October Citrus Lane Review (18 Month-Old Boy) + Coupon Code

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October Citrus Lane
October Citrus Lane

My substitute mail man came through today and delivered all the packages I was expecting (well I think he did anyway) and among those were my October Citrus Lane boxes!!!!  Always one of my favorite boxes and I love to see what they do each month.

October Citrus Lane
The Box

Citrus Lane ships vis USPS and arrived in record time this month!  I got a few (cough, cough) add-ons this month, so my box came in a bigger box that included all of that stuff.  I’d show you the add-ons I got, but they are holiday gifts (see I told you I was starting early this year)!  I also got a costume add-on because I think it’s clear I can’t resist children’s Halloween costumes.

October Citrus Lane
The Information Card

I was so excited to tear into my boxes today I again forgot to take a first look picture. Oops!  Citrus Lane doesn’t typically do monthly themes, rather they match items by age group.  They changed up the outer box a bit to support Breast Cancer Awareness.  They also created the “Bowstache” which combines October (Breast Cancer Awareness) and November (Men’s Health Month).  They are little punchables that you can use to create your own ribbon, mustache, etc.  Taking a picture would have certainly been easily than explaining it, but it’s too late now!

This is WB’s box, which I have at his actual age of 18 months.  Here’s what it included:

~Water Bugs from Boon ($9.99): It’s not CL’s fault I just got this set earlier in the week in another box. I loved it then and I love it now.  L saw this today and and declared that he was taking a bath too so he could play with it.  I think I’ll give our extra set to my mom to keep at her house or leave it up-north.  We have NO bath toys up there!

October Citrus Lane
Water Bugs by Boon

~Triangle Castanet from Green Tones ($11.99): WB thought this was highly entertaining and was very pleased he could make it make noise himself.  We have a similar one from another brand, but he doesn’t quite get it yet.  But this one works great!

Citrus Lane
Triangle Castanet from Green Tones

~BOPS from Good Boy Organics ($1): We’ve gotten these chips before (in Love with Food maybe) and they are yummy.  I am packing them in L’s lunch tomorrow!  All these little treats I get in boxes make for fun lunches for him.

~BABYBUG from Cricket Magazine + Digital Subscription ($2.83 / $4.50):  We likely won’t use the digital subscription (no way could I get WB not to touch the computer for as long as it takes to read online, but we do like the magazine!  WB loves looking at books and pictures and, of course, thinks the bear on the front is a dog.  He thinks everything is a dog.

All totaled the October 2013 Citrus Lane Box (for an 18-month old boy) had a value of $30.31.  I didn’t love this like I loved last month’s box, but it would have been hard to beat that box (love those blocks).

Citrus Lane
October Citrus Lane – 41 Months

My second CL box this month was aged for a 41 month old boy (L’s age minus two years). I play around with the age on that one to get a variety of items for gifts and future use.  This box contained: Cloud b Dreamz To Go Octo – Bluee ($19.95), Hohner Rhythm Sticks ($4), BOPS from Good Boy Organics ($1) and Ladybug Magazine and Digital Subscription ($2.83 / $4.50).  This box had a value of $32.28 and I am pretty sure I am in love with that little night light!!!!  And it reminds me that I need to / want to put one of the Twilight Turtles on WB’s Christmas list! He’d love that.

Citrus Lane had two different add-on options this month.  One of a best of kind of thing and the other was a Halloween costume one.  I see kid’s Halloween costumes and I just can’t resist, so I opted for the Lion one for WB.  Trust me, if they had L’s size, I would have gotten him one too!

WB the Lion!
WB the Lion!

Did you get Citrus Lane this month?  What’d you think of the box? And what age do you get?  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here!  Using my link will save you $10 off your box (boxes are $25/month), however the coupon code “TAKEHALF” will save you a few dollars more!

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  1. Elizabeth

    We got the 18 month girls box and it was exactly the same. I didn’t dislike anything in the box and it will all get used but last month was still a better box. I saved the castanet and the bath toy for Christmas.

