Plated Review – 8.20.13 Delivery

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Plated Review - 8.20.13 Delivery
Plated Review – 8.20.13 Delivery

Last week was another Plated week around here! There was one recipe that totally wanted to try, which made the decision to get Plated instead of one of the other food boxes last week an easy one.

Plated Review - 8.20.13 Delivery
The Box

Plated typically delivers on Tuesdays, however, due to the holiday (Labor Day) next weeks deliveries will be on Wednesday. Plated ships via FedEx overnight and promises that the food will stay fresh and chilled just so long as you bring it inside and transfer it to the fridge by that evening.

Plated Review - 8.20.13 Delivery
First Look
Plated Review - 8.20.13 Delivery
Second First Look

Like always, I didn’t bring my box inside right away.  I like to let it sit on the porch just to see how long the items really do stay cool.  Don’t tell B, but I’ve left it outside until past 6-7pm.  And everything was still perfectly fresh.  And this is in the summer months!

I guess I should mention (since I never do) that Plated is a weekly meal subscription box service.  They don’t deliver in all areas (yet), but if they do, they deliver everything you need to cook a restaurant style meal, including meats and produce, right to your door.  You can pick your meals online or skip that week if you aren’t interested in the menu that week, will be out of town or just don’t want any meals that week.  It’s all done online, so it’s super easy!  Here’s what we picked this week:

~Pork Tenderloin with Watermelon, Mint, Feta and Cucumber Salad: This is the meal B and I wanted to try most!  The watermelon, mint, feta and cucumber salad had B and I super interested.  Sadly, it wasn’t, as good as, the avocado and feta salad from a few boxes ago, but it was good!  And the pork was delicious.  And just so you know, my picture of the meal does not do it justice.  I must have been in a hungry hurry because this isn’t a good shot!

Plated Review - 8.20.13 Delivery
Pork Tenderloin with Watermelon, Mint, Feta and Cucumber Salad – The Recipe
Pork Tenderloin with Watermelon, Mint, Feta and Cucumber Salad – The Ingredients
Pork Tenderloin with Watermelon, Mint, Feta and Cucumber Salad – The Results

~Apricot Chicken with Green Beans and Almonds: Left to our own devices, B and I just make plain grilled chicken.  Of course we do seasonings and it tastes great, but we’d never do apricot chicken without plated.  This was delicious and it will for sure be recreated.  For sure.  So yummy!!!!

Apricot Chicken with Green Beans and Almonds
Apricot Chicken with Green Beans and Almonds – The Recipe
Apricot Chicken with Green Beans and Almonds – The Ingredients
Apricot Chicken with Green Beans and Almonds – The Results

What do you think of Plated?  Did you get a box last week (or this week)?  What menu items did you pick??  Next week’s menu include: Citrus-Soy Chicken,  Herb Roasted Chicken, Grilled Steak Salad, Salmon with Lentils and Cod Escabeche.  I couldn’t decide, so I decided to go for three meals next week (I got both chickens and the steak).

If you are interested in giving it a try or want to learn more, click here to try two free plates (new customers only)!  Basically you’ll get 4 plates for the price of 2 ($30)!!  That’s 4 meals/plates for $30, which is less than $8/plate.  If you order in the next 4 days, you’ll get your box next Wednesday! We LOVE Plated and I always get sad if we don’t have a box coming!




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  1. Lisa D

    Plated does not service North Texas 🙁

    1. Lynsey

      @Lisa D: South Texas either 🙁

    2. Nick

      I am an assistant manager at the Midwest branch of Plated and I can happily inform you that we have started two day ships to northern Texas. Your meals will arrive Wednesday instead of Tuesday but will still be fresh. Check and see if you have made it into our expanded delivery area.

  2. Jenny

    Wishing they came down my way. I would totally give them a try even just to have something different once in awhile. Speaking of food I just decided dinner was lemon-pepper pork chops with herb roasted potatoes and a fresh salad from my produce box. Except for the pork all parts came today with fresh produce box or some tomatoes from my garden. I’m hoping it turns out as yummy as I picture it. LOL

  3. Denise Miller

    I love plated! I almost skipped this week because I wasn’t blown away with the choices. I did end up getting the apricot chicken and absolutely loved it! I have definetely had more hits than misses with this company.

  4. brandy

    I had to cancel my box and get the plates credit instead. whomp whomp. as a certified green bean freak, i think i would have wished there were more. though i always have 5 lbs of greenie beanies in my freezer.

  5. Fawzia

    how long do the ingredients last? I got really excited hearing about this and wanted the meal that offered this week, it came today, Friday. But I don’t think I can cook until Monday. maybe even Tuesday! Will that be ok? Should i put the chicken into the freezer? will the other fresh ingredients be ok? Or should I just cook it asap?

    1. Jennifer

      Here is the FAQ on it from their site:

      How long will my ingredients stay fresh?
      We recommend that you eat fish dishes within 1-2 days of receiving, and vegetarian or meat dishes 5-6 days after receipt. While we don’t recommend freezing fish or seafood, you can freeze meats you receive from Plated. For more information about freezing, read here.

      If you are ever concerned about the quality or freshness of the ingredients you receive, please let our customer team know at

      I have gotten a box and not eaten it until Monday. It’s been totally fine!

  6. Fawzia

    thanks! that is so helpful! did you freeze your meat when you waited or just left in the fridge? thanks!

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t believe I have ever frozen anything from them??

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