The Honest Company Diaper Bundle Review + FREE TRIAL 47

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Disclosure: This post contains referral links!
The Honest Company Diaper Bundle

The Honest Company Diaper Bundle

I mentioned last week that I made a late night decision to order a Diapers Bundle from The Honest Company. Aren’t all the best decisions made at 3am?  My diaper stockpile(*) is DONE and always love my Honest Company Essentials Bundles (I never blog about it, but I get a bundle about every 6 weeks) so I thought I might as well try the diapers one too.

The Honest Company Diaper Bundle

The Box

The Honest Company ships via FedEx and took only a few days to arrive at my door.  I gotta tell you, having diapers appear at my door is much easier than going to Target, where I can never JUST buy diapers.  It’s diapers + slippers + trains + candles + whatever else.

The Honest Company Diaper Bundle

First Look

The Honest Company Diapers Bundle is $79.95/month and includes 6 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes.  I got Size 4 diapers, which have 31 diapers in a pack or 186 total diapers.  They call it a monthly subscription, which means the assumption is that you’ll go through just over 6 diapers a day.  I think WB uses more like 4-5, so it’s going to last us a bit longer than that.

The Honest Company Diaper Bundle

The Designs

While The Honest Company diapers are more expensive than my normal Pampers, I gotta say, they are 100x cuter.  They have a ton of different designs you can pick from and you can mix and match patterns within our bundle. I went for three different prints in my bundle and totally love them all.  They also have a plain white option if you aren’t feeling any of the available patterns.

The Honest Company Diaper Bundle

A Comparison (Honest vs. Pampers)

Like I said before, Pampers are my favorite diapers, however, I will buy other brands if they are on sale.  I just don’t like them as much.  I am happy to report that the Honest Company ones are just quite comparable (well except Honest is eco-friendly) to Pampers and fit WB perfect.  WB doesn’t have problems with rashes or allergies or leaks (I have had leaking problems with L either – no matter the diaper) and doesn’t have sensitive skin, so I speak to the Honest Company diapers fixing any of that.  I just know that worked well, are beyond adorable and are super convenient. The wipes aren’t my favorite out there – I’d rank them after Pampers and the Target brand ones, but before Huggies.

The Honest Company Diaper Bundle

Happy WB

So will I get the diapers again?  Yes!  I won’t get them evert month, but I can for sure see scheduling a bundle for times (like now) when my stockpile is low.  You can go in right online and adjust your shipments, which makes it SO easy!

What do you think of the Honest Company’s products?  Do you get the Diapers or the Essentials or the Health & Wellness Bundles?  If not and you have always wanted to try one (or ALL) of them, today is your lucky day!  Right now you can go to and sign up to receive a free trial of their Essentials, Diaper or Health & Wellness Bundles!  Or heck, opt for all three!  You can use the code: “SHIP$RDZP85”  to get free shipping on the bundles (it’s usually $5.95 for a trial), but you do need to remember to cancel within 7 days of receipt of the Free Trial or you will be billed for a monthly subscription. Expired.

Free Trial

Free Trial

Let me know if you decide to sign up and what bundles you pick!  And if you are already a subscriber, what are some of your favorite items from The Honest Company?  I love the dish soap, Body Wash / Shampoo (although I get this at Costco because it’s cheaper there), dishwasher pods, laundry pods and healing balm!

ETA: The Honest Company is also on zulily today,if you want to check them out there.

(*) Before WB was born I went on this crazy pants stockpile mission (it seriously lasted over a year) and bought so many diapers for 50% off or more. I was serious about stalking deals and doing coupon match-ups and I saved a bunch of money. It’s a lot of work though and I totally slacked after WB was born.
Disclosure: This post contains referral links!

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47 thoughts on “The Honest Company Diaper Bundle Review + FREE TRIAL

  • Megan

    I signed up for all three! I used the code for free shipping and it worked on all three bundles, so the whole trial is absolutely free! LOVE IT! I’ve been wanting to try this company for a while now, but they don’t have the ingredients listed on their website for each product. I am allergic to aloe (stupid allergy, huh?) so I wanted to get a small trial to see if aloe was in the products, but I didn’t want to pay the shipping in case the whole bundle had aloe! So this was great!

