Hello Fresh Review – 9.5.13 Delivery + Coupon Code

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Hello Fresh
Hello Fresh

I wasn’t totally planning on getting a Hello Fresh delivery last week, but I forgot to skip so I got one! I wasn’t sad though, because the meal options looked fabulous.  Then again, they always look fabulous.

Hello Fresh
The Box

Hello Fresh ships via FedEx. My box arrived on a Thursday, however, beginning yesterday (9/11/13), Hello Fresh is now delivering on Wednesdays.

Hello Fresh
First Look

Once again I didn’t unpack my box until around dinner time on the day it arrived and everything was still “chilly” and looked great.   I believe there were 5-6 options to select from last week and B and I had a hard time picking since they all looked SO good!  We usually both agree on one and then we each pick one we want to try the most.  It seems to work out well for us.  Here’s what we picked last week:

~Lasagna Style Baked Penne: OMG.  This may be one of the best Hello Fresh meals, wait one of the best meal subscription box meals I have ever had.  It was delicious.  B and I had a crazy week (we always do) so he made this one night and then we had it for lunch (separately) the next day.  I can’t even tell you how amazing this was.  It was insane.  I am dying for B to recreate this.  Maybe it’ll happen this weekend?  Fingers crossed!

Hello Fresh
Lasagna Style Baked Penne – The Recipe
Hello Fresh
Lasagna Style Baked Penne – The Ingredients
Hello Fresh
Lasagna Style Based Penne – The Final Results

~Chicken Paillard with Arugula Salad and Gremolata: I always enjoy the salads that come in these subscription boxes because I would never put any of these things together on my own.  This was another delicious meal, but wasn’t AS amazing as the lasagna.  How could it have been really?  All these boxes are really opening my eyes and showing me that I really DO like “fancy” foods and that I’ve just been scared to try them before!

Hello Fresh
Chicken Paillard with Arugula Salad and Gremolata – The Recipe
Hello Fresh
Chicken Paillard with Arugula Salad and Gremolata – The Ingredients
Hello Fresh
Chicken Paillard with Arugula Salad and Gremolata – The Final Product

~Sweet Potato & Fish Cakes with Fresh Summer Salad: B and I have not gotten a chance to try this yet (boo us), but I didn’t want to delay my review.  I froze what I could from this because I didn’t want to waste anything I didn’t have to!  B is only home for dinner 4 nights a week and I think we got 6 meals last week ;(.

Hello Fresh
Sweet Potato & Fish Cakes with Fresh Summer Salad – The Recipe
Hello Fresh
Sweet Potato & Fish Cakes with Fresh Summer Salad – The Ingredients

Do you subscribe to HelloFresh?  What do you think of the service?  B and I are still LOVING these subscription services and it really helps us out with our meal planning – big time.

If you don’t subscribe and want to sign up, click here and don’t forget to use coupon code “ARAMBLINGSFALL” to get $25 off your first box.  That would bring the cost of the box down to $44 for the Classic Box, which works out to about $7.33/meal!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links!
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  1. Kels

    the fish cakes were AMAZING.

    the directions say make 2 patties… we did that and it was a disaster. we ended up putting them in the oven, breaking them into 4 patties, and frying them again… so just skip a step we took (and an argument…) and make them into 4 smaller patties – they’ll fry up A LOT better.. the double frying worked though.. it made them really crispy and amazing around the edges.

    we’ve probably done 10-15 hellofresh boxes, and the fish cakes were probably one of my favorites so far

  2. Sarah

    That lasagna looks amazing! Can you share the recipe?

  3. Kathleen Engle

    Just checked and it doesn’t deliver to my area 🙁

  4. Angel

    Any chance I could get the pasta/Lasagna recipe? It looks beyond amazing. I loved your box- wish they shipped to canada, without the quarterly co. 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      Let me see if I can dig it up! I know we keep them all. I am just not sure where my husband has it!

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