PopSugar Fall Style Must Have Box **SPOILERS** 27

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image thanks to Melissa!

image thanks to Melissa!

OMG, OMG, OMG someone (*) received their PopSugar Fall Style Must Have box! Here are the spoilers!

~Goldfaden MD Skincare Doctor’s Scrub ($75)
~stila Luxe Eye Shadow Palette ($45)
~Library of Flowers Bubble Bath ($36)
~Christian Lacroix Riviera A6 Lay Flat Notebook ($13)
~Beurre & Sel Cookies ($10)
~Rachel Zoe Fall 2013 Gold Knot Ring ($75)
~Cynthia Vincent Classic Shoppper Bag ($85)

All totaled I am coming up with a value of $329 for the Fall Style PopSugar Must Have Box! The box was $100 and is now sold out, but you can still use the code “REFER5” to save $5 off your first PopSugar Must Have Box subscription! What are your thoughts on the fall style box? I can’t wait to hear!!!

Disclosure: This post contains referral links!
(*) She’s on a FB group I am in and posted the spoilers today. I was shocked someone got their box so quickly! THANK YOU Melissa!!!

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27 thoughts on “PopSugar Fall Style Must Have Box **SPOILERS**

  • Carly

    I really like everything in the box and it is a great value but honestly, who spends $85 on a shopper bag?!? I will definitely use all of these things but would have NEVER spent that much money on the items individually.

  • Julie Baldock

    I’m so excited! I saw your post in mut and was giddy. Mine is only 12 hours away (in cali) but has been initiated for days. I was wondering if I made a mistake because sometimes they don’t seem worth it but this looks awesome. I love cookies, bubble bath, giant designer totes, beautiful notebooks, face scrub…!!! And the 7 should fit my ring a smidge tight but ok (got a ring sizer from blue Nile) This is a very fancy treat but I only get ipsy. And barkbox- but that’s not for me.

  • Leslie

    I usually stay away from spoilers but I couldn’t help myself! I am so excited for the eye shadow palette and ring. I personally wouldn’t spend $36 on bubble bath because I never get a chance to take baths but I will once I get my box! 🙂

    • Julie Baldock

      I love baths. I rarely take showers. In the new house we just moved into there’s a claw foot tub. I’m SO excited about the bubble bath because I would never spend that! The most expensive treat I do is lush bath bombs for $7 AND I cut them in half AND I only do that like once a season.

      • Julie Baldock

        Jenn I only see your comments via email… But no, no shower bombs because I really do take baths 95% of the time. It’s a weird affectation, but I grew up in a house with the worst shower ever. Bad water pressure, didnt hold heat, etc.

  • Tiffany

    My box was sitting on my porch when we got home last night. I almost died of excitement because it still says processing on my account so I didn’t think it’d even shipped yet.

    I do love everything in it and think its well worth the $100, but no way I’d pay the retail price of some of these things. I can’t wait for you to get your box and see what you think of everything.

    I was hoping for a scarf or other accessory for fall.

  • Ashley G

    Super glad that I got this box. Although I would never spend this much money on these things it’s a luxurious treat. Also glad I got it since it seems like they are running later on the September must have box. I would be sad to have to wait extra long without getting an extra treat. Although I do hope there are bag variations cause some of the other bags by that designer are way cuter!

  • Ying

    So disappointed I bought this box…nothing in it interests me. I like the ring, but I don’t pay that much for accessories ever and Im afraid the ring might not even fit my fingers! I saw the eyeshadow palette but I don’t like the colors. Most of them don’t work for my skin tone. I don’t have a bath tub, etc. I don’t get how this is a fall style box. (Sigh) well I guess the boxes are always hit or miss.

  • Ashley G

    Got my box today, so glad I got a different color bag. Mine is a purple color. The scrub smells amazing and so does the bubble bath. I got the Parmesan and rosemary cookies which are just ok. I wasn’t sure about the stills until I saw it in person and now I kinda love it. Love all the items and won’t be gifting a single one, but I don’t think this is very fall related. Now just waiting for my September box a 4.1 lb box, I’m hoping for some amazing fall accessory like a scarf or a clutch.

  • Michelle

    I’m sorry to say I’m kind of disappointed :(. I thought with all the specific questions they asked us (size, style q’s) I was hoping for at least one article of clothing. Plus with these special boxes I just think I could spend $100 better on my own. Sure the value might be huge but honestly who do you know who would ever spend $35 for bubble bath? value of box does not equal value for me!

  • ashley

    Dang! I was contemplating buying one of these and now I’m sad I didn’t 🙁 I just signed up for the regular box and am not getting it until October, but I’m dying to get it! I’m not sure if I’ll keep the regular subscription though since I’m going to be going on a pretty tight budget (buying my first house!), so if I end up canceling the regular I think I’ll get the quarterly boxes instead 😉

  • Frances Tolley

    I love my box. I’m surprised that the ring fits(they must have used our sizes). If it great for me…I thought I might give it away but once I put it on I decided to keep it. I think I’m selfishly keeping everything! I agree that the bubble bath is expensive but I really like it too. Like Julie, I have a claw foot tub and I will enjoy the bubble baths.

    This is my first special box so I don’t have a basis for comparison but I really liked everything single thing…

  • Lauren L

    I just got mine today and I like it okay…. The ring doesn’t even fit my pinky finger (plus, I don’t really like it anyway the knot is way too large for my taste.) The bag is fun (I got a grey one) but I don’t think I’ll use it. The bubble bath is cool; the scrub is cool (but overpriced it would seem;) the stila set is cool and Autumnal. The Fleur de Sel cookies have egg in them so I can’t eat them. (My husband perked up at the mention of cookies but doesn’t seem excited about the Rosemary Parmesan flavor. “Cookies? Not crackers?”) The journal was fine (black, white, and floral) but I could get the same thing at Home Goods for $5. I usually like the special edition boxes much more so I think I’ll still keep buying them.

  • Lisa D.

    Still have not received my Fall Style box! I know my local post office has it (they just got it yesterday), but it will probably be another 3-5 days before I see it…my mail lady tends to hang onto my boxes for DAYS and mark them as “Undeliverable” when she is running late. . .GRRR!