September Goodies Co. Review

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Edited to Add: Goodies Co. has discontinued their subscription service.

September Goodies Co.
September Goodies Co.

One of the many packages on my porch yesterday was Goodies Co.! At $7/month, Goodies Co. is one of (if not the) cheapest subscription boxes out there. Goodies Co. is a WalMart Labs company and sends out monthly snacks and treats and foods to try and discover.

September Goodies Co.
The Box

Goodies Co. ships via FedEx Smart Post.  I rank it higher than DHL Global Mail, but behind UPS Mail Innovations and USPS.  I believe this box took around 7 days (maybe less) to arrive to me.  I never did get a tracking notification for it though, which I found odd?  It may be because it was a box I redeemed with my points (you get points on Goodies for doing reviews)? Not sure.

September Goodies Co.
First Look

I’m still holding out hope that Goodies is going to come back with information cards and monthly themes.   You can go into your account online and see product information, but you all know how much I like my information cards.  Here’s what the September box (I received Box #2) contained:

~Gimbal’s Scotty Dogs Licorice: These little scotty dog shaped licorice bites are adorable.  Sadly I don’t like black licorice.  However, every once in a while L will INSIST that he likes it and we’ll get some at the store.  And yeah, he realized that he doesn’t really like it.   This works out well to keep in the pantry for the next time we have this discussion.

September Goodies Co.
Gimbal’s Scotty Dogs Licorice

~Attiki Honey – Thyme by MJM Distributors: I don’t each much honey, but I think I am going to try this on a bagel tomorrow morning.  It sounds so good right now, but I think it’ll turn out to be one of those things I eat once and then don’t eat again for a few months.

September Goodies Co.
Thyme by MJM Distributors

~Savory Garden Tea by Numi Teas:  Broccoli Cilantro tea?  Let me think about that.  No! I shouldn’t knock it because I haven’t tried it, but the chances of me trying it aren’t too good.  I don’t even think B will!

Savory Garden Ta by Numi Teas
Savory Garden Tea by Numi Teas

~Zone Perfect Greek Yogurt Chocolate Bar: Totally delicious!  I love Zone Perfect bars and this is no exception.  I would totally buy a box of these.  Yum!

September Goodies Co.
Zone Perfect Greek Yogurt Chocolate Bar

~Bare Fruit Crunchy Fiji Red Apple Chips: I’ve gotten these in a bunch of subscription boxes and while they are good, I wouldn’t mind getting brand new treats to try!

September Goodies Co.
Bare Fruit Crunchy Fiji Red Apple Chips

~Kashi Sundried Tomato Basil & Feta Hummus Chips: I love hummus and I love chips, and this combines the two!  I hope to be able to find these at my local store soon because I want more!  Has anyone seen these?  Do they have them at WalMart??

September Goodies Co.
Kashi Sundried Tomato Basil & Feta Hummus Chips

~Pure Life Splash – Lemon:  I drank this (it’s good, I’ve had it before) and then realized I’d never taken a picture of it.  Oops!  Like I said, it’s good, but it’s nothing new really!

Nestle Pure Life Lemon

Did you get a Goodies box this month?  What’d you think?  I’m hoping that Goodies steps up their game a bit next month because this wasn’t one of my favorite boxes from them.  Last October was amazing, so fingers crossed next month is the same!  Also, what box number did you get this month?  Where there any variations?  If you are interested in signing up or just want to learn more, click here.

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  1. alison

    I am going to try the Broccoli Cilantro tea in a little while… I’ll let you know what I think.

  2. mary m

    Aww I’m sad…we got olives instead of licorice. My husband loves black licorice! Otherwise we just had a variation on flavors of what you got.

  3. alison

    okay so the tea… it smells and tastes like soup and it’s actually not terrible just weird.

  4. Shannon

    It was my first month getting this box, and I was pretty pleased! It was identical to yours (different flavors of water and tea) except for the licorice. I received Mario olives instead. The nutrition bar and hummus crisps were my favorite!

  5. Kristin P

    I finally just cancelled my Goodies subscription. I got this box yesterday and there isn’t much of anything in it that I would eat or drink. The bottled water went right to my husband because the aspertame and sucralose in it is am immediate sign for me not to ingest it. They aren’t putting in new things anymore and I just stopped looking forward to the box.

  6. Danielle K

    Looks like a bit of a Greek theme to me!

  7. Shannon

    Also, about how many points do you need before you can redeem them for something?

    1. alison

      I was able to get a free box at 300 points

  8. Lisa D

    I got mine too! Not sure hoe to see what box number I got. I got Carrot Tea, Orange Water and everything else the same as you.

  9. Stephanie L. McGuire

    I got the exact same box except I got beet tea, lol!

    1. alison

      What was the beet tea like???

  10. Shannon

    I got everything but the licorice. I also got the green olives which I also don’t like. This was my last straw with goodies. My first box was great and they have consistenly gone down hill. I canceled.

  11. Elizabeth

    I received the same box. The only thing I liked was the zone bar. Hope the next box carries many delicious snacks, and not weird variety of foods.

