awesome

  93. gary

    bento boxes seem useful

  94. Melissa

    I love the lunch boxes! I lived in Japan and miss all their fun bento box type things 🙂

  95. Marney

    The apple bowl would be perfect for my son’s teacher. The first days at “big boy school” have been hard and she’s been terrific!

  96. Shana

    The Bento box most definitely! !!!

  97. Shiree Shaffer

    I love this box! I have never even heard of that brand of shower gel, I bet it smells wonderful! Thank you for posting! I need to discipline myself with “no buys” like you!

  98. Kali

    I am OBSESSED with the apple bowl- so cute!!!

  99. Shiree Shaffer

    By the way, my favorite item would probably be the shower gel, but I guess I’m not sure unless I use it ; )!

  100. Suzanne

    I think that my favorite item will be the necklace – if it ever gets here. I think that it is circling the drain!

  101. Vanessa F

    Totally love that necklace

  102. Lynsey

    I can’t pull off gold I wish the necklace was in silver =(

  103. Jessica

    This box looks amazing!!! I just might give it a try!

  104. Toni

    Thanks for the great post! My pick would be the apple bowl. I think it’s adorable!

  105. Lauren

    This was my first month with Popsugar … I signed up through your link! One of my girlfriends just signed up too but missed the August box. If I win I’ll give her the box, love the necklace!!

  106. Jennifer

    You are so lucky you got the blue one, I got purple. At least I didn’t get pink since I am sending it to work with my husband. Hey, a purple bento is a big step up from the princess and tinerbell tupperware containers he usually takes!

  107. Jessica

    This was my first box and it was fantastic! I am in college so the more planners the better, and the lunchboxes will be perfect for those days when I am just too busy to stop and sit down for a meal!

  108. Judy

    Love everything, but the apple bowl is my favorite!

  109. soon p

    The dried apples!

  110. Christina

    I adore the apple box AND the bentgo box! Perfect to help me bring my lunch to work and save $!!

  111. Becky

    Great post! Had wondered the price of the bowl – it’s so cute. It was definitely my favorite “must have” this month!

  112. Shauna

    Love the Bento boxes and that darling apple dish. Still wavering between adding this or Wantable. I think I’m leaning towards Pop Sugar just because of the variety.

    Thanks for doing a giveaway!


  113. Shauna

    You totally don’t have to post this, but I was wondering if anyone else had mentioned having trouble following you on Pinterest? I’ve searched every variation I could think of, but could only find stuff other people pinned from your site, and not your actual boards. What name should I be looking under?


  114. Mary m

    Bento box!

  115. Brittany

    I don’t get this months box, i am on the wait list. I can’t wait for sept for my first box!!

  116. Kayla

    Would love that apple bowl and necklace, but would use it all! Thanks for another awesome give away!!

  117. Esmeralda

    The lunchbox! And second would be the body wash

  118. Brenda

    The Bentgo box and the apple bowl are my favorites.

  119. Amanda Dukes

    love the lunch box and the apples cant wait to get my first box next mouth 🙂

  120. Shannon

    Ohh awesome giveaway! LOVE that necklace!

  121. Jamie

    The apple bowl for sure it is adorable

  122. Tami

    I love the bento lunch box. Everything you need in one little box 🙂

  123. Sara

    Bento box!

  124. Mandi

    The bento box is my fav

  125. Kaitlin

    I have always wanted to order a MayBook but haven’t yet – so excited I get to get my hands on one and check it out finally!

  126. Jocelyn Dunlop

    The Bento Box looks amazing! I would totally use that on a daily basis.

  127. Lauren

    The necklace is definitely my favorite item in the box!!! I always wanted a Dogeared “karma” necklace and this Gorjana necklace looks just like it!

  128. Brianna

    I’m excited about the necklace!

    Also, I plan on giving the apple bowl to my little brother to give to his teacher, so that works out well!