  • Stephanie B

    Love Honest Co. as well, and interestingly enough I do not really blog about my bundles either, even though I get them every month . I could not live without my Multi-Purpose and Floor Cleaners! Haha.

  • Diana Garza

    I LOVE The Honest Co. – I like everything except the dishwasher detergent. Everything else is amazing and I always recommend their stuff to my friends. I usually get my Essentials Bundle every 4 weeks which always includes the laundry detergent and the body wash/shampoo and body/face lotion for my kids. I usually play around with the other items every month. My next bundle is going to include the soy candle as an add-on. I’m starting to stockpile items for Christmas gifts and the soy candles would make great gifts. Sorry for my rambling…I just had Starbucks – lol!

  • Nicole

    I had a crazy diaper stockpile for Carson also mainly because I got so many smaller sizes at our baby shower for Hendrix that he never even wore. I think I have bought maybe 5 packs total for Carson and she is 9 months now.

  • Kelley

    As you know I get both bundles, but now that we are back to cloth I am going to push them back until January when the new little one arrives and just for 6-8 weeks then probably cancel. The wipes are just ok in my book, I like Seventh Generation ones or cloth wipes better!

    I love the shampoo and body wash (my mom got this for me at Costco thanks to you posting the awesome deal! Our Costco opens here in Dec so I hope it has it then!) and the dish soap is ok, I like the Method scents and pumps better. I do like their lotion and laundry detergent too, plus their leave in conditioner spray for the kids and love the healing balm!

  • Hilary Burdit

    Just signed up to try the essentials bundle… pretty excited about the samples I am all for natural, organic when I can be!

    I got a first goodies box today and was totally excited to get the cookie mix you reviewed in yours and I totally didn’t get it! Oh well most of the other stuff was the same and I’m pretty happy with it anyway (I just love baking!). Do you know if everyone’s boxes are always different? Or maybe because it was my first?

  • Tabitha

    Just signed up for a free trial of the Essentials bundle. Can’t wait to try out the products! Thanks for the free shipping code. 🙂

    • Tabitha

      Just signed up for the Health & Wellness trial of the kids vitamins also. I’m loving this and I haven’t even gotten any products yet!

  • LMG

    I go back and forth between Honest Company diapers and Huggies. I can find SUCH great deals on sales/coupons for Huggies (and daycare prefers them), but unless she’s changed within two hours she gets rashes. No rashes from Honest Co.

    I like the wipes–especially the travel ones–but I hate that they don’t work in pop-up dispensers. You have to peel off each one!

    • Mel

      They just announced their new wipes will be interlocked! I am so excited for that! I hate the old wipes. I even tried to ask Honest to just “forget” to send them because I have piles of them I won’t use but I hate to just throw out. But now, I can probably start using the new ones!

  • kara

    I love the look of The Honest Co diapers, they are so cute. I tried them a few times on my daughter but she always ended up with rashes. She doesn’t get rashes from any other diapers, I know weird.

  • Judy

    Believe it or not but my mom used reusable cloth diapers on both me and my brother. Way cheaper and better for the environment. Only downside is the obvious need to wash them. As gross as that seems I will probably end up doing the same.

  • Mary

    I have been getting The Honest Co. for a number of months now. I tried the diaper bundle for a month, but canceled. I didn’t feel like the fit was good. The top of diaper was weak and resulted in sagging and leaking. I much prefer the Huggies Pure and Natural. Although, if you like the Seventh Generation diapers, these are similar. I do, however, LOVE the Essentials bundle and get it every month. I buy the bath bubbles since my daughter likes to drink the bath water. Yes, I know, gross! I also like the Suds Up dish and brush, perfect for the little amount of hand-washing I do. I also get the dishwasher tabs. The only things I haven’t like: the stain remover did not remove any stains, although it works well as a deodorizer, like Febreze. The sunscreen was also really thick and difficult to spread. The diaper cream does not work as well on diaper rash as Calmoseptine (full of chemicals I’m sure, but works magic) but I love it on my heels. The other things I’ve tried are all fine. I am ordering the candle this month as well, so hopefully it is wonderful!

