October Googaro Review 7

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October Googaro

October Googaro

Well, I didn’t receive all the boxes I’d expected to receive today (seriously where are they all?), but I did receive my October Googaro box (which was sent to me to review)!  Yay!!!

October Googaro

The Box

Googaro ships via UPS and is one of the few subscription boxes who does ship with them.  I was super excited when I got the alert from UPS My Choice which let me know that it was on it’s way.  It’s a free service from UPS and anyone can sign up.    FedEx has one too (it’s under “Customize My Delivery).  I get notifications from there as soon as packages get in the system, so I know what’s coming long before I get an shipping e-mails.

October Googaro

First Look

This month’s Googaro was super heavy and also barely fit in the box. I mainly knew what was in it, but I till was excited to open it in person. It’s always better to have it in your hands!

October Googaro

The Information Card

Googaro doesn’t have monthly themes, however, they do have a great information card!  This month Googa (the Googaro Elephant) is holding a little pumpkin and has little bats flying around.  So cute!  Oh and this box is for WB, who is 18 months-old (so he got the 1-2 year old box).  Here’s what we received:

~Boon Water Bugs ($9.99): I have seen these in various boxes / stores, but for some reason I never bought it. I am so glad I didn’t right now because here they are! I kid you not, nets are in my kids top ten favorite toys. We go through a ton and now one for the bathtub? LOVE! I also love that this is not a “mold collector” bath toy. I have stopped buying toys that squirt water because they get so moldy and gross. Yes, I know I could glue the holes, but that wouldn’t make it a fun squirt toy. And I *could* make sure to clean and dry them after every use, but I don’t have time for that either. This Boon set (and they have a bunch of other great ones) is better!

October Googaro

Book Water Bugs

~Little Twig Baby Powder ($11.79): Is it weird that I have never used baby powder on my kids? I never did with L when he was a baby and I never do it with WB. But I will totally try it now that I have some.    WB doesn’t sit still long (it’s like changing an octopus), so I will need to work fast!

October Googaro

Little Twig Baby Powder

~Spooky Bus Board Book ($6.29):  Probably my new favorite Halloween book.  The boys were so into it tonight and of course were busy pushing each other out of the way so they could push the spooky bus sound first.  Super cute book and perfect for Halloween.  And yes, the boys will do sit together and “read”.  WB may crawl up and down from the chair half a dozen times depending on how long the book is, but he always comes back to read more.

October Googaro

Spooky Bus Board Book

Reading their new book.

Reading their new book.

~Good Seeds The Classic Plate ($14): I have never heard of Good Seeds but I went their website and they have a bunch of adorable stuff.   I love being introduced to new brands and this is certainly a new favorite.  That orange chevron bib?  Perfection.  WB won’t be getting his hands on his plate quite yet as he still loves to throw whatever on the floor.  This is metal, so it would be quite loud ;).

October Googaro

Good Seeds The Classic Plate

~Good Seeds The Classic Bowl ($10):  This is the same pattern as the plate, but it’s a bowl (duh).  I love that it has a lid so I can throw it in my bag and not dump it everywhere.  You’d think I’d learn my lesson by now, but no, I haven’t and continue to try and balance things in my bag with no lids.  Never works.

October Googaro

Good Seeds The Classic Bowl

All totaled I came up with a value of $52.07 for the October Googaro Box (1-2 years).  I think I loved this month even more than I loved last months, which I thought was going to be hard to beat!

Did you get a Googaro box this month?  What’d you think?  And if you got a different age group box (they do 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years and 2-3 years), what was in it?  If you are interested in learning more or signing up, click here.  Googaro starts at $35/month, but you can use the code “HALLOWEEN” to save 10% off any subscription.

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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7 thoughts on “October Googaro Review

  • Brandy

    where do you get the cute halloween pjs for your boys? i have two boys around your kids age and love to dress them in the same jammies too.

  • Tiffany

    I checked out their website and found several grammar errors on their website. Big turn off. I’ll stick with Citrus Lane for now…

  • Sherri

    I tried then oct. I received the powder and it covered everything in my package her book, teething braclet and rubber duck thankfully the food was in packages. I contacted them and they just told me sorry and they wld contact manufacturer of powder. You wld hv thought they wld hv offered me a discount on my next box since i had to clean everything. But nope so i discontinued my service for poor customer service.