POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review + Coupon Code – October 2013

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October PopSugar Must Have Box
October PopSugar Must Have Box

My October PopSugar Must Have Box appeared today and as soon as I hear the mail lady knock at my door, I bolted to grab it from her!  I needed some PopSugar on this Friday!

October PopSugar Must Have Box
The Box

PopSugar ships via FedEx SmartPost and always take a week to arrive to me.  No matter if it comes from NY or CA, still takes a week.  While I am always anxious to get the box, I have FINALLY realized that obsessively tracking it doesn’t make it come any faster.  It’s going to be a week.

October PopSugar Must Have Box
First Look

Nothing special about my first look picture.  Probably would have been a little more exciting if I’d take it after I opened the tissue ;).

October PopSugar Must Have Box
The Information Card

PopSugar has the best little information cards – they are booklets really.  And I love to read through and check out all the products.  This October PopSugar is putting a “pink” twist on their Must Have Box and are donating $1 from every box to breast cancer research and have teamed up with a few brands and products that support breast cancer charities.  Here’s what the box included this month:

Must Have Food:
~The Can’t Cook Book by Jessica Seinfeld ($16.79): I ran into this book at Target this week and then Jessica Seinfield was on Jimmy Fallon last night (with her husband) and it made me even more anxious for the book.  I can’t cook, so this is perfect for me.  Maybe I will even make B dinner one night!  Oh and it not only has recipes and that, but it has a “How To” section that teaches you how to chop onions, smash garlic, zest citrus, etc.  You can also scan pictures with your smart phone to watch videos on it all! I will be picking up more of these for gifts for friends and relatives who are getting their first apartment / house.

October PopSugar Must Have Box
The Can’t Cook Book: Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified


Must Have Beauty:
~NYX Cosmetics Liquid Liner ($6) and Smokey Shadow Palette ($7): Meh.  I could do without never receiving eyeliner in another box.   I am putting the liner and the palette for that matter in my to gift pile. I just have so much eye stuff.  But I am certain my cousins will enjoy this.

October PopSugar Must Have Box
NYX Cosmetics Liquid Liner and Smokey Shadow Palette


Must Have Fashion:
~Gorjana Charity Bali Bead Bracelet in Pink ($45): This was one of the items I was most looking forward to and I really like it person!  It’s more delicate than I was expecting, but then again I think that with a lot of Gorjana things.  It’s rather small though and while I don’t have like huge wrists or anything, I was worried it wouldn’t fit.  It does so I love it, but yeah, if it didn’t fit I’d be annoyed.

October PopSugar Must Have Box
Gorjana Charity Bali Bead Bracelet

Must Have Beauty:
~Julep Nail Polish ($14) (Char) and Freedom Top Coat ($18): I received “Char” which I’d gotten back in my June Julep box, but since I have so much Julep I figured the chances of me getting a polish I didn’t already have were slim.  It’s a great color though and will make a great gift or a trade item.  I would have LOVED to see an exclusive “PopSugar Pink” color in keeping with the pink theme this month though.  Now that would have been fun!  And I do love Julep’s topcoat and this is a good reminder to use it more!

October PopSugar Must Have Box
Julep for PopSugar Duo


Must Have Fashion:
~Jane Tran Thin Metallic Bobby Pins ($12):  I have a few sets of bobby pins but don’t use them a ton – only when my “bangs” (aka hair that fell out after I had WB that is still growing back) get in my face and really annoy me do I reach for them.  I like these because they are not all wild and won’t really be noticed, but I doubt I will use them much.  They may end up in the gift pile.

October PopSugar Must Have Box
Jane Tran Bobby Pins


Must Have Beauty:
~The Wet Brush Hair Detangling Brush ($14): It figures that I JUST got a wet brush (the Tangle Tweezer in my Coco Rocha Fancy Box) and now this one comes!  I’m going to throw this one in my travel bag (which I never unpack) because I do really love how they work.  This is the sort of item I would see at Target and wonder about, but not want to buy on my own.  It does work well for my type of hair, so I’m happy.

October PopSugar Must Have Box
The Wet Brush


Must Have Food:
~The Crispery Halloween CrispyCake ($3.95): Umm!  I broke off a little piece to try and it’s SO good!  It’s huge and will be awesome to share with my boys when they get home.  I never make rice crispy treats and B loves them, so this is great.

October PopSugar Must Have Box
The Crispery Halloween Crispycake


Special Extra:
~Stitch Fix Gift Card ($20):  Yay!!!  I have been dying to try StitchFix (it’s a styling subscription service) and this gives me that kick I needed.  I am ordering this weekend and will for sure post a review!

