October Birchbox Man Review – “Eureka”

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October Birchbox Man
October Birchbox Man

One of the many boxes that arrived while we were away was B’s Birchbox Man box!  My neighbor, who got my mail for me, described it as being “like Christmas every day”.  I suspect the rest of the week is going to be on the slow side, but who knows really?

October Birchbox Man
The Box

Birchbox Man ships via Newgistics and, again, took about 8 days to arrive from NJ.  while it does seem like a long time, that’s about the standard for them.

October Birchbox Man
The Box in the Box
October Birchbox Man
First Look

I had peeked at B’s box online, but by the time it arrived I had NO idea what was in it.  B was home yesterday when I was doing all my unboxings and I let him open this.  I think he was excited ;).

October Birchbox Man
The Information Card

The October Birchbox Man theme is “Eureka” and includes things you need to help “prepare you for your next great idea”.  B received Box #14 (*) this month, which included the following:

~Vitamine Sea Shaving Cream ($1.29): B hasn’t gotten a chance to try this yet but I know he will.  And soon.  People always ask me if B really uses all of his samples and the answer is yes, he does!  He is religious about using his samples.

October Birchbox Man
Vitamine & Sea Shaving Cream

~Histories de Parfums 1899 ($4.17): This is a Hemingway-inspired cologne with notes of “bergamot, black pepper and vetiver”.   It’s a different scent, but also amazing.  I really really really like this.  Like really like.  I don’t love the $125/bottle price tag quite as much, but I love this.

October Birchbox Man
Histories de Parfums 1899

~Lab Series Age Rescue + Face Lotion ($26.47): I had no idea how expensive this was!  Goodness!  B is always looking to try new face creams and this is brand new to him. I’m saving up my Birchbox points and something tells me that I will be spending them on this!

October Birchbox Man
Lab Series Age Rescue + Face Lotion

~Quirky Upwright ($27.99): This is a ket-ring, a smartphone “kickstand” and a stylus all in one. And if B doesn’t use it, I will. I can’t find my old stylus and with winter (and glove season) coming, this would come in very handy. I try on a daily basis in the winter to use my iPhone with gloves on. Never works. I know they have special gloves you can use with this, but I have never went and gotten them.

October Birchbox Man
Quirky Upwrite

All totaled, B’s October Birchbox Man had a value of $59.92, (NOT including points for doing reviews and purchasing the box itself (**) – which would bring the value up to $65.92!  Once again, this month’s Birchbox Man was a complete hit! Do you subscribe to Birchbox Man?  What’d you think of this month’s box?  What box number did you get and what did it include?  If you are interested in subscribing or want to check out the goodies in this month’s Birchbox Man Bonus Shop, click here!  This month’s Bonus Shop deals include the various gift with purchases (your choice of Jack Robie Pocket Square, Quirky Cordies, Topo Designs Dopp Kit, Birchbox Koozies, Quirkly Wrapster, etc.).

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(*) If you want to see all the boxes this month, click here and change the 1 at the end to anything from a 2 to 29 since there were 29 (up from 24 variations last month) box variations this month. If you can’t figure out which box number you got, login into Birchbox and then Click “Box” and select Men’s or Women’s. Scroll down a bit to were it says “Box History” and click the month of the box (in this case October 2013). The number at the end of the URL is your box number. B’s box ended in “october13box14″ which means he got box #14.
(**) You only get points for purchasing the box if you buy an annual subscription (or 3-month, 6-months, etc.). You don’t get points if you are on a month to month subscription.
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  1. Ali

    What a great box! How do you have your profile set up? Would you be willing to take a screenshot? My fianc? is getting very frustrated with Birchbox Man because he revamps his profile every month and NEVER gets a lifestyle item he can use. He seems to get the lamest box of the bunch every month. I feel kind of bad for him haha. Thanks 🙂

  2. Allison

    My husband got that cologne a couple months ago and I LOVE it!!! Just don’t love the price tag :$

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