September Stork Stack Review – 17 Month-Old Boy 13

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September 2013 Stork Stack

September 2013 Stork Stack

Much to my surprise, my September Stork Stack arrived today! It shipped a little later than normal this month because of the holiday, so I really wasn’t expecting it.

September 2013 Stork Stack

The Box

Stork Stack ships via USPS and took two days to arrive. Some months my Stork Stack goes on a crazy journey before it gets to me. And sometimes it’s super speedy. I of course like when it arrives quickly ;).

September 2013 Stork Stack

First Look

At first glance I wondered if something was missing?? Stork Stack is testing out digital information cards which they now send with your tracking number via e-mail, so I knew nothing was missing, but the box did seem kind of empty.

The Information Card

The Information Card

The September Stork Stack theme was “Smarty Pants” and is all about celebrating back to school! This month’s stack is full of educational and fun items that bring the classroom to your little one. Oh and I am still torn on this digital information card thing. I guess I can always print it if I really want a hard copy. Here’s what it included:

~Tic Tac Toe Socks ($4.40): I’m not overly excited by socks, but they are a useful item for sure. And they glow in the dark, so that’s cool. Now that it’s getting colder, WB will eventually need to start wearing socks and shoes instead of just cros or Toms. Socks might keep him entertained in the car longer because he’ll get to take his shoes AND socks off throw them on the floor ;).

September 2013 Stork Stack

TicTacToe Socks

~Early Lingo ($19.99): I received in Early Lingo DVD in last month’s bluum and still haven’t played it. I’m just not overly excited by language DVD’s. This one is “Opposites at the Beach” French Edition and is for kids 6 months or older. I can see WB being confused by this, but I’m not an expert in languages, so who knows. L, however, might think it’s interesting, so I will play it for him one day.

September 2013 Stork Stack

Early Lingo Language DVD – Opposites at the Beach

~Mini Wheels Books: The Ice Cream Truck” By Peter Lippman ($8.95): OMG I love this book! I love it!  Fingers crossed that WB will pick this as his new favorite book instead of Quiet Loud, which we read at least 10x a day!

September 2013 Stork Stack

Ice Cream Truck Book

~Sneakz Organic: Chocolate Milkshake ($2): I am cracking up because I gave L one of these the other day and I am remembering the look on his face.  He acted like I was trying to poison him!  He used to like them, so I don’t know what’s up.  WB enjoys them though, so it will get used.

September 2013 Stork Stack

sneakz organic drink

~Food Should Taste Good: Multigrain Tortilla Chip ($2): I like these chips, so they are a welcome item, but they are nothing I go crazy for or anything.

September 2013 Stork Stack

Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips

All totaled I came up with a value of $37.34 for the September Stork Stack!  Stork Stack is $27.99/month, however, you can save $10 off your first month with the code “C0BD0EB1“, making you first month only $17.99.  This wasn’t my favorite Stork Stack ever, but am hopeful that next month will be amazing.  I find that I rotate between favorites.  One month I like Citrus Lane better, one month I like Stork Stack better!

Did you get Stork Stack this month? What’d you think? What was in your Stack and what age is your little one? And if you don’t subscribe and are interested in signing up or just want to learn more, click here!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

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13 thoughts on “September Stork Stack Review – 17 Month-Old Boy

  • Jenny

    Cs favorite book is Yummy Yucky but thankfully N has it memorized too so he will read it over and over to him and save me but I still read it way more then I need too. His other choice is always the Cheerios book but he doesn’t want to put cheerios in it anymore he just wants to read it and we point out the colors and stuff very educational but i’m kindof over that book too. LOL

  • Rose D.

    Play your boys those language DVD’s ASAP! The younger you can get that part of their brain working, the better. Even it they aren’t fascinated, hearing the words and learning the meanings of one or two will help. My sister is an early childhood education specialist, and she is already saying some things in spanish to her 6 month old son.

  • kara

    I am super bummed with this months Stork Stack box. I had the same items in box that you got. Except I got girls knee high socks, a question game. I subscribe tp the 26 month girl box.

  • Margaret Cordova

    Got our box today. Same exact items except girl socks. My daughters are 19 months old. I like the socks because they’re glow in the dark and it just so happens that the new theme of my daughters’ music class is “outer space” with black lights and glow stars, planets, etc., so the socks will look amazing. Only problem is I have twins so I’l need to locate another pair soon. Like you I loved the book. I like that it’s chunky and plays music. I don’t have a DVD player but am thinking I need to buy one soon with two small children. Plus, this is the third DVD I’ve received in a subscription box!

    I normally really like Stork Stack but I would agree this isn’t my favorite month. I do like that they ship at the beginning of the month. However, I tend to go back and forth between this and Citrus Lane just like you.

  • amanda

    SR is a 12mo baby girl #notsobabyanymore, tho 🙁
    Not sure how I feel about the digital card yet…. Bluum already does that, but I’m used to it from them. I do like that it’s more environmental, though!
    I got the chips, am eager to try them. I’m not a snacker, but I like to have something around “just in case”.
    I like your socks more than hers! hers don’t glow in the dark…
    I wish I had gotten the Spanish Early Lingo, because I’m trying to teach her Spanish. Know anyone who got that one, and wants to trade?????
    Book – Boynton’s One, Two, Three! Didn’t have this one! 🙂
    Apple Park: Organic Picnic Pal Finger Puppets – super cute. Although I’ve never played w/ a finger puppet. Do kids still like that over 1yo?

