So What Wednesday

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So What Wednesday

This week I am saying So What If….

~I was nervous last night watching Red Panda on America’s Got Talent.
~I missed my former neighbor’s unsecured wireless network last night when my internet was down. Why did he have to move?
~Yesterday’s lunch at Subway *might* be the first time I went out to lunch alone with both boys? That seems odd???
~I am so excited to have my next garage sale and it’s not even till next year! Getting rid of stuff feels SO good!
~I check TMZ almost hourly to see what’s up with Lamar Odom.
~I am SO happy about L’s teacher and I haven’t even met her yet! She sounds fabulous though.
~I had to make a second trip to Target for additional school supplies since the list on the internet is different than the list I got in the mail. #youaregettingitall
~I wanted B to get home from school early yesterday so we could watch Breaking Bad. Too bad I forgot that the internet was down so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.
~I’m excited to go up-north this weekend because I KNOW I will be able to catch a rerun of Teen Mom 3 up there!
~My going to bed early / getting up early is NOT working. We’re just going to have to wing it next week!

That’s it from here. What are you saying so what to this week?

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  1. Sara

    Getting rid of stuff is great! I’m on a mission to get rid of stuff before baby gets here. I actually just cleaned out my desk stuff. 🙂
    I’ve never taken Mackenzie to eat alone, if Erin’s working my mom always joins me.

  2. Alena P

    Haha! I love your Lamar Odom post! I love juicy celebrity gossip! I check all the time! 🙂

  3. alison

    I check up on Lamar Odom on TMZ constantly too!!

  4. Alison

    I was on board with it being the truth – but now I’m skeptical. I at least don’t think that Lamar and Khole will be breaking up. I think yeah, he might go to rehab… and it might not even really be for specifically crack. Don’t you just think sometimes that Kris Jenner creates these stories, and the kids act them out, and then they all get paid.

  5. Leana

    Ok, seriously what is up with Lamar Odom? None of my friends understand why I’m so confused about the situation because they’ve never watched the kardashians. He seemed so sweet and down to earth.

    Also, I felt bad for Red Panda again. Last nights AGT was kind of sucky. I still want to know how Collins Keys did that.

    Lastly, I finished Breaking Bad season 1 the other day and I love it! I heard house of cards is good too.

    You’re my favorite blogger to read cause we have so many similar interests.

  6. Ashley C.

    I think I’ve actually gone OUT to lunch alone with both kids … maybe once?! And they are 3.5 & 1.5 — and the youngest was too young for solids, and still in a carrier car seat. I always opt for the drive thru or take out and messes at home. You just — because tantrums are better behind closed doors! Ha!

  7. Mrs. L

    LOL, nice to see I’m not the only Lamar Odom info geek! He was in rehab last year which a lot of folks don’t remember. We’ll just have to keep searching for news!

    So what if on my end:
    -I’m out buying tons of Halloween stuff and researching Halloween goodies and it’s only August. Lots of the dang stuff is already sold out! You got to buy early for holidays!
    -I’m doing Halloween baking (family, friends and coworkers love it but I hope they realize there will be no Halloween goodies baked in October!)
    -I just went through and entire box of Angry Birds Halloween Fruit Gummies…they were tasty.
    -I’m excited that the holiday drinks are already showing up at coffee shops (it’s pumpkin spice time peoples!)
    -I’m ready for fall but I know around here it will be hot through October and that we really don’t get seasons…the decorations at my house will let you know what time of year it is.

  8. Annette

    lol, i’m sorry! Losing free backup internet is so sad. I’m lucky that I live next to a medical center and before that above a hipster cafe. Unsecured internet for those moments comcast fails you is amazing =P

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