    1. Elizabeth

      Here is a funny story, I came ome yesterday to find ANOTHER goodies box at my door. I wasn’t even charged for this box. I was pleasantly surprised to find olives in my box this time and a different flavor of water. I now have both lemon and mandarin orange. I wish they had a given me two boxes of things I would actually enjoy eating.

  12. Ally

    I just reviewed mine as well. I think B would have been happier if we had gotten black licorice instead of the apple crisps. I did love that Zone bar. Not sure if I’m going to keep the subscription at this rate…

  13. I used points to redeem for a free box and wound up getting two boxes? I’m sure I paid for one, but whatevs. I do a breakdown on value of these just to prove to myself that they really aren’t worth $7. I came up with $6 but prob over valued the honey when you look at the tiny amount that’s in there. I hate Walmart anyways, so month after month of being worth less than I paid for it and I’m done. I cancelled today.

  14. Jean Eckert

    I got this same box on Saturday even though nothing was listed on my Goodies page to review. Then another box showed up Monday with the olives in it… I only subscribe to 1 so not really sure what happened but I’m not complaining!

  15. Catherine

    I thought that the box was kind of themed Greek-y also. At least kind of. I absolutely adored the hummus chips and my husband went out and found them at Kroger. We try not to shop at Walmart unless we absolutely have to. At least the box this month was better than last.

  16. Alexia561

    I got the olives instead of the licorice, and different flavors of the tea and water. Not a horrible box, but they’ve done better. Still, not bad for only $7!

  17. Alyssa

    I got Mario olives in my box which weren’t that good although I don’t like licorice either so it’s good I didn’t get that. I loved the hummus crisps just saw a commercial for them the day after I got my box lol.

  18. Marybeth

    I got the olives, instead of the Scotties. The olives were a big hit in my house. No one would have eaten the candy, so I am glad there. I got tomato mint tea. Lets just say…ick. And orange water. I am pretty disappointed in Goodies lately. They used to have so many good things in the boxes but now, it just isn’t all that exciting. I think I am keeping it because it is only 7 dollars. But if they don’t change up soon even that might end.

  19. Nicole Arredondo

    Im signing up for the kids box. Have you received that one as well?

  20. Berit

    I got olives instead of licorice, but I’m totally happy with it. My water was grape flavored-which my son likes. I liked Goodies box much more then Love With Food this month. LWF hasn’t responded to my email or msg about the deluxe box being a dud. I may cancel. Anyone else?

  21. Mrs. L

    I’ve only been getting Goodies for 3 or 4 months and I don’t get any other food boxes so most of the stuff is pretty new to me. The water I got was Acai Grape, I got the olives instead of the licorice (either would have worked for me) and my tea is “fennel spice”. Odd tea. I’ll try it though.

  22. Rachael

    I got 2 boxes this month…. One yesterday one today. Super confused

  23. Kindra frank

    I was super confused when 2 goodie boxes showed up today….but it seems I am not the only one to get an extra box this month. I wonder if everyone did or if it was a mistake….or what???

  24. Brianna

    I loved this box…such a huge improvement over last month! I took the Scottie dogs to the movies and had a fun time eating them. 🙂

  25. Susan

    The timing seems strange because I usually get charged around the 4th of the month, and get my box within a couple days of that. So I’m not expecting mine until end of next week. I wonder if it will show up early?

  26. Alice

    I haven’t even gotten my box yet! Super jealous and annoyed now esp hearing that other ppl are getting double boxes!! WTF??? Hope it gets here soon but by the contents of the box, doesn’t sound that exciting anyway…..

  27. Mary

    Wanted to cancel this rediculous excuse for a snack box and my husband wanted to keep it. We both get one and he likes to open them together. I have to admit we do get a laugh out of some of this stuff.

  28. Laura

    So I am ranting here because it seemed like the best place. I kept this one because they way they were doing points I would have a free box next month – but they changed the points!!! Now you only get a max of two points per review!! At that rate you need to review ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY items to get a free box. That means you would have to get approximately 30 boxes and review every item to get a free one!!!

  29. Rhyn

    I am going to rant now…

    This company has gone way down hill! I don’t know why I am surprised…this is owned by Walmart, might as well call it HalfAssMart, among other things. They don’t give a crap about any of their customers. I am so glad I canceled. It took 13 days for them to answer a question I had about billing…! They kept sending me messages that my card had declined yet I could see authorizations on my card, 3 of them for one box to be exact. It went away and I was only charged for one but it is sickening that it took 13 days for them to answer why they sent those emails and about why I was charged 3 times! And then they didn’t even answer my actual questions! I never got any kind of shipping notice for any of my boxes and that is annoying too.

    Plus, the boxes are just plain crap now. I read so many reviews prior to subscribing and it looked great and then both my months were crappy and not even worth $7. I am one who received 2 boxes this month when I only paid for/ordered one and I still don’t even think it’s worth $7 with the two. I am so glad I canceled. I hope for those who remain subscribers that it gets better. I am so annoyed with them that I don’t even care what they put it the boxes next, I will not be back.

    On another note, I really enjoy your site!

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