October Goodies Co. Review

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Edited to Add: Goodies Co. has discontinued their subscription service.

October Goodies Box
October Goodies Box

My October (and last ever) Goodies Box arrived today. Walmart Labs announced last week that they are closing Goodies Co. and that October will be their final box. I’ve been with them from the beginning and for only $7/month I will totally miss them!

October Goodies Box
The Box

Goodies ships via FedEx Smart Post and took about a week or so to arrive?  That’s the standard for FedEx Smart Post it seems.  It always takes a week no matter where it’s coming from.

October Goodies Box
First Look

I’d seen a few Goodies boxes this month, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I’d get because it seemed like there were a lot of variations this month.  But I was pleased when I opened my box because everything looked great!

Goodies doesn’t include an information card anymore and hasn’t been doing themes for a while, but I received Box #10 in case anyone wants to compare.  Here’s what we received:

~At The Table Together Easy Make Pizza Dough: My mix opened a little in transit because there was a fine powder covering everything in the box when I opened it. Not a huge deal, but I would have like to try making this.  We may still make it because I think L will find it fun.  He loves when you go to Brio or one of those other places that give you dough to play with instead of crayons!

October Goodies Box
At The Table Together Easy Make Pizza Dough

~Special K Nourish Oatmeal: I still can’t make myself love oatmeal so this is headed off with B to work.  I really want to like oatmeal.  I do.  But the texture is just so not for me.

October Goodies Box
Special K Nourish Oatmeal

~Original Praline Chocolate by Guylian:  I love a fancy shaped chocolate and this one fits the bill. I have received these in another box before and they are delicious.

October Goodies Box
Original Praline Chocolate by Guylian

~Greek Yogurt by Happy Family: If every box I received had a pouch in it, I’d be happy.  WB still loves pouches and they don’t come cheap.  This is a perfect one for him and we love Happy Family stuff!

October Goodies Box
Greek Yogurt by Happy Family

~Lunchables Jr. Blueberry Bonanza: We received the Teddy Bear Picnic one in our Goodies Kids Box and that was a hit, so this will be a great one to try too.  I’m so getting these next time I go to Walmart.

October Goodies Box
Lunchables Jr. Blueberry Bonanza

~Spiced Tea Latte by Caffe D’Vita: I will be putting this in my cousin’s next box of tea!  She was overwhelmed with all the things I had packed in the box and will be needing to drink tea for the next year straight to get through it all I think ;).

October Goodies Box
Spiced Tea Latte by Caffe D’Vita

~Enjoy Life S’mores Soft Baked Bar: I really liked this and want to try more flavors!  I am  going to pick some up for L for snacks at school since they are nut free.  He’s not allergic, but there are allergies in his class and all snacks are required to be nut-free.  He will love this and it fits the bill perfectly!

October Goodies Box
Enjoy Life S’mores Soft Baked Bar

~Choco-Pie Fluffy Biscuit: I am saving this for L for when Halloween is over and Halloween candy is not everywhere we turn.  I need to hide it from B though ;).

October Goodies Box
Choco-Pie Fluffy Biscuit

There’s no point in telling you that Goodies Co. is only $7/month because, like I said, this is their last month.  But if you got a box this month, what’d you think?  Are you sad to see Goodies go?

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  1. Michelle R

    My box had a fine powder covering everything too. At first I thought it was the bread mix, but then saw that the chai drink packet was open, too.

    1. Jennifer

      I’m like 99% sure mine is the pizza. Although everyone else says theirs is the chai, so maybe not. I just can’t find an opening!

  2. Rachel

    I *am* sad to see them go! I had both the kid’s and taster’s box and loved getting little treats for such a low price. My chai packet wasn’t sealed correctly so it spilled inside the box, but it made the box smell good when I opened it! I’m looking forward to the pizza, my kids love it when I make pizza at home.

    1. Jennifer

      I am too. Even in the off months it was still worth the $7 to me!

  3. Alexia561

    Very sad to see them go, as this was my favorite subscription box. I received a different box, but did get the chai latte and loved it! Ran straight to WalMart to pick some up, but they didn’t have any so need to order online. So good, so am sure your cousin will love it!

    1. Jennifer

      She’s going to be excited!!!!

  4. Lisa

    I’m very sad to see Goodies go. My kids & I look forward to both boxes every month. I got box 7 for us this month & got progresso soup instead of pizza crust. I also got a SunRype raspberry fruit strip & I got the cinnamon bun flavor for the Enjoy Life bar. I did just order the Love with Food box but are there any others that are similar to Goodies? My kids & I love it & are hoping they come back with something “new & improved” box. Not that they really needed a change. I also order birch box and am really looking forward to a box for myself. A mom needs a little something special for her every so often. LOL! Thanks for all your input & advice on the monthly boxes. I love it!

    Lisa M

    1. Jennifer

      There’s a new one, Fancy Pants Food Box ($10). You can try them out with the code “Facebook10” to try your first box free.

      1. Lisa

        Thank you! I did sign up for Fancy Pants & can’t wait to get my first box. Thanks again for the info!!! 🙂

        Lisa M

  5. Rachel Gleason

    I’m so bummed that goodies is gone. As a college student, this was a really feasible subscription box for me and I loved it. Also, my box was covered in powder too but it was my chai drink mix that opened, not my pizza dough (which was the gluten free version).

    1. Jennifer

      That’s what everyone is saying. I just shook my chai bag to see if stuff flew around, but I don’t think it’s that. I wonder how that opened though?

  6. Mrs. L

    I’m bummed, my Dad’s bummed, my husband is bummed. It was such a cheap way to get my Dad a cool gift every month and to keep my husband smiling and not paying attention to the fact that I have several other monthly boxes coming in that were just for me 🙂 Will be on the lookout for something comparable but maybe not until the new year. Got to save up for that special Popsugar box LOL.

    I received the Focaccia bread mix, yogurt flavor is Peachy Keen, Enjoy Life bar is Cherry Cobbler (which my husband will love thought I would have preferred Smores) and instead of the Lunchables Jr., we got two Coffee Thin Latte chocolate bars. And yes, fine powder all over…

    1. Jennifer

      I wonder if they just dusted that fine powder in everyone’s boxes for fun. LOL. Are you getting the PopSugar Box tomorrow?

      1. Mrs. L

        If the box isn’t too dang expensive. It’s hard to justify sometime (well, not to me but…). I still have the Nichole Richie sunglasses that I haven’t been able to sell yet (or even find one of my relatives or friends they would fit!).

        I’m still feeling a bit of remorse for not getting the NM one but…I’m sure I can find something good to spend $250 on 🙂

        1. Jennifer

          I’m sure that won’t be too hard!

  7. Jaime

    I got the exact same box as you! Looking forward to trying the Chai and the s’mores bar. My box was also powdery and it was the pizza dough. I’m kinda meh on goodies stopping- there have been some hit or miss boxes but it was one of the less expensive boxes, one I could work into my budget.

    1. Jennifer

      Even in the worst months, you are right, it was only $7. So I was never really crushed if I wasn’t in love with everything.

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