  • stephanie

    I just signed up for the essentials and diaper trial packs! Super excited and stalking my order page to see it go from processing to shipped. Thanks for your reviews on everything!

    By the way…off topic..I just received a Little Book Club package which supposedly shipped oh I don’t know…July 11th…seriously. Still bummed they are done :/

  • Maria

    I just purchased the trial pack for a friend. Will I be billed every month for more diapers?
    My husband wont be too happy to hear that diapers will be arriving every month.
    What do I do?

    • Jennifer Post author

      You need to give them a call and cancel. I think you have 7 Days maybe? It should be in the e-mail you got when you signed up for a trial.

  • Frances Tolley

    I hate dealing with Honest Company…their cancelation is extremely difficult to complete. You have to call when they’re in, not having a meeting and then wait forever listening to horrid music…I guess they think it will be such torture that you’ll hang up before you talk to them. It worked five times but on the sixth time I hung in there…never, ever again! Nightmare!

  • Rachel Purifoy

    I too fell in love with the Honest Company, only to have that love affair come to an abrupt end a few days ago! (well at least with their diapers, I’m still getting the Essentials Bundle!) I ordered the free trial, and at first enjoyed the absorbency of the diapers as well as their cuteness! My little guy was 8 months at that time, and he was just beginning to crawl! Now at just shy of 11 months, I had to pack up those “cute” diapers for some hardworking ones! I mean for 2 weeks, twice a day I was having leakage and not just the liquid kind if you know what I mean! So, I called them up and requested an exchange in size thinking that maybe he was too big for the size 3, but nope that wasn’t the issue at all! My little guy is so active, and a very healthy eater that when it came time for him to do his “business” my husband and I were in fear of a mess!! So, we are back to using Huggies and in a size 3!

  • Tina Edwards

    I LOVE The Honest Company. I got the samples a few weeks ago and just got my first full size Essentials Bundle today. Since I ordered in December and had a free gift code I also got the Suds Up dish brush and ceramic dish for free. And they send a little tree to plant as a holiday gift. My favorite product so far are the body wash. I have super sensitive skin – everything makes me itch. The only soap I have ever been able to use without a reaction at all is the Mud Flats soap from LUSH. I can’t afford it anymore. So, this was a great find for me. It’s not as heavy feeling on my skin as Mud Flats and is much cheaper (a bar of Mud Flats is like $5 and doesn’t last very long). I also love the hand soap because it isn’t super drying and the toothpaste because it doesn’t leave that nasty toothpastey taste in my mouth. The laundry detergent is also a great deal for me since I have to buy Dreft normally (sensitive skin like I said). Dreft isn’t cheap and I’m not fond of the smell. So, this is great. Plus, I hate shopping. So, this saves me a lot of that and as your essentials bundle review showed is way cheaper than buying in the store. Especially when you have to buy specialty products like I do.

    • Jennifer Post author

      Ohh, I got that little tree too and thought it was adorable!!! they sell that Body Wash / Shampoo in HUGE bottles at Costco with you have a membership. They come in a set of two and are like $16?? Such a deal!

  • Zed

    We looked for safer wipes online for our son to avoid all the bad Parabens and Phenoxyethanol. We discovered this company and were actually seduced by their products and mission statement.

    We ordered the Honest “FREE” sample package for $5.95 shipping to get a better idea of what to order in their entire catalogue.

    Not only the diapers did not work better than the brand we were using before but they even created a terrible rash on our 16-month old son (or are these their wipes?).
    The wipes are dry and stick to each other which must be pretty annoying on the long run.

    So we decided not to go that route and look for another brand that would satisfy us and our son better.

    Now the worst part begins !!!! What they call a “free trial” ends up being a monthly service where they stuff you for over $160 worth of products before you can even react and cancel it.
    There is no actual way to cancel and manage your orders/subscriptions on their website, they force you to call their Customer Service(even an e-mail is not accepted).