  2. mary m

    I forgot to cancel the citrus lane box…We got the same bath toy, a wooden train whistle (which is perfect–trains are a big hit right now), 2 ice pack things, and the magazine thing.
    This was for a 22 month old girl. Or maybe I switched to neutral now? I don’t remember.

  3. Margaret

    Same box for my 20 month old daughters only we got a boat whistle instead of the instruments you received. I think I like the boat whistle better. But all-in-all a decent box and the little pink mustaches are a cute idea.

    1. Jennifer

      I like the whistle too. I need to get the train one for my 5 year old. He would love that!

  4. Jenny

    I’m still waiting on mine. I just tracked it again and looks like it made it to Atlanta so maybe Friday I’m hoping. I have C aged up too so we are getting a 35mo box this month. There is still one more month on my subscription thanks to you 🙂 I’ve been holding the things back for Christmas so hoping I can with this box too.

  5. Jennifer


  6. Jennifer


    1. Jennifer


  7. Genevieve

    My box was for an 11-month old girl. We had the tambourine (this was in last December’s box but I started in January) and Boon scrubbers, little water squirting toys you can take apart and let the dry out real well and/or clean them so they don’t get moldy. Otherwise everything else was the same. Wasn’t thrilled at all with this month’s box unless E loves the bath toys in her next bath.

    1. Jennifer

      I need to get those Boon Scrubbers! Let me know how your daughter likes them.

  8. Lauren

    My daughter has a Twilight Turtle and loves it! I’m not sure when our CL box is coming (it was a gift from my mom so she gets the tracking info) but I’m excited to see what we get this month.

    1. Jennifer

      I hope you get it soon!

  9. Ace

    Oh my just when I thought WB couldn’t get any cuter. He is just a doll in that outfit. Has L decided what he wants to dress up as? Btw, I think both your little guys are adorable, they seem like such great kids. Beautiful family you have there.

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you so much!!!! L is going to be a vampire!

  10. Tiffany

    My little guy is 5 months old and this is my 4th month getting the box and my favorite by far. We got a bottle of Mommy Bliss (never can have too much of this), Boon Bath toys as well (which we won’t use for a while), an adorable Elephant Shaker from Green Tones (which is an awesome toy but the packaging says 12 months and up so we won’t use this for a while) and my favorite…Ez Grip Massaging Teether by Innobaby…baby hasn’t taken this out of his mouth since I handed it to him this afternoon.
    I had actually cancelled my subscription as the last 2 months I was disappointed but decided to renew for another month after getting this box.

    1. Jennifer

      That’s great! I need to find a teether my little guy will actually use. I should look into that one.

    2. Denise

      we got that EZ Grip teether a few months ago and my daughter LOVES it! She prefers it even over the famous Sophie the Girafee (which she loves too but not as much as the EZ Grip)

  11. alyssa t KAPLAN

    did not like it so much. my son however loved the night light-he insited on carrying it around the house and the dog flute. The ladybug subscription eh-it says it is for a 3-6 year old and my son is only 2

    1. Jennifer

      I saw that dog flute in someone’s picture. I bet it would drive my real dogs insane.

  12. Hilary

    WB is soooooo cute as a lion!!! omg I’m dying he is so cute! Also I really like the commenting on the blog because I can see your answers to other people’s questions! Totally off-topic but can you believe how fast the Neiman Marcus box sold out!? I was going to hold off because of the price but then I actually got promoted yesterday at work and my birthday is in a few weeks and I couldn’t shut up about the box so my boyfriend bought it for me :). SO glad too because about 20 minutes later it sold out! It is going to be a long month waiting for this but I have a feeling I am going to get it right around my birthday (11/17) and I’m so excited!

    1. Jennifer

      Congrats!!!! And what a fabulous boyfriend. I couldn’t believe it sold out that fast either. I was NOT expecting it to sell out in less than 12 hours. I was telling B about it and he was like OMG did you miss it?? Umm, not a chance.

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks!! He was running around in it and being all crazy!