October PopSugar Must Have Box
StitchFix Gift Card

All totaled, the October PopSugar Must Have Box has a value of $156.74.  It’s not my total favorite PopSugar Must Have box, but it’s certainly a good one!  Don’t tell all the other subscriptions (because I do love them all), but PopSugar is my favorite ;).

If you are interested in subscribing to PopSugar Must Have Box (and you should do it now before prices increase from $35/month to $39.95 on 11/4/13), don’t forget to use the coupon code SQUAD5 to save $5 off your first month or “SQUAD10” to save $10 off a 3-month subscription.

And heck because I am in such a good mood, I’m going to give away an October PopSugar Box!  All you gotta do is enter in Rafflecopter below.  I’ll pick a winner next week and you’ll have CrispyCake in time for Halloween!!  And yes, there are a lot of entry options, but feel free to pick and choose as you please. And come back every day to enter!
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  1. Amanda S.

    My favorite item is the cook book. I’m sending one to a friend as part of her wedding present!

  2. Gabby G

    My favorite item in this month’s box is the bali bracelet. I spent some time in Bali a few years ago and I loved it. The reminder of the memories when Id wear the bracelet would definetly put a smile on my face!

  3. Jean Eckert

    I think my favorite is the cookbook! I am a pretty good cook, but I just love a new cookbook and this one looks great. A close second is the rice crispy though…

  4. Natasha

    I love the Wet Brush!

  5. Jenny

    I’m not getting this months box. I dropped POP again. This box is ok for me but like you said not WOWing. Sad as it is I think my favorite thing in this box is the Freedom top coat. I’m kindof obsessed with it. LOL

  6. Nicole

    That julep poly top coat is the BEST!

  7. Shannon N.

    I really liked this month because it was heavy on things I could use. I was really happy with my Julep because I got a color I’ve been wanting for awhile (Millie). And I also really liked the cookbook. My husband and I went through and marked a bunch of recipes to make.

  8. Lindsay

    I want that book…and the Rice Krispie treat! 🙂

  9. Kellie

    I am SO excited for the cookbook! I love the books PS has been sending out! A chick novel, a DIY book, now a cookbook. I am ready for some movie tickets maybe next month? haha. This book is awesome though!

  10. Juli

    Loving the brush! Would love to try that on my long hair.

  11. Shelby

    My fave item is definitely the cook book! I can’t cook either hah

  12. laura maya

    I loved the cook book!

  13. Any

    I think it’s a good box but for me there would be still this one WOW item missing. I’m actually glad I didn’t get this one. I am so excited for November though 🙂

  14. Shana

    Smokey eye pallet by NYX

  15. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I actually love everything. Julep, the bobby pins, the gift card! 🙂

  16. Enrica

    My favorite item is the bracelet and the cookbook 🙂

  17. Rachael

    I love the bracelet and eyeliner! (Im a sucker for eyeliner. You can.send me all of yours!)

  18. Caroline P

    love the jessica seinfeld cookbook!

  19. Lisa D

    OH–I have been resisting signing up for Popsugar…it would be nice though….just maybe. Maybe I’ll win too.

  20. Erin

    The brush. I’ve never seen one like this, so I’m excited to give it a try.

  21. jmd

    Oh, probably the eyeliner. I am obsessed lately with finding how to do the perfect wing and liquid is what I need!

  22. Gina F.

    Hmmm, I would have to say I am most curious about the nail polish. I love Julep!!

  23. terri s

    yep count me in, I wanna win!

  24. Lisa D

    Hey you need a link on your page to all your giveaways…..

  25. Kristie

    Love everything! The cookbook looks like something I could really use! I get my first Popsugar Must Have box next month and I’m so excited for it! They always have great stuff month after month!!!

    Can’t Stop Subscribing

  26. Haley

    I received an oxblood Julep nail polish and I absolutely love it! I may end up wearing it continuously until Spring. Oops!

  27. Alice

    I like the cookbook the most from this month’s box. Her last book seemed interesting but umm I am not going to puree stuff and put them into recipes because that’s more stuff to clean and cleaning is worst part of cooking.

  28. Toni

    I like that shade char from Julep and the cookbook looks neat!

  29. Maureen

    I like the wet brush.

  30. Kaitlin

    My favorite item is the stitch fix card! I have been waiting and waiting to get my second fix and now I have a little incentive 🙂

  31. Sarah

    The wetbrush! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. audrey

    Definitely the cookbook!

  33. Andrea S

    I had signed up and they said that Nov was going to be my first month, but I got a notice earlier today and October is coming my way!! So excited for all of this

  34. Carrie zeiter

    I would love to try a wet brush!

  35. Riann

    I’m most excited for the cookbook and the crispy treat – I must be hungry

  36. Sarah

    I want that cookbook so I can ask my guy to cook for me and he has no excuse not to, haha. He always says “I don’t know how to make anything!” when I ask him if he’ll cook dinner.