    We had to stay for 25 minutes on the line before talking to an operator who ended up offering a 15% discount on the bundles !!!
    Seriously ??!!!?? You shoveled those products we never ordered down our throats and you don’t accept them back ?

    Those $5.95 did cost us over $160 because we did not go and read the fine prints at the very bottom of the page and we are now sitting with all those products that are not suitable for our son.


    We even discovered after the fact that their wipes (maybe some other products as well, to be verified) were manufactured in CHINA!!!… How green is that?!?

    And they call themselves the HONEST company… that’s ironic !

    • Nicole C

      Try Earth’s Best diapers (cheapest from Target) and Seventh Generation wipes (also good price from Target). We love them both!

  • Jami Taylor

    I have used The Honest Company for almost a year now. I love their cleaning and bath products. Unfortunately for me, my 4 year old and I both have incredibly sensitivity skin and have a VERY hard time finding skin products that won’t give us rashes and hives. Within 1 week of switching to the Honest products our skin had completely cleared up. (And for the first time in my life I can enjoy a bubble bath!) Now that I am having another little one I have already started to stockpile Honest diapers while I await his/her arrival. Yes, The Honest Company does cost a little more than the other brands we have known for years, but if you have allergies and skin sensitivities like my family it is well worth the money!

  • Sarah Coutu

    Hello! I was just wondering if you looked at the labels or read the ingredients on the diapers and wipes from the Honest Company? They have the same bad ingredients as the store bought diapers and their wipes are made primarily of water in China. I bought some, I know. And I spoke to the co-founder, Christopher Gavigan, of the company himself. He claims that they get the water from the same river as the thousands of dead pigs were found, but because they filter the water, it’s safe for our babies. I personally helped to get them to change their website because they misrepresented their diapers. It had this whole page complaining about “normal” disposable diapers and how the SAPs in them were skin irritants. When all along, their diapers have SAPs in them also. When I asked why they use SAPs after claiming how bad they were, and the only answer I ever got from anyone at the company was that they wouldn’t be absorbent enough without them. Then somehow, they got all of this funding under false pretenses. The liquid products have harmful ingredients as well. The Hollywood star is just a friendly face to get you to buy and trust their word. I just thought maybe you should look into the company a little further before recommending their products. Sarah

  • Nicole Christiansen


    I just started using these diapers and I LOVE THEM!!!!! They are the best quality and have no added chemicals… They are also sooooo cute, you can pick from several adorable designes. Click on this link and enter code INVITE10 at check out to get $10 off your 1st order… Enjoy!!!

  • Kim

    I am definitely not a new age parent who drinks the Kool Aid about the newest craze of baby products, however I LOVE Honest diapers. I hate that I love them, but I do. My daughter has had tiny red bumps on her butt and around her thighs since she started wearing a disposable. She has contact dermatitis. I tried every big brand diaper on the market and nothing improved these bumps. I signed up for the Honest trial of 7 diapers, which she wore for 24hrs. The bumps were GONE, seriously NOT ONE BUMP! Also, she usually leaked a little out of her Cruisers during the night, every night. These diapers wicked away the pee and could probably have handled more after 12hrs of sleeping. I signed up for the insanely expensive bundle . . . $80 for roughly 3.5 weeks of diapers (they say it is a month supply but they base it on 6 size 4 diapers/day. My 7 month old goes through more than 6 a day). For this bargain price, they send your diapers FedEx Home which is SLOW so you have to order a week before you need them. See why I wish they didn’t work so well? The price, supply and delivery sucks, but for my daughter, they really work. Oh and they are “responsibly manufactured in China” seriously . . . for this price they should be made in the USA instead of China to increase the profits.

  • Suz

    I love a good subscription box, but after the “free” trial size arrived, I decided I could easily get similar items in it for much less–and only when needed–at the whole foods down the street. I’ve been on hold for literally 10 minutes now trying to cancel before getting slapped with a large monthly fee. Horrific customer service; the cynic in me says they hope I will just give up so they can gauge me. Who doesn’t do business via email these days? Companies like Honest who hope people won’t take the time to sit on their cell for 20 minutes… Outrageous.

