Saturday Smiles 4

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Today I’m smiling because:

~We survived the first week of school!  L was BEAT last night and frankly, so was I.  But it was a successful first week of school and I couldn’t be happier with how it all went down.

He loves these daily pictures!

He loves these daily pictures!

~I am expecting so many packages in the next week or so.  OMG so many packages.  It’s insane.  And I am so excited about it!

~I have a few friends who are borrowing some of L’s old Halloween costumes and I am so excited that someone is getting some use out of these!  I knew I was saving them for a reason!

So many costumes

So many costumes

~I signed up to work at the Holiday Gift / Santa Shop at L’s school and I am already excited about it.  Watching a bunch of kids pick out Christmas gifts on their own is going to be so fun!

~My Ciate / Fancy box polish is still going strong!

~I washed all the sheets in the house yesterday.  Nothing better than sleeping on freshly washed sheets!

~B got off work a big early yesterday and happened to be passing by where the kids and I were (Petco and Toys R Us) and we all met up for fro-yo!  A perfect end to the first week of school.

The fish were swarming him!

The fish were swarming him!

~Vegas flights are getting cheaper!  I knew waiting was the smart thing to do (JK I just didn’t have my act together to book sooner).  OMG AND B still gets free checked luggage for his “traveling party”.  That is going to save us a ton!

That’s it from here!  What’s got you smiling today?

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles

  • brandy

    congrats on getting the first week of school down. after i get settled with my own school next week i am going to start figuring out everything i need to do for next year. because i’m already stressed about it.

  • Mom

    I’m smiling at all those old Halloween pictures and because B gets free checked luggage! Oh and because I’m going to our new JoAnn’s store today.

  • Jean

    Hi Jennifer – LOVE FRESH SHEETS!!! That’s at the top of my list of “likes” . . . After raising 3 kids . . . I have to tell you, it’s a huge tribute to you and your hubby that Lucas did so well in Kinder . . . His smile said it all. The pics you posted were so cute. My older daughters (24 & 21) are in love with your boys, as I am! They started following you, after I showed them a picture of your boys. We only have girls . . . . so the boy thing is fun to watch. I am fortunate that my sister has two boys, so I am in love with my nephews!! I get to experience hands-on that way! Also, wanted to quickly say that you will LOVE working at the kids’ Santa Shop. I’ve worked at it many times and it is SO SWEET watching these little ones picking out stuff for their family and friends. And then on Christmas morning when you open the gifts, its so fun to watch the little ones sincerely enjoy the art of “giving”! Be sure and let Lucas shop without you so he can surprise you! 🙂 Have a great weekend!! It will be fun to hear about it during the holidays! Hugs ~