Friday Night Fun: Do your kids trick-or-treat?

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With Halloween around the corner, I’m curious, do you take your kids trick-or-treating? I’m talking just house to house trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Nothing fancy. Just old school trick-or-treating? We totally do and most people around here go as well, but I know a lot of communities have parties or trunk-or-treating in places of trick-or-treating.

What does your family do? We’ll be at L’s school party on Halloween and then we’ll get to watch the Halloween parade at his school (I am so excited about this) and then it’ll be trick-or-treating time!  Since we don’t get a ton (we actually may not get any I have no idea) of kids at our house B and I both take the kids, but we always leave our porch light on and a big bowl of candy on the porch, just in case any kids come by.  If you get a lot trick-or-treaters, do you have one parent stay home and one take the kids?  And what are your kiddos being this year?  And if you don’t have kids, do you hand out candy?  And finally, why haven’t I watched Hocus Pocus yet this year???

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  1. Mikkii

    Our town has tons of church functions and business functions. We usually hit up as many as we can 🙂 We usually do treats on the street which is a downtown festival our town has, then a few church fall festivals, and chick fil a’s trunk or treat, and then we round it out with a night of trick or treating 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Oh Treats on the Streets sounds fun!!!

  2. Norma

    We have an annual Halloween “party” at our friends house down the road… Food, fun, crazy kids, games and then head out trick or treating after eating usually about 6:30p. We just take our candy down to their house and the older kids stay home and pass out candy.

    1. Jennifer

      That sounds fun!!!

  3. Jordan M

    My mom stays home with me to pass out candy while my dad takes my little sister (she’s 10) out to trick-or-treat around the neighborhood, but that only lasts maybe 30 minutes before she comes back and passes out candy with us. I love watching Hocus Pocus on Disney channel every year! The movie came out a year before I was born, but I have watched every Halloween since I can remember. I need to watch it this year still.

    1. Jennifer

      I need to watch this weekend. Maybe tomorrow night??

  4. Sabrina foust

    I love hocus pocus. I watch it every year I used to have such a crush on Thackeray binx back in the day. It’s weird to me that he is probie from ncis.

    We don’t really get many kids on our street, so we sort of lock ourselves away in a back room. The trick or treaters drive my dog bonkers anyway.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, that is hard with dogs!!

  5. Evelyn Mejia

    I take the kids around the neighborhood but it’s nothing like when I was a kid. I think we get 10-15 houses that give out candy. That’s a lot of candy to me now that I’m the parent. 😀 I bring out all the Halloween movies at the beginning of October. Hocus Pocus is one of my favorites.

    1. Jennifer

      Ahh, I need to watch!

  6. Melissa Bean

    B stays home to hand out candy & I take C trick or treating. We go to a friend’s first for pizza & then go out as a group- multiple boys in his class & their parents. We have a couple hundred houses in our neighborhood so there are plenty of houses to go to but that also means we have a few hundred trick or treaters & have to buy lots of candy!

    1. Jennifer

      That sounds fun!!! I wish we got a ton of kids!

  7. Tabitha

    There are always so many Halloween events around here leading up to the big day. We used to try to hit up as many as we could when my daughter was younger but everything has gotten so crowded. We went to an event at the childrens museum on Thursday and plan to head to something at the library today.
    On Halloween we take our daughter around the neighborhood a bit then head back home to hand out candy. My daughter enjoys passing it out and seeing all the cool costumes just as much as getting her own candy.

    1. Jennifer

      I love seeing all the kiddos in their costumes. I can’t wait till we start getting a ton of kids!

  8. becky

    I seriously just had to look up “trunk or treat”! Sounds so cool. No one does that in my area. I volunteer on my main street committee and I’m going to have to pitch this for a fall event next year.

    1. Jennifer

      It’s really popular around here! Totally something to look into for next year!

  9. Nicolette

    We always do a central theme for our costumes, this year they’re all being food lol. My youngest is a can of spaghetti-o’s, middle is a pizza slice and oldest is a taco!

    1. Jennifer

      OMG I need to see pictures. I love this!

  10. Jenny

    There are alot of churches around here that do trunk or treat and then most of the malls have trick or treating too but we just do the neighborhood. There is a Halloween party up at our clubhouse tomorrow but we’ll miss that this year so it better be nice weather on the 31st so we can head out from house to house. I’m sure to get my 10k steps that day. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I need to charge my fitbit! I haven’t worn it in like a week!

  11. Alexia561

    I always buy candy to give out, but most of the kids seems to go trick or treating at the mall nowadays. I think we only got 4 kids last time, but they did get lots and lots of candy from us! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Maybe they will tell their friends and you’ll get a lot of kids this year 😉

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