Thursday Thoughts

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Thursday Thoughts

~First things first. L lost his first tooth last night!! It’s been loose for a few days (maybe longer) and last night was the big night. He was up in bed and all of a sudden I heard him scream that it had come out. He was so excited. He expected that the Tooth Fairy would leave him “maybe like a quarter” so he was OMGSOEXCITED to see the two dollar bill and a gold $1 coin. And the toothbrush was just an added bonus ;).

Missing Tooth!
Missing Tooth!

~Yesterday was the big IKEA / Cheesecake Factory day I’d been dreaming of. IKEA was amazing (of course) and I picked up some cute baskets to hang my nail polishes up in – I think they will work anyway – along with some other assorted items I didn’t need, but needed. I do need to go back with B though so we can look at the loft bed we have our eye on for L. And now onto the Cheesecake Factory. The first one just opened here in MI last week and everyone is going bananas about it. It was totally insane. Since we didn’t want to wait 2 hours to have lunch on a random Wednesday afternoon, we decided to eat elsewhere and just get cheesecake to go. That took like 25 itself and required waiting in line as well. It was effing delicious though. #notcleaneatingatall

Fun Day!
Fun Day!

~I still don’t know what the word is on L’s school for the fall (aka in two weeks) but SHOULD know today. Fingers crossed he gets the school I want. I’ll live if he doesn’t though. The other school is closer to Target anyway.

~In addition to going to IKEA/CPK/Cheesecake Factory yesterday, I also sent off a bag of clothes to thredUP, got a bunch of book swap books packaged and mailed, listed B’s old textbooks on (thank you everyone for the recommendations) and did some more garage sale prep. I am quite excited about the “Free Box” and keep finding things to add to it. I’m on a roll around here! And when the clean-out is complete, I will post a picture of my basement storage (a few people asked). The amount of holiday decorations I have is out.of.hand, but cleaning things out and thinning out my “stuff” puts me in a good mood! And thank you to my mom for taking the boys today so this can continue (I think she really just wants to see L missing a tooth).

~I know so many of you have been waiting for the Stella & Dot Elephant Pouf (under Companions in the Bags & More tab) to be back in stock and finally it is!!!!!! It doesn’t ship until 8/30, but you can finally place your order for one again! If you have been eyeing it I would totally suggest you get it now. I have one and I LOVE it. It’s $24 and is a great size. It’s not tiny at all (that’s a full sized ipad in the picture).

~And finally, congrats to Melissa Men****a who won the Zoku giveaway!  Congrats!! I e-mailed you Melissa so be on the lookout!  And don’t forget, there are still plenty of August giveaways going on and I plan to have a new one up today ;).

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  1. Jenny

    You have a great toothfairy. We asked at the dentist Monday but no loose teeth yet. N doesn’t really care but I know he’ll be asking soon I’m sure.

  2. I was just saying how we need to come up with a random time to go to The Cheesecake Factory. Maybe there isn’t one? But cheesecake to go sounds like a plan. What flavor did you choose?

  3. Jen

    Yay for a first lost tooth! 🙂 An exciting milestone.

  4. Lynsey

    YEAH L!!! So exciting! Aww was forever ago Aaron lost his first tooth, now I will just have to wait for Cassius! And I love the tooth brush and toothpaste idea totally stealing it!

  5. Alice

    You’re such an awesome mom!! Hope L enjoyed his first Tooth Fairy exp. And as always, I can never get enough of the WB!! So adorable!! HAGD!

  6. Jennifer

    I miss being able to go to IKEA. I skipped a trip to Tanglewood last summer for a trip to IKEA with my best friend.

  7. wisconsin gal

    Ok, I’m in love love love with Ikea.
    I would love to see before and after photos of what you picked up at Ikea and how you used the items. I love that you can do just about anything with so many of their items.
    So, if you didn’t have before/after photos, we gotta see the Ikea items! Too fun. I gotta go soon.

  8. Suzanne

    Congrats on the first lost tooth of many! It is so fun playing tooth fairy. I love the $2.00 bill idea! By the time our 2nd started to loose his teeth we could barely stay awake to get everything under the pillow!

  9. sara

    IKEA can make any day/week amazing! :o) I already want to plan my next trip for next year. I want to get some things for Mackenzie’s birthday and look at big ‘big’ girl beds for her.
    Hopefully you get the school you want for L….sucks that it’s 2 weeks away and you don’t know.

  10. Alicia

    Could you please post a pic or link to the hanging baskets you purchased at IKEA to hold your nail polish? My daughter has over 70 polishes and I’m looking for ideas other than a rubbermaid box, LOL!!

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