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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.


Like most everyone else, I received a FabKids coupon code in my August Citrus Lane box.  Basically you get a free outfit from FabKids, which is a monthly children’s clothing subscription service – all you need to do is pay shipping (it’s $4.95).  FabKids is typically $39.99/month and for that, you receive a complete outfit, including accessories delivered to your door.  Some people have mentioned it’s hard to cancel and while I can’t speak to that (I haven’t tried yet), I did use a prepaid debit card (I have a Stella & Dot one) to pay – just in case!


The Box

FabKids ships via FedEx Smart Post and took about a week to arrive?  It was about the norm for Smart Post.


First Look

While I knew what outfit I picked (I got one for L since the sizes start at 2T), I was anxious to check out the quality.  I’ve heard good things about their girls clothes, but boys clothes are new for them (I think they just launched the boys line in August) so I haven’t seen many reports.


Out of the Box

Everything came packaged just as it would had you made a purchase, from say, the GAP.  The quality looked nice as well and I knew right away I had to figure out a way to get L to try it on.  Oddly, 5 year old boys aren’t always down for trying on clothes to check on the fit ;). I succeeded though!

~Plaid Play Shirt: I would describe this as more of a dress shirt than a play shirt, but that’s just me.  I ordered the shirt in a 4/5 for L and it was a great fit. He’s 5 and normally wears a 5 (but can always wear a 4 sometimes), so I would say this was very true to size. I did have to roll up the sleeves so that he felt more comfortable in it, but I can’t blame him.


Plaid Play Shirt

~Orange Skinny Chino: While these are certainly bright (no doubt about that), I really like them and knew right away when I saw the outfits this would be the one for us.  In retrospect, I should have bought these for WB to wear when he’s 2 because I don’t know how often L will be into bright orange pants, but even if he wears them a few times, we’ll still be good.  I ordered these in a 5 and again, they were a great fit.


Orange Skinny Chino

~Woven Belt: Although L does have some, I’m not a huge fan of belts on little kids.  L can’t get a belt off by himself, so this wouldn’t be a good school item.  But it is cute I’ll say that!


Woven Belt

After a little swimming in the neighbors pool yesterday afternoon, L was more than happy to model his new outfit for me. I think he looks adorable and I am super happy with my pick. I’d rank the quality above Target and Children’s Place, but slightly below GAP.


On L

I totally feel like I got my money’s worth (all $4.95 of it) with this one and am quite happy with my outfit! I probably won’t subscribe on a monthly basis, but I don’t think I will cancel either. I will just skip months until I see something I am loving.

If you are interested in FabKids or want to learn more or just want to check out some of their outfits, click here.  If you are a new customer and sign up, you can get 50% off your first outfit, meaning you get your first outfit for only $19.99!  And if you picked an outfit with your Citrus Lane coupon code, which outfit did you get?  And what’d you think of the quality?

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14 thoughts on “FabKids Review

  • Lynsey

    I LOVE how you described the quality, it was dead on!!! LOL! I wonder how it will hold up after washes but it looks great now!
    I hope its not a pain to cancel (not that I want to anytime soon I will just skip the months I don’t like), but I hate when its a pain to stop a service.
    Oh and I bought this outfit too I love the super bright pants!!! They are too fun!

  • Susan

    We get the girl’s outfits, and my kids really like them. We probably order 2 out of every 3 months. My oldest, age 10, prefers jeans over dresses or skirts, and they don’t seem to offer them every time. I don’t want to buy for one, if her sister doesn’t get anything. So, I just skip both if that’s the case.

  • Krystal

    I can’t decide between that shirt with the jeans…or the play pants with the quilted knees and headphone shirt. He can’t wear either to school, which is why I’m leaning toward the play pants and layered tees. Ahhh I’ll decide tomorrow, what’s another day?!

  • Mary

    I thought the boy choices were more stylish than the girls… However, I have girls, so that’s what I ordered off of the Citrus Lane deal. My items were VERY thin. Thinner than Target! So, I canceled. I had seen comments about canceling being difficult. I did not have that experience. I called to cancel due to the quality. She gave me the speech about how I was never required to order and that they notified me multiple times about when to order or skip. I repeated that due to the quality I would not order. She then gave me the speech about how she would give me 250 points to stay. I said no thank you and that was it. Not as easy as canceling online from your accounts page, but not torturous either!

  • Amber

    I ordered a girls outfit and was very disappointed with the quality. It was thinner fabrics as above poster mentioned though my daughter still thought it was cute. As my daughter was trying it on one of the loops for the ribbon belt to go through came off. Then the bow on her headband fell off within 2 hours. I sent them a message letting them know of my concerns with quality and was thankful I could sew so I could mend it though that shouldn’t be required basically out of the box. I got no response to my message after a week so I called to cancel. That was a pain. I kept telling them I wanted to cancel as I wasn’t happy with quality and over and over they keep trying to give you reasons to stay. For $4.95 shipping it was a good deal but sure glad I didn’t pay more.

  • Dawn

    I really love the fab kids outfit we got this month it was free since it was our first one. My son picked the outfit with the grey sweat pants he says they are now his favorite pants. They quality was good I think comparable to gymboree. I actually like that the layering shirts were very soft and thinner. I will be ordering the plaid punk outfit that they just listed for pictures for both my boys as yes sadly I am one of those moms who takes themed outfit pictures.

  • Tonya

    I brought to out fits for my little girl I agree the quaility of the clothing is just not worth $39.95. Very thin. Also I found out after recieving one of the outfits the descriptions don’t match it listed jeans I expected jeans not stretchy pants.Its a real pain to cancel your membership. After telling them I’m not pleased with the quality of clothing they offer to give me member points for another outfit. Got to be kidding me. No means no. The outfits look really cute the quality of clothing and amount asking for is just not satisfied with.

  • Alicia

    I had an awful experience with them. They sent me a skirt instead of the dress that I ordered. When I emailed them they told me I have to send it back to get my dress and they would charge me $5.95 to do the exchange even though it was their fault!!! Their customer service is awful, I couldn’t get anything but canned responses. Too bad too because I love subscription services and I would have been a good customer. I had to call and cancel. Beware of this company!

  • Alicia

    All moms should really try Wee Blessing. They carry every top name brand out there and your child gets their own Personal stylist. You fill out a fun survey all about them and then they pick out the outfits for you. The clothes are so cute and 40-80 percent off retail. You can choose monthly or quarterly blessings but they do not charge your card until you decide what you love and are keeping. Check them out as we love them