  129. sara

    If I had to pick one thing that’s my favorite I’d have to say the necklace! :o)

  130. Ruby Yoshi

    I like the Lunares Apple Bowl

  131. Inna M

    I love lunch box 🙂

  132. Meg Mc

    I can’t decide if I like the bento box or the necklace better! I rarely wear gold, but the design is so simplistic and totally my style.

  133. Allison

    My favorite item is the planner! So cute!

  134. Jayden H.

    I love the open circle necklace!! Everything in the box is awesome though!

  135. Merissa

    Yes! I resubscribed at the end of July, but unfortunately the August box had sold out!! And such a bummer because I LOVE it!

  136. Brook

    As a teacher who packs her lunch everyday, I love the bento box and the apples AND the apple bowl. Great box this month!

  137. Emily

    Im so sad. My popsugar box came today and I was in the shower and missed the mailman, who did not leave the package at the door. Every month he leaves my various boxs at my front door…until today! I can pick it up at the post office on monday. So I get to sit here and think about my popsugar box just chilling at the post office all weekend, ughhh torture! It was sent FedEx smart post which I’m pretty sure it always is every month, which is super annoying in itself but that’s a whole different rant. Does your mail lady ever make you sign for your popsugar or any other boxes that are sent in this crazy roundabout way of shipping? Because I’m pretty sure this is a first for me 🙁 sadness.

  138. Christine H.

    I love that bento box!

  139. Kelsey

    I love the necklace! So simple and sweet!

  140. Allison

    Tough call – I love the Bento and the necklace! Wish I would have signed up in time to get this box!

  141. Emily

    I love the apple bowl it is so cute! its my favorite by far!

  142. Danielle

    I love the bento box! I might already have a small collection at home, but this one looks way nicer than what I have!

  143. Kristin P

    I love the bento boxes. I am a bento junkie. I, as an adult, carry my Laptop Lunches bag and box to work everyday.

  144. Jennifer

    It was my husband’s firewall, as I suspected. The firewall only allowed get head and post methods, which isn’t enough for raffle copter. I had a few people who were entering my giveaways who couldn’t access the raffle copter on my site.
    Raffle Copter is using http methods which are considered unsafe by security experts, including “put” “delete” and “trace”. I hope this helps somebody.

  145. Lynne Ronemous

    The apple bowl is adorable!

  146. Hildee

    This was a great box for me this month! Sending it all off with my 18-year old daughter to college next week. She loves the necklace – and happy to replace the bento box she bought at MOMA last year (it broke). She loves the wash — and the metal and enamel apple bowl will be perfect to hold her rings and earrings at school. I’d have loved it all too – but a special box to send her away with.
    I just read your post about Hautelook’s spring bag – so I looked at their page. Everyone take note that the Dermatologica line is on sale on the Hautelook website right now.

  147. Chelli Smith

    The stackable lunch box! That would tempt me to carry my lunch in something other than ziploc baggies lol. xoxo

  148. Calli

    Love the necklace!

  149. Lauren

    I want one of those planners so bad!!

  150. Kristen Maria

    The apple bowl is the cutest darn thing I’ve ever seen!

  151. Lucia

    I think my favorite was the organizer. Too bad I suck at opening them up during the year!

  152. Barbara

    I stumbled onto your blog looking for reviews of box subs. Wonderful reviews! This box is amazing! I love it! Popsugar is on the top of my list to subscribe to when I finally start subscribing! Thanks for the awesome information!

  153. Christine Fortes

    I missed out on this box for the first time and have been a member since the beginning. I would love to win this one since I’m a no buy for boxes for a couple of months 🙂

  154. Kristin Whitehead

    I totally love that little apple bowl…it would make an awesome teacher’s gift!

  155. Nicole

    The lunch container. I pretty much have to bring my lunch every night I work and let just say I don’t wash my containers everyday. So I need more than one.

  156. Emily P

    I NEED that bento box!

  157. Kristina

    I’m a teacher, so I LOVE this box! Thanks for providing the value amount – it helps me justify to my husband possibly getting a subscription one day 🙂

  158. S

    I tried to sign up for August but it was already waitlisted. The necklace looks gorgeous, and I’d also love the lunch box!

