October Packs for Paws Review

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October Packs for Paws
October Packs for Paws

Packs For Paws, who kindly sent me this box for review, is a brand new monthly delivery service designed for your family members with paws! Each month you will receive a pack which includes 4 to 8 premium products that have been hand picked, tested and approved by the Packs for Paws staff.

October Packs for Paws
The Box

Packs for Paws ships via USPS First Class Mail and took three days to arrive to me (in MI) from FL. Packs for Paws offers a monthly subscription for $29.99/month. You can also opt for the Mini Paw Pack for $13.99/month which offers one special toy or grooming product and one package of treats.

October Packs for Paws
First Look

The furries are getting so spoiled this week with all these pet boxes and this one is no exception.  The box was nice and full and contained lots of goodies!

October Packs for Paws
The Information Card

Packs for Paws includes a card packed with production information, however, some of the items in the box weren’t on the information card.  As always, I will separate those items, just in case.

~Tumbleweeds & Eddie’s Treats ($13.90): These treats are all natural and use only human grade ingredients.  I think Baxter and Buddy are going to be generous and share these with their bigger cousins who would love these!  The dog treats clearly look like they are for dogs, but the brownies look like people food.  L knows what’s for dogs and what’s not, but we’ll have to keep them away from WB until he knows ;).

Tumbleweeds & Eddie’s Treats
October Packs for Paws
Tumbleweeds & Eddie’s Treats

~Earth Rated Poop Bag Dispenser ($1.99): A dog necessity!  These are suppose to make picking up poop a little more fun (LOL), but Im not sure I believe that’s possible.  This is cute though!

October Packs for Paws
Earth Rated Poop Bag Dispenser

~Hear Doggie Flat Beaver Toy ($8.52):  I could not figure out what animal this was, but L knew right away.  I LOVE these Hear Doggy toys because they are totally silent to humans and make sounds only dogs can hear.  I can’t prove this, but Baxter and Buddy love it.  And I love that the toy is made from extra tough materials with NO stuffing, because cleaning up toy stuffing from my carpet is never fun.

October Packs for Paws
Hear Doggie Flat Beaver Toy

~Pet Projekt Furchun Cookie ($8): This is a stuffable rubber treat that can be filled with treats, pastes or peanut butter.  Not only is it adorable, but it’s super easy to clean too.  I think the boys are going to put another one of these on their Christmas list so they both can have one.

October Packs for Paws
Pet Projekt Furchun Cookie

Items not on the information card:

~Barkworthies Treats ($7): I love that they included two of these and really hope that some of the dog boxes start to do a sibling add-on option for things like these.  My dogs can share a pack or treats or even a stuffed toy.  But bones?  No way.  One bone + two dogs = World War 3!

October Packs for Paws
Barkworthies Treats

~Pet Alert Decals: I can’t believe I have never thought to get these.  Have a house fire would be horrible enough, but losing your pets in a house fire? I can’t even go there.

October Packs for Paws
Pet Alert Decals

~Packs for Paws Koozies: I am bringing these up-north next summer and leaving them there.  I always forget to use them and when I want to use one I can’t find any!

October Packs for Paws
Packs for Paws Koozies

All totaled I came up with a value of $32.41 for the items ON the information card and a grand total of $41.15 for all of the items in the box!  This was another great dog box and Baxter and Buddy said that this was their favorite week ever!

What do you think of Packs for Paws?  Is it something your dogs would like?  You can click here to find out more or order!  Oh and if you have a favorite cat box, which is it?  I know some people have asked lately and I’ve never tried any of the cat boxes (I don’t have one) so I need help!

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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  1. mirta

    I absolutely love this box, can’t wait to subscribe!!! awaiting a photo of the little guys with their things in action 😀
    so many fun items, I googled some out and thankfully found on ebay!

    btw I bought Gina a Tigger costume but it doesn;t fit on her too well, a bit short with a small hood, since when does a smallish female westie of 16,5 pounds need a size L? :S
    I’ll just return for store credit I guess and take a Canada pooch coat for the cold weather.

    1. Jennifer

      Hopefully she’s not upset she has to get a large 😉

  2. Mandy

    I like the Pet Flow boxes for cats. They have a good mix of food, treats and toys, although my cats prefer the box itself. LOL

    1. Jennifer


    2. Deareux

      I was thinking about signing up for a cat box for my fur babies. But they’re notoriously picky about toys (sounds like someone I know…). And they’ll just end up sitting in the box and ignoring the actual toys. I think if someone started a cat sub box, all they would need to send is a large box filled with catnip.

      1. Jennifer

        LOL! That’s so funny. My dogs hate to even get near the empty boxes. They are more scared of them than they are of 100lbs dogs.

  3. Shauna

    Thanks so much for the info about this box! The mini size is perfect for the Pooh! I just signed Gracie up, and we should be getting our first this month!


    1. Jennifer

      I hope they love it!

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