  13. megan cantrell

    My son is almost 3 and we have had the twilight turtle for a year now, he puts it on before bed every night. I think it is way better than the dream lights (his dream light broke 1 month after we got it). Now I really want that octo night light for him!

    1. Jennifer

      Do they auto shut-off after a while?

      1. megan

        Yes I think you switch it over to auto shut off or maybe it just does it.

        1. Jennifer

          Yay! My new comment reply worked!!!!

  14. Ally

    My heart just melted at that photo of WB. Oh, my, gosh. So adorable. Soooooo cute.

    1. Jennifer

      Aww, thank you!

    1. Jennifer

      Was it on the information card? Maybe it was missing??

  15. Christina

    It looks your a pro at subscriptionn boxes. I just recieved my first Citrus lane box and was pretty excited. The rattle I recieved was chipped. I was so bummed! I emailed Citrus lane and I’m waiting for a response back. Just wondering if you’ve encountered this and if so what was the outcome. I’m hoping they’ll send us another one but have a bad feeling it won’t happen.

    1. Jennifer

      From what I have heard, you will get a replacement no problem!

      1. christina

        Good to hear. Fingers crossed!

  16. Jenny Clinkenbeard

    We got the box with the rhythm sticks and the octopus light. My 2.5 year old is obsessed with both! He HAS to have the little light on (and in his hands) as he falls asleep, and he is such a little performer/musician that the sticks are perfect for him. That light will also come in handy when his little brother gets here! (Come on November 7th! Get here so that I can meet this baby!)

    1. Jennifer

      Eeek! You are so close!!! That night light is adorable isn’t it?

      1. Jenny Clinkenbeard

        It is SO adorable! We’ve been signed up with Citrus Lane since August, and so far there is at least one hit in every box. So it is well worth the money. 🙂 There was the toddler bar in last months’ box that was well loved by both my son and I. (I need to find more of those; they were delicious!)

        1. Jennifer

          Was it that soft bar from HappyBaby? Those are good!

  17. Melanee

    I didn’t love it either. In fact, I kinda hated it. I’m hoping they’ll redeem themselves next month

    1. Jennifer

      It seems to be one month on, one month off!

  18. Brittany

    Did Citrus Lane raise their prices? Everytime I see someone post about a promo code, they mention their boxes are $25/month. However, when I go to their website it says a one month subscription is $29/month. I’m only willing to try out one box first just in case I don’t think it’s worth it. Can someone explain the discrepancy? Thanks!

    1. Jennifer

      On Citrus Lane you are seeing that? When I go there I see three box options now. The Basic ($12/month), The Classic ($25/month) and the Deluxe ($49/month). I don’t see $29 anywhere? I actually don’t even see a 1 month option? I see the monthly option for $25/month?

  19. Gretchen

    I just ordered the 3 month subscription. I have seen you mention “Add Ons” how do you do that?

    1. Jennifer

      They will send you an e-mail during the “add-on” period and it’ll have a link to the item that are available!

  20. wisconsin gal


    I’ve been going through so many of your subscriptions for holiday gifts this year.
    Question about citrus lane. Do you know if I can order for kids older than 2+ years?
    For instance, I noticed on this review – your one box was for 41 months old. I just cannot find where the ages are offered, other than – newborn up to 2 years.

    Love your blog!
    Wisconsin Gal

    1. Jennifer

      You can order Citrus Lane for kids up to age 5! This is from their FAQ:

      “You are in for a treat! Every month you and your child will get a box of 4-5 items. These best-of products are recommended and reviewed by real moms and are tailored to the age of your child, from newborn up to 5 years. Each month, you?ll discover and enjoy a surprise selection of some of our favorite finds, including toys, books, snacks, household products, as well as other goodies for kids and even parents.”

      Hope this helps!

  21. Carly michelle

    Have you received your November box? Mine is weak. I got a plastic boat and silverware, coupon for one plum pouch and some chapstick. I hope they get better! I’m signed up for girl 14months…what did you get?

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