  159. Kathryn Pyles

    I was devastated when I found out I wouldn’t be getting this box. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity! I love your blog and the giveaways are just an awesome bonus. You’ve totally turned me into a subscription box addict.

  160. Megan

    I love the circle necklace!

  161. Jenn S

    the Bentgo box!

  162. Karen

    The apple dish is so cute!

  163. Katy M

    I love the Gorjana necklace!


  164. Angela L.

    I haven’t tried this sub, it’s a little out of my budget however I do really like the variety of items that’s included. Seeing the baggy of treats from NatureBox made me a wee bit sad because after 2 months, I had to put it on hold for awhile. Thanks for sharing your goodies and reviews with us!

  165. Jessica E.

    I love the lunchboxes! I would get so much use out of those.

  166. Tori Franklin

    LOVE this subscription box- can’t wait until October when I finally get my first one! I would have loved getting this particular box because every item in there is awesome. My favorite has to be the necklace, though. Beautiful and simple 🙂

  167. Sanja

    I would positively freak out if I won this :-))) I wish so much that PopSugar ships to Canada 🙁
    My favorite item is the apple bowl – no idea why!

  168. megan cantrell

    I think the apple dish is really unique

  169. Kobash

    I love the little Apple bowl!

  170. Cassie

    I really love the Gorjana necklace and the Bentgo box, but everything is too cute! 🙂

  171. KDFrank

    I want to order them all now! Have you tried http://www.datelivery.com? I got my first date box this month but haven’t tried it yet, but can’t wait. It’s my first box subscription. Thanks for all these reviews!

  172. Mallory

    You’ve convinced me to subscribe to PopSugar, but I won’t get my first box until October! 🙁

  173. Jaclyn Paskow

    This is one of my favorite boxes! Love the necklace and weekly planner 🙂

  174. Scarlett

    I signed up for PopSugar based on your reviews here and had actually cancelled after receiving the July box, but decided to give it another try. I am so glad I got this August box. I love everything in it. The apple bowl is so freaking adorable. And I’ve already worn the necklace three days and bought earrings to go with it. I’m usually a silver person so had to get some gold earrings. I wish it was longer, but i still love it. I just wasn’t paying attention and threw out the box with the little information cards. Didn’t the May notebook come with a discount code? Would anyone be able to share this with me if it did? I had never heard of them before last week, but now I actually want to order some note cards and a personalized planner for my sister.

  175. Mary Q.

    You’re totally right, that apple bowl is adorable but I’m not sure how I’d use it. Still, I certainly wouldn’t mind having it! 🙂

  176. Paige

    I love the May Books weekly planner!

  177. Gabrielle S

    I loved the bento box, and that planner is going to get so much use from me! This was my first PopSugar box, it arrived on my birthday, (same day you posted this review) and I’m already obsessed!

  178. Margaret Cordova

    I am in love with this box. In my opinion, PopSugar is the best subscription box out there. I’m a huge fan!

  179. casiusher1018@yahoo.com

    I’m pretty much in love with the box this month!!!! Probably my favorite so far!

  180. Amanda

    I love ALL of the items and this box made me subscribe although I won’t get a box until October. My favorite item is the May book though and if I don’t win I will be purchasing at least one!

  181. Tabitha

    I am loving the bento box! They seem to be all the rage right now and I think the idea is starting to grow on me.

  182. Suzy Q

    I have tried ipsy and birchbox, but this seems mich better! Would love to try it. The little apple bowl and bentgo boxes are right up my alley.

  183. Kimberly

    Darn, wish I had gotten this box. All the items look great and useful. Oh well, maybe next time….

  184. Katie

    Love the necklace! I can’t wait to get my first Popsugar box in October!

  185. Christina

    The bento lunch box!

  186. kelly

    favorite item is a tie between the necklace (for me) and the apple dish (for my mom who is a teacher)

  187. Hannah

    I love the bento lunch box! I’m signing up for Pop Sugar now. 🙂

  188. melanie

    I love the may book!!!

