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It’s time for another edition of Tuesday Troubles. I’ve said it before, but this should be named “things i’m annoyed / confused / want to complain about”, however I couldn’t figure out how to make any of those into a snappy title, so Tuesday Troubles it is. And yes, I do realize that these aren’t true “troubles”. I know that many of these for sure could be defined as first world problems!

~Okay, so B and I were talking about this the other day and we cannot figure it out for the life of us. Why on earth do sporting events start at such random times? Game time 7:08pm. Kick-off 1:16pm. Random? I’m assuming it has something to do with television schedules and that the announcer dudes need to come on tv and talk about the game for 10 minutes or so and then things can really start. But why don’t they do it like the movies and pick a nice even time to start. Everyone knows it really won’t start at that time, but it looks nicer on paper.

~How do you clean a stroller that doesn’t have the cloth parts that detach? We have a white (WTF was I thinking) Maclaren Volo and it’s a hot mess. Like for reals. It’s awful. But it’s totally fine otherwise so I don’t want to trash it. It’s been checked on countless plane rides, thrown in the back of our cars and basically just roughed up for the last 5 years and it’s handled it like a champ. It’s just dirty. Do I take bleach to this thing? What do I do? It’s embarrassing to walk around with this thing because it give the appearance that clearly I do not love my children enough to have a clean stroller.

~I’ve been mentioning how I have been picking up (and trading for) Christmas gifts lately, which is awesome because it’s going to save me a ton of time around the holidays.  Only, umm, it’s driving me nuts to wait to give people their gifts! I want to do it NOW!  Is anyone else like that?

~I know that tons of people love Diapers.com / Soap.com / Yoyo.com, etc., but I’ve never really gotten into it.  Tell me what I’m missing!  Is everything super cheap?  Are there great coupon codes? Or is it just flat out more convinient?

~And finally, do I need an iPad?  I used to have one and used it until L basically overtook it years ago and now I have nothing ;(.  Lately I’ve been feeling like I *need* one.  Do I?  What do you use yours for?

That’s it from here for now! What’s troubling you today?

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  1. Kati

    I am throughly upset that I set my alarm for midnight last night to get that usps box and the website wasn’t working. I went back to bed after like 5 minutes without a box. Did you get one?

    1. Jill

      I didn’t get one either…I wonder if the website crashed because it looks fine today.

  2. Alena P

    The only reason I truly love diapers/soap/vine.com is the shipping is next day!! If you order by {I think, dont quote me} 3 PM, you get next day shipping! I have been with three diapers left and just decided to order and i love that it comes so quick! Also, any order over 25 is free shipping (90 % of the time coupons are only good for new costumers!) As for an iPad…My daughter has taken mine over so, I feel like I only use my Mac and my phone. 🙂

  3. Alicia

    I have a Maclaren Volo too, but mine is black 😉 I would suggest using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser since they are so good at getting into all the crevices and I would think they would work well on the “mesh” type material the Volo is made from! You should do a before and after photo!!

    1. Lauren

      I was going to suggest the magic eraser too! I LOVE those things!

  4. Amanda

    I use diapers.com all the time. There is no where in town to buy Eco friendly diapers and they have free two day shipping so it gets to you fast (I sometimes wait too long to order so fast shipping is important). There are also usually some really good coupon codes for new customers. It is 20% off you total purchase right now. You can also get credit for referring people my code is HANS570085 if you wanted to give it a shot!
    I use my iPad for almost everything I do online I would say you probably need one 😉

  5. mary m

    No clue on the stroller, but waiting to hear suggestions!! Ours is dirty as well…

    I have a kindle fire HD. I think I’d like an ipad more. I mainly use mine for reading books, but I’ll use it for facebook/pinterest etc if my phone is charging. I might buy myself an ipad for Christmas…

    1. Steph Pilbeam

      Yes, that is what I was going to suggest. Oxyclean has items for laundry etc. and would not be as harsh as bleach( yellowing, weakening fabric). If a spray is not as effective, a paste could be made of the oxyclean. Btw hydrogen peroxide is similar and is good to get protein stains ,especially blood out of fabric, while rubbing alcohol gets things like inc out[ idk how many times I’ve needed to get ink out of the dryer 🙁 ]. Hope that helps! ~Steph

  6. sara

    I don’t like waiting to give gifts either. Hence, Mackenzie never has a ton of gifts on her bday or at Christmas because I end up just giving her things through the months.
    We are getting an iPad next year….Mainly for me to use instead of always using my phone or having to get the computer out. Using my phone all the time means my battery dies very quickly and getting the computer out all the time is a hassle. (at least I think so when Mackenzie is awake) Plus I’d rather she play her apps on the iPad than my phone.
    But otherwise I think that’s all we will use it for, our apps. I have a Kindle for books.

  7. Elizabeth

    With the stroller I would try making up some Oxiclean in a squirt bottle (or don’t they now have a spray?) and spray that on. Wait 30 minutes or an hour and then hose that baby down in the backyard with a garden hose and allow to dry in the sun. Maybe that would work?

  8. Danielle K

    I have the same stroller for travel and it was my sisters….my mom cleaned it before I took it and got it looking like new…I will ask her what she used and email you.

  9. Bre

    I would try an Oxiclean/water mixture and a scrub brush.

