Do you peek at subscription box spoilers???

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It’s not secret that I cannot resist subscription box spoilers! I just can’t! While I like surprises, just prefer to to get my surprises sooner rather than later! I needed to find out what I was having when I was pregnant, I like to know what my Christmas gifts are and I want to know what’s in my subscription boxes as soon as possible!

Now B likes a good surprise and thinks I’m no fun because I want to know right away. He doesn’t want to know what’s in his subscription boxes and doesn’t to be spoiled at Christmas. He did however, want to find out what we were having with the boys. I think that was just TOO long of a wait – even for him!

What about you? Do you like to be spoiled and find out what’s in the boxes right away? Or do you like to wait till it comes in your mailbox? I always admire the people who can go spoiler free, but I just can’t do it myself! My sister-in-law goes spoiler free every month for PopSugar and I am always amazed at her willpower!!!

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  1. Jenny

    Well you know I totally peek. I love me some spoilers. I like surprises but then again I don’t really. I also read all spoilers and previews and info on tv shows, movies etc. M used to laugh at me since I would read the whole episode synopsis of Buffy the morning before it aired and then watch it that night. I like reading the info and then seeing for myself how it plays out its all the more fun. I guess there are some cases that being spoiler free is good example I had not read anything about Breaking Dawn Pt 2 the movie before I went so I was OMG shocked with the little addition 😉 of course I had read the book but its always interpreted differently.

  2. Gina F.

    It is so sad, but I just cannot ever be surprised. I need to always know!!

  3. Nikki

    I’m the worst about this. I try so hard not to peek at the spoilers, but I always end up doing it anyway. And, as soon as I’ve peeked, I wish I hadn’t and I wish I had saved it as a surprise. Of course I say I won’t peek the next month, but then the cycle starts all over again. LOL!

  4. Mary

    This is my first popsugar box, and I primarily signed up to get some gifts for the people I always have trouble shopping for. This looks like a great box though! I want to keep most of it. The only item I’m worried about is the bracelet. I sometimes think those gold bead bracelets can look cheap. So I hope it doesn’t and it’s amazing.

    1. Mary

      And I posted this on the wrong post! But I think this shows I love spoilers!

  5. Mrs. L

    I keep saying I won’t peek but I do.
    Every. Dang. Time.
    On every dang box!

  6. K

    Aw, peeking spoils the fun. I love tearing open a package without a clue of its contents. I can’t even stand someone telling me too much of the plot of a book or movie before I read/see it. I like to go in fresh. We didn’t find out our 2 kids’ sexes before they were born, though I might cave on a potential future third.

  7. Denise

    I like the spoilers – hence how I found your blog to begin with! I also like to read the spoilers for the bachelor/bachelorette

  8. Frances Tolley

    I love the box even more when I check out the spoilers!

  9. Mrs. C

    This is my first PopSugar box, and I’m excited for everything but the StitchFix card. Using it just sounds like such a pain! I was going to try and wait it out and go spoiler-free. But obviously I didn’t make it 😉

  10. Shauna

    More often than not, I go completely spoiler free. Every once in a while, I’ll see a spoiler (most often, HERE) so I’ll have an idea, but I like the surprise. I thought I’d have a harder time waiting, but I’m so busy that I don’t even realize stuff has shipped before it arrives usually.

    I do find that when I see a spoiler, I tend to be more upset when I receive my box and I get something different. This happened with ipsy for the Benetint thing, the Urban Decay lipstick and the Chella highlighter pencil. Wanted every single one of them and didn’t get a single one!


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