  189. Susan B

    The Bentgo box was my fav. Ended up ordering 2 more of these. Like I need more containers in the kitchen oh well.

  190. Mansi

    the Bento Box… starting school again in the Fall!

  191. Jill

    My favorite item is the bento box!

  192. Maryann T

    I love the Bentgo lunch box. How neat!

  193. Kristen

    I love the apple bowl, I don’t even know why.

  194. lashonda w

    I love the necklace

  195. heather

    I really like the bentgo box and the cute little spoon snd fork in it 🙂

  196. Denise

    Never heard of this box but thanks to your blog I’m learning about a ton of new boxes! (don’t tell hubby lol)

  197. Katy Muth

    I love love the Bento Box and chevron print to-do notebook!!

  198. Kathy

    I actually love the apple bowl, it’s perfect for leaving near the kitchen sink to put my rings into when I’m cooking or doing the dishes.

  199. Shannon

    This box seriously looks great, fingers crossed!

  200. Megan

    I pretty much love this whole box, but I’d have to go with the apple dish. Or the Bento Box! I’m a teacher returning to school in a week so that would be extremely useful!

  201. Tasha

    Cute! I love the bento boxes and weekly planner!

  202. Megan

    I would love to try the body wash!! 🙂

  203. Amber Mear

    I love the bowl! And the body wash looks delightful.

  204. Bri

    I absolutely love everything in the August box! I think one of my favorites has got to be that chevron weekly to do lists! I’m obsessed with making to do lists so it would be perfect to keep me motivated.

  205. Hilary

    LOVE the necklace 🙂

  206. Bridgett Davis

    My favorite item right off the bat is definitely the necklace, but I have a weird love of weekly planners soooo that’s throwing the necklace a little competition.

  207. Jana

    I love the apple bowl!

  208. Nadia

    I have two faves: the cute Apple Catch-all and the Bento box!

  209. Clara

    That Chevron planner is adorable! I have been debating for months whether to subscribe to PopSugar, every month I don’t I read the reviews and kick myself for not doing it. Then I get gun shy again the next month! I think this time I’m definitely doing it, I can’t miss out on any more cute stuff like this 🙂

  210. Beth Carter

    How can I possibly pick just one?! I’m new to the world of the Must Have box and have instantly fallen in LOVE! My favorite item is probably the Bentgo, it’s perfect for mine or my kids’ lunches! Thanks so much for the giveaway!! 😀

  211. Ashley

    I absolutely have been wanting one of these BENTO boxes for the husband-to-be for his work lunches! Looking forward to trying out this box!

  212. Beth

    This box looks great but it seems so expensive! Do you find that it’s worth the price every month?

  213. Annie

    LOVE the bentgo!! I know it’s not the most expensive, but I could totally use it every day!

  214. Myranda

    Just got the Fall LE Box! So excited to start with this company!

  215. Tara

    Bento babyyyyyy

  216. Alisha

    I love the necklace–so cute!

  217. michelle tovar

    Ok so this was my first PopSugar box I’ve got since I signed up late June and missed the July Box, but I love everything in it. I especially love the Bentgo box which I happily received in my favorite color purple! I am also loving the Dermatologica PreCleanser! I might just have to purchase a full size when this runs out. Everyone I see is drooling over this necklace and its nice, but not my cup of tea. I’d gladly trade for another Bentgo box! Any takers? I’m hoping I win this box so I could give to my mom for her birthday, It’s right around the corner.

  218. Lisa

    I love that Bento box… almost bought it when it was on Groupon a few weeks ago!

  219. steph

    Lots of cute things, but I think the necklace is quite versatile+delicate. I would like to feel the quality of this company’s items. They look amazing.

  220. Mary

    please pick me!

  221. Inna B.

    The box this month finally got me to pay attention to Popsugar and subscribe. Hope my first box is as awesome as this one… and hope I don’t have to wait forever to get it! I saw at least one post by someone who got off the waiting list for a sold out box, so… crossing my fingers!

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