September Little Miss Goodie Bags Review – Arr!!

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Edited to Add: Little Miss Goodie Bags is no longer in business.

September 2013 Little Miss Goodie Bags
September 2013 Little Miss Goodie Bags

Little Miss Goodie Bags is a brand new monthly subscription box which brings you decorations and ideas to have a theme party for 8. Parties are filled with homemade and handpicked items geared towards everyone!   Not only was I lucky enough to be asked to do a review on their first box, I was also able to do one on the second box!  Yay!!

September 2013 Little Miss Goodie Bags
First Look

Little Miss Goodie Bags ships via USPS Priority Mail.  I skipped the box picture this month, it’s it comes in a plain white box, with a Little Miss Goodie Bag sticker on it.  Delivery took the promised two days from Texas.

September 2013 Little Miss Goodie Bags
The Information Card

The September Little Miss Goodie Bags theme was “Arr” and included everything you need to throw a Pirate Party.  The information card provides ideas for a Pirate Breakfast Buffet, but you could make the items work in other ways as well!  Here’s what was included:

~Pirate Banner: I love the red in this and ready like the overall patterns this month.  Thursday, September 19th is talk like a Pirate Day and hopefully I can remember to have a little celebration for the boys using all these goodies.

September 2013 Little Miss Goodie Bags
Pirate Banner

~Ship Cupcake Wrappers: I wasn’t sure what these were at first, but once I saw the picture on the card, it made total sense.  I am thinking muffin wrappers for breakfast and cupcake wrappers for after school!

September 2013 Little Miss Goodie Bags
Ship Cupcake Wrappers

~Paper Straws: Captain & OJ for me, OJ for the kids? Just kidding!  It will probably be OJ for everyone in the morning and then some special pirate punch (something red) in the afternoon!

September 2013 Little Miss Goodie Bags
Paper Straws

~Sail Cupcake Toppers:  I feel like you can get away with cupcakes that aren’t decorated fancy if you use toppers on them.  They make everything (cupcakes, muffins, etc.) so much cooler and neater looking.

September 2013 Little Miss Goodie Bags
Sail Cupcake Toppers

~Food Label Cards:  Since I plan to use these with the kids, I’m not sure what I will use the cards for.  Maybe I’ll do place cards for the boys (L will get a kick out of that) and also use it to draw L a little picture for his lunchbox.

September 2013 Little Miss Goodie Bags
Food Label Cards

~Mini Pirate Booty Bags: I totally love these and plan to use them for little snacks, as well, as treasures.  I *might* also repurpose one into a tooth fairy bag.  They like pirates right?  It’s the perfect size and would be idea!

September 2013 Little Miss Goodie Bags
Mini Pirate Booty Bags

~Photo Booth Props: Oh I will be getting picture of the kids in these, I totally will!

September 2013 Little Miss Goodie Bags
Photo Booth Props

~Pirate Coins: I want to do some sort of scavenger hunt with these.  Any ideas on where to find something I can use as a guideline?

September 2013 Little Miss Goodie Bags
Pirate Coins

I think I loved this Little Miss Goodie Bags Party even better than the first one!  Prices range from $39.95 (one month) to $29.95 (12 months).  If you throw a lot of parties or host a lot of playgroups, I’d do the 12 months!  It’s a little on the pricey side, but the time it’s saving you by not having to well, do anything, really can’t be matched.  Plus, I’d probably *try* to do all these myself, fail miserably and end up paying 3x the price for a rush job on Etsy!!

What do you think of Little Miss Goodie Bags?  If you are interested in signing up or just want to learn more, click here.

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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  1. Jenny

    You could put the coins in the sandbox and have them dig for them. We’ve done that with stones and other treasures and the boys have a blast. We did a pirate party for Noahs 4th birthday and Calebs 1st. They are only 2 weeks apart so we totally did the combo party. 🙂 It was a fun theme and easy to find stuff for it.

  2. Kelsey N.

    You could probably use that banner as a Halloween decoration too

  3. brandy

    this is adorable & i love it! my daughter loves setting up parties and she would totally dig this.

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