  • sandra

    Impossible to cancel a bundle, which is quite a disappointment. I agree with a previous poster that its very annoying to find that you are automatically signed up for bundles just from receiving the sample. Then, when you try to cancel its utterly impossible to get them on the phone. Either you are on hold FOREVER or its busy. You also cannot cancel online. Its just very frustrating and I would expect more to be ‘honest.’

    In regards to quality – I have nothing negative to say about the products other than they are overpriced in comparison to other brands that are quite similar.

  • Clover

    Hi! I read your review when I was deciding whether or not to try Honest diapers. I tried them and love them. Do you mind if I repost one of these images on my FB fan page with a link to this review?

    Thanks! Clover

  • Alyssa

    I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but the Honest Company has decreased the amount of diapers in their packages after the newborn size since last year. Size 1 only now has 44 diapers as opposed to 50 like last year. That’s 36 diapers less in a bundle and the price is still the same! That’s basically a price increase within two years since the company started. I’m not sure if they’re compensating in other ways but that’s a very dishonest thing to do especially since they have been hauling in huge profits and even got major retailers to carry their products on the shelves. If anything they should include more diapers in their bundles.

    • Jennifer Post author

      Ohhhh, I actually haven’t noticed. I need to check my packages! Although, I will say it’s a pretty common thing to do with diapers. Pampers and Huggies do it too.

      • Alyssa

        Yeah I’m not sure if a lot of customers caught on because I doubt the company mentioned anything. But I wish they didn’t do a “price increase” this soon in the game being that their diapers are already on the pricey side. I just hope this is not a continuing trend over the next year or two because it will make it even less affordable.

  • Gina

    Since you all are very familiar with The Honest Company- I just recieved the bundle with the shampoo, lotion, hand soap etc… Are these products ok to use on babies? It doesn’t specify an age but you know how sensitive their skin is so I was hoping you all could give me some insight if you have used the body wash or shampoo etc on your babies…?

    • Jennifer Post author

      I have used them on my youngest since he was tiny (like 3 months old probably). I don’t think they were around when my oldest was younger. I haven’t had any issues!

  • neha

    Remember free trial will cost you like hell. if u don’t cancel you subscription they will send you items without your permission and charge $170 to ur credit card.

    This is DIS~honest company. They cheated me. I didnt even think they will mis use fine prints.

  • Joseph Borowy

    I’m actually happy I got to read your opinion on these diapers… My wife and I ordered the trial WELL before Thiea was born, mostly so we could try the Essentials stuff out (which is amazing btw!)… I recently found another diaper trial @, and just received that package yesterday. I currently have the Everyday Happy trial on hold, while we test the diapers from both companies on our little angel, born 6/26/2015 @ 10:55pm! 🙂 Honestly (no pun intended), so far, just based on appearance alone, we will likely go with the Honest Company bundle, because the EH diapers are just plain recycled brown looking; I definitely like that Honest made the effort to make their eco-friendly diapers not look like eco-friendly diapers! Still, we won’t know for sure until we try them out. As far as their functionality, that’s what matters most, right? As far as their claims, they are fairly equal, and the prices are pretty similar with EH totaling about $85 after shipping, but they dint give quite as many diapers, and I’m still unsure if wipes are extra to add.

    Btw, anyone that hates dealing with customer service, I must say that next to’s customer service, Honest Company’s is just simply amazing! The customer service agents make you feel so appreciated, and understand any issues, or questions you may have. They have absolutely no problem postponing your orders until you are ready for them (which if you need to set your order of further than a month, or schedule an odd shipment increment, you must call to do that). The employees clearly reflect the image and name of goods company, and I sincerely hope Honest performs better than the Everyday Happy statists, because I’d hate to lose the customer device experiences alone! Hahaha!

    Again, thank you for this review; I will update with our decision and product reviews of the companies I mentioned in this comment, after we finish comparison testing. 🙂

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  • Kim

    I love love love these diapers kinda pricey. But I keep finding myself self ONLY buying these diapers. I honestly cant see my self buying any other brand ever again. Kudos to these diapers!!! I freaking love them..