September Citrus Lane Review + Coupon Code

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September Citrus Lane - 17 Month Old Boy
September Citrus Lane – 17 Month Old Boy

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my September Citrus Lane box(es) and happily they came today! I get a box for WB’s actual age (17 months) and then another randomly aged. This month I decided to opt for a newborn box (NO I am NOT pregnant) to mix things up a little (usually I get one for a 3’ish year old). As always I will do a full review on WB’s box and just a quick breakdown of the second box.

September Citrus Lane - 17 Month Old Boy
The Box

My box doesn’t have a label this month because it came inside a much larger box due to the amount of add-ons I ordered.

Some of my add-ons.....
Some of my add-ons…..

I don’t know what got into me, but at 2am one night when the add-on link went live, I decided I needed eight million aiden + anais blankets, bibs and swaddles. I do have a lot of friends who are expecting and they will make great gifts, so it’s all good!

September Citrus Lane - 17 Month Old Boy
First Look

Not a very impressive first look huh?  My box clearly took quite a ride!  No matter though! I was just happy to get it.  I wasn’t too thrilled that my box was missing an information card, but considering that they had to ship me a giant package which I bet cost a bunch because of all my add-ons, I’ll be okay.  Here’s what my Citrus Lane box, which again was for a 17 month-old boy, included:

~Charlie Harper ABCs Book ($9.95): I *think* we already have this book, but I haven’t seen it in the playroom in a while, so maybe not?  It’s so familiar though.  It’s a great book and the illustrations are amazing.  A classic for sure!

September Citrus Lane - 17 Month Old Boy
Charlie Harper ABCs Book

~Babytime Playful Wash by Episencial ($3.83):  We love this wash an use it basically every day (well the boys do – I don’t), so I am happy for more.  I don’t know if this exact wash has every come in a CL before, but the brand has and I always enjoy it.

September Citrus Lane - 17 Month Old Boy
Babytime Playful Wash by Episencial

~Julep Nail Polish (It Girl – Coco) ($14): I received this polish in my May Julep Box, but seriously, at this point there aren’t too many Julep polishes that CL could have sent me that I don’t already have so I expected to receive a duplicate! I do love this color and I am guessing whoever I pass this onto will too!

September Citrus Lane - 17 Month Old Boy
Julep Nail Polish (It Girl – Coco)

~Happy Tot Super Toddler Bar ($1.40): WB has had these before and enjoys them.  L also enjoys them, so if WB doesn’t eat it first, L totally will!

September Citrus Lane - 17 Month Old Boy
Happy Tot Super Toddler Bar

~Hape Numbers and Colors Blocks ($9.99): LOVE these!  I’m just going to tell you right now, these are going to be in my September “Best of the Boxes” post.  I love blocks and these are so high quality and brightly colored and amazing.  And I have been trading for the other type of blocks that came in CL this month, the Hape City Planner Blocks because I am so obsessed with them. If I can wait I will save all these sets for Christmas, but since WB is SO into blocks now I might not be able to wait!  Have I mentioned that I love these?  Because I do!

September Citrus Lane - 17 Month Old Boy
Hape Numbers and Colors Blocks

All totaled the September 2013 Citrus Lane Box (for a 17-month old boy) had a value of $39.17.  I think this is probably one of my favorite CL boxes from the past few months.  I love it all!!!

Citrus Lane Newborn Box
Citrus Lane Newborn Box

Our September Citrus Lane box for a Newborn (again, NO, I am not pregnant, but I have friends who are), included the following:  Charlie Harper 123s from AMMO Books ($9.95) (love that I have the set), Chime Ball from Skip Hop ($10), Babytime Playful Wash by Episencial ($3.83), Julep Nail Polish (It Girl – Coco) ($14) (I guess two friends are getting Coco) and Diaper Rash Ointment from Dr. Smiths ($4.33).  This box had a total of $42.11 and I thought it was an amazing newborn box as well! The chime ball and polish will get gifted, but we’ll totally use the rest!

Did you get Citrus Lane this month?  What’d you think of the box? And what age do you get?  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here!  Using my link will save you $10 off your box (boxes are $25/month), however the coupon code “TAKEHALF” will save you a few dollars more!

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  1. Brian H.

    B. does go to Macomb. The ABC’s book may be assigned reading for his advanced English class.

  2. Jenny

    I did it. I took my blocks and stashed them for Christmas. They will fit great in Cs stocking. We have been reading the book though. Since N is working on the abcs and reading its always nice to have another alphabet to go with.

  3. Deanna

    I haven’t gotten our box for the month yet but after reading your review I am excited to see what arrives! I love checking out your breakdown on the CL boxes. We are just getting a box for a 5-month old this month. I received the box our 3-year old last month and have enjoyed all the products but I think CL will end up better for baby.

  4. Jessica

    We haven’t gotten our box yet but I am hoping for the blocks! I saw another review with a purse and frankly, we have enough of those! They sell the blocks on amazon too and there are sets with animals and cars too. They would be prefect stocking stuffers!

  5. Elizabeth

    I received my box for a girl and got almost the same exact box as you but no blocks. Instead we got an ice cream cone shaped bag for her to tote around her treasures”. This was another month I loved!

  6. Stephanie L. McGuire

    I love love love Citrus Lane!! I think that I look forward to receiving this box more than I do any of my other boxes!!!

    We received a girls newborn box, instead of a monkey chime ball we received a lamb chime ball! The lamb fits perfectly in with all of her other toys and what not so we were very happy to get that.

    We also received the same book, polish, diaper rash cream and body wash!

    I’m bummed that I missed out on the add-ons though… maybe some other time… though Delaney needs another blanket like she needs a hole in the head, lol, I’ve kinda gone a little bonkers on baby blankets and swaddle blankets, lol!

  7. mary m

    Finally got our CL box yesterday. Not happy with the purse, I was excited to get blocks 🙁

    thinking I need to switch to gender neutral.

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