    I have an iPad and at first I hardly used it. Now I use it all the time, barely cracking open my laptop. There are some occasions that some websites aren’t quite ready for it. Birchbox reviews for example, it cuts off the bottom half of the review area. I bought mine refurbished from Apple’s site. It has exactly the same warranty as new ones and I read somewhere when they fix whatever issue it originally had, they put a new face on it. Mine looked new and no one could tell the difference.

    Oh and a big thank you for letting us know about thredUP. I’ve purchased a couple of things before, but this last email for 50% off dress pants. I got my daughter 9 pairs of pants for $26.50 and free shipping. They weren’t all true dress pants (and she’s in that weird in between stage, not really kids section and not really an adult.). She’s going to be thrilled. 🙂

  10. Emily

    Kids took my ipad too. If you get a new one boys will just want that one !

  11. Pattie B

    I like the Magic Clean Erasers, I like OXI Clean but what about using Carpet Cleaner if its the cloth part and it does not remove off the stroller? I like that HotShot Carpet Cleaner that comes in a can – but will use the Resolve kind if I cant find HotShot.

  12. Ashley C.

    I have a carseat that I can’t get the cloth to detach. Where the parts of the buckle come from behind their hips? Its hooked on with a big plastic anchor and just WILL. NOT come off. Why would anyone do that?! Kids are MESSY!

  13. Ally

    I have been heavily considering getting an iPad for professional reasons. I hardly use the apps on my iPhone as it is, so I doubt I would use an iPad for that reason. I just like that Mac products rarely seem to break down or get viruses compared to PC’s. My last laptop died due to an unrepairable system meltdown. I’m just trying to justify spending that much money on myself.

  14. wenz

    – Maybe you should look into stroller cleaning service since you said it’s really dirty.

    – Diapers.com is great for the first time round. If there’s a promo on Huggies/Pampers and then combined with first time customer, it could be a pretty good deal. Their price is not that cheap. I used to buy from drugstore.com. Nowadays I bought diapers at Costco/Sam’s CLub or whatever deal I found from SD.

  15. Lauren

    I love my iPad! Well, I wish it was an android tablet since we don’t use any other Apple products around here but my mom gave it to me free so I’m not complaining! I use mine for web surfing, child entertaining (oh how we love Youtube over here!), keeping notes, etc. I used to bring it to school with me to take notes- I had this great, thin detachable keyboard!

  16. Steph Pilbeam

    I have trouble with waiting too! I also tend to have something prepared, but then I look at the Calender and the day is that day or just past it :{ also live far from people and like to see their face. I do put a lot of thought in the gifts( no gas station gifts ha ha). So, I just am better off giving things early, right?

  17. Kimberlee

    I have used the diapers/soap.com when I find a good code, other than that my Amazon prime/amazon mom that I have is just as good I find (maybe I am partial to Amazon Prime since I have had it so long but really free 2 day shipping all year long on any purchase is hard to beat since I do 95% of my shopping online)

    ipad- I just got my first one (I did have a Kindle Fire, but my little guy took it over) I like the camera on the ipad a lot… but I am an android girl so it will take some getting used to. I do prefer to have a tablet when I am on the go (Dr appointments, infusions, car trip…but I still do all my blogging and such on the computer)

    I need to clean my stroller(s) I actually have 2 because the first one got peed on and I couldn’t clean it so I bought a second one… welp, potty training backfired and I need to clean this one too…thinking of oxyclean and my bathtub (then WD 40 to undo any damage the bathtub did… I don’t want to buy a 3rd one in 2 yrs (I am DONE having kids, there is already a 20 yr gap between kid number 2 and kid number 3)

    And I shop/trade for gifts year round (but often end up giving them early especially with my daughters when they come home from school)

  18. Nicole

    so my husbands lazy way of cleaning our stroller is power washing. I think he puts it on a low setting and then just sprays it down and lets it dry.

  19. Mrs. L

    I don’t think I could function without my iPad. I rarely get on the computer upstairs anymore (and I don’t own a laptop). I grab my iPad when I get up in the morning and check the news and my email. It’s with me on the coach when I watch TV, when we go on trips in the car, vacations, we’ve been known to watch movies on it (no TV in the bedroom). Yes, I could do all this stuff on the phone but I like the “bigger” screen for things. Plus I have a little keyboard cover so if I need to whip out a long e-mail or do some typing I have that. It works great for me in the kitchen too (recipes, how to videos etc).

  20. Melissa B.

    We bought a BOB stroller with baby No. 1. It got to lookin like a HOT MESS! We Googled it all and ended up using Clorox color-safe bleach (the stroller is blue). I just spread it on and took a scrub brush to the really bad parts. I let it sit for about 20 minutes and then sprayed it clean with the hose. It looked brand new when we were done. (I also love using my Mr. Clean for the plastic/ metal parts!) Can’t wait to hear what you try and see how it works! 🙂

  21. Haley

    Hey Jen! Have you tried Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on it yet? I literally would use those to clean my entire house if I could!

  22. Allison

    I don’t know if someone already suggested this, but I would try car upholstery cleaner on the stroller. You know, the kind that sprays on foamy and has the plastic scrub brush.

  23. Melanee

    For your stroller try buggy love. I won some at an event and it worked great on my car seat and stroller.

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