  • Susan

    We got the same stuff too, except socks for a girl. My daughter is really small for her age, and at 18 mos still wears size 9 mo clothing. So the socks are size 2-4 yrs, and HUGE. It looks like they’ll fit my 5 yr old. This wasn’t my favorite box, it was ok, but hopefully next month will be better. We loved the book, though.

  • Amber

    I received the exact same box as you. My son will be 17 months in a little over a week. I am so very displeased with Stork Stack…on so many levels. First, what is with their shipping? They went from boxes arriving before the first of the month, to 2-3 weeks into the month, and this month we get our boxes like overnight?

    My big issue is the curation of the box. The socks say plainly on them “Ages 2-4 years.” So my kid won’t fit into them for another 7+ months. And the language DVD’s…not impressed. I’m having a hard time getting my son to speak any words in English, last thing I need is for him to learn French (did yours say volume 3 of 12, too?)

    So, this box for kids contained 5 items, and only 1 of them is really for my son, that he can hold, play with, and use. Right….

    I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning, and can’t help but notice these boxes have just fallen apart in the past 5 or 6 months (along with their customer service). If I wasn’t paid through February, I would have cancelled ages ago.

  • Mary

    The Sneakz drink was truly horrible! Too thick and foul-smelling. The Food Should Taste Good crackers are something we keep in the cupboard, so not a treat. I think subscription boxes should not send things that you can buy at Costco. Our girl socks were super cute! For a 30 month old girl, we got the Brain Quest cards. My older girls enjoyed these, so I am happy with them. As for the Early Lingo dvd, I am super excited to try this, but wish we could have received a coupon to redeem for one. I received a French one and would have preferred Italian. Oh well, if it is a hit, I can buy the ones I want. That is probably the idea behind the submission anyway… This was my first Stork Stack and it seems lots of people are unhappy. Does this mean it can only get better?

  • Isael

    Our box was for our 5 month old. Not a lot going on, but we loved our monkey finger puppet from Apple Park! My husband thought it was hilarious they sent #2 of 12 for Easy Lingo French. Why not #1? Maybe it doesn’t matter which ones you get? We have been getting Stock Stack, Citrus Lane, and Ecocentric Mom this summer and so far Stock Stack has not been as fun an experienceas the others. We will probably drop this one since we gave it a good shot. Other than the puppet nothing was that exciting for us. I have eaten those chips before and we didn’t love a language dvd for a baby (research is saying it has to be from a live person for baby to learn language), or the monkey face socks.

  • Corine

    I received a box for my 3 month old baby boy. Wasn’t overly impressed; I received the Apple Park finger puppet, a Baby Babble “book” that is apparently washable and can’t rip, (Guess it’s made out of Tyvek or something?) but that wasn’t really the kind of ‘book’ I had been hoping for – wish I had received the Ice Cream book! Also received some cute booties and those chips. The chips were good. I received the #3 French DVD — it seems ok, haven’t put it in yet but looks interesting from the packaging. This was my first box; I plan to give it another shot before I cancel or lengthen the subscription. I also did Citrus Lane for August and liked it enough to sign up for 6 months – fingers crossed that I’ll feel the same for Stork Stack after I try one more month.

  • Elizabeth

    Aside from the lame box (12 month old boy, same stuff as others with a finger puppet, Boynton book–is this the only author people like to buy or send?, the chips we all eat, some ocean socks that are fine and yes, #3 of 12 of a French DVD. Totally useless.)

    Never got an e-card explaining materials. Ordered item August 26 and was not charged until Sept 11. Received box September 12th. Customer service is pretty obnoxious. This is a direct quote from an email i received from the “CEO” after I requested a refund since the box hadn’t arrived yet and I didn’t want the service. Again, this is directly taken from his correspondence with me after I informed him I was unhappy with them and would review accordingly. I’m pretty sure that’s how things work, right? Anyone ever looked at Yelp before?

    “I will issue you a refund, but I would like to just spend a moment letting you know why I don’t want to so you can fully understand the situation. We are a small family business (6 people). Mary, whom you spoke with originally, is my mom. When I refund you for products that we already bought + the shipping that we already paid for + the referral, it will cost us $29. We cannot use the products again once they are returned to us, so it is just a loss for our family. We aren’t a big multi-million dollar enterprise, but rather, me, my fiance, my mom, my childhood friend, her husband, and my cousin. We cannot just lose $29 each time someone requests a refund even though it is no fault of ours.
    Since you are threatening to blackmail me by trying to ruin our company and our livelihood by ruining our name to people who may purchase in the future, I will refund your payment.”

    I don’t know about you, but the phrase “unprofessional” comes to mind here. In spite of his Masters in Business from Northwestern (I Googled him), he totally flunked customer service 101. I’ll issue you a refund but I don’t want to and here’s why? Cry me a river.