  37. Bre

    The Gorjana bracelet!

  38. Elizabeth

    Yep. A week, no matter what. And I’m the next state over!

  39. Alena P

    The cook book! I love it!

  40. Cayla

    Ohhh I am loving this! I actually love the bobby pins, but I’m a hairstylist (and stay at home mom) so i tend to love that sort of stuff. And the wetbrush! I so need to get one of those.

  41. Lacey Burd

    I would love to get my hands on that cookbook lol. But this looks like it was a great month overall! I honestly would have loved everything in there 🙂

  42. Kyra

    The bracelet and the Stitch Fix gc are what i’m super excited about!

  43. Meghan C

    Hi Jennifer,
    Just wondering if I can use the $10 off 3 month code to upgrade my current month to month subscription or if I have to be a new user? I haven’t received my first box yet, and when I try to upgrade it doesn’t ask for a coupon code. Customer service has been slow, so I figured you were the next best person to ask!


  44. Jenn S

    the Jane Tran bobby pins!! so cute!

  45. Jenny Clinkenbeard

    I have two favorites; my pregnant self LOVES the CrispyCake, but I would definitely use The Can’t Cook often (I am one of those terrified people who doesn’t cook, LOL).

  46. Gina P

    Love the cookbook.

  47. Pilar

    My favorite is the Gorjana bracelet!!! Glad it fits me because I have huge wrists.

  48. Ally

    Although I’m not a pink person, that Gorjana bracelet is my fav item in the bunch. It is perfect for when summer rolls back around.

  49. Pilar

    Here is my Stitch Fix code if anyone wants it: POPFMFJ457.
    Get it before it’s gone.

  50. Susan Daggett


  51. Toni

    I think the julep polish and bobby pins are my faves

  52. Joanne

    I love the wet brush!

  53. Laurah

    I am obsessed with bobby pins. I wonder how well those stay in place? I’d love to find a fashionable alternative that did the work of the traditional kind.

  54. Emily

    My favorite thing has to be the NYX Cosmetics Liquid Liner and Smokey Shadow Palette. I know its not your fav. but I LOVE make-up. I dont use it that much but for some reason I keep buying more!

  55. Lauren S

    This month looks better than last month, but that might just be my love of rice crispy treats talking 🙂

  56. Margaret

    The cookbook. Although I’m a subscriber my Mom really liked this month’s box so forgive me for entering but I’m really hoping to win the box for her so I don’t have to share mine!

  57. Lauren

    Used your link today to get a 3 month gift sub for a friend, thanks for the code! I love your blog posts and hope the referral for you works!

  58. Chrissy Shick

    My favorite item would be the cook book! It looks really interesting!

  59. Amanda

    The wet brush, I so need one of those because I always brush my hair when wet,which I know is bad for it

  60. Jen K

    I would love the Cook Book…because really.. I can’t cook!

  61. megan cantrell

    The bracelet looks like it could be fun to stack with others like it

  62. Jamie

    I loved the bracelet and the crispy treat.

  63. Suzanne

    I did not get a box this month & wouldn’t you know that it is a good one! I like the bracelet best but now I am thinking that it wouldn’t fit me!

  64. Aimee A

    I love everything in this box, but my fav. Thing is the cook book. I’m trying to win this for my mom.

  65. alison

    NYX Cosmetics Liquid Liner! I love eye liner!

  66. Paola Z

    I love the Wet Brush and the Jane Tran bobby pins! Thank you for the giveaway(:

  67. Lauren

    Forgot … Favorite item was the book.

  68. Mallory B

    The Can’t Cook Cookbook seems awesome. I can’t cook and my husband would love if I could start. My favorite, though, is probably the Stitchfix gift card. It’s like a no strings attached trial!

  69. Vanessa F

    I love love love the Bali bracelet! So dainty!

  70. kara mishmash

    Not sure which order but its between the bracelet, polish and book that are my faves

  71. soon p

    The brush!

  72. Sarah

    I love the bobby pins! They are so cute. And because I’m really hungry right now, that CrispyCake is calling my name.

  73. DeAnne

    My fave item is the Bali Bracelet! 😀

  74. Kendra

    The polish and bobby pins.

  75. Sara

    The cookbook sounds fun!!

  76. Elise

    Anything with sprinkles is automatically amazing in my book 🙂

  77. Jamie

    All of it really, since I had to cancel my subscription… But mostly the book or the brush!

  78. Lauren

    The cookbook! I am an absolute disaster in the kitchen, haha!

  79. rachael

    omg i love these boxes, even though i dont use makeup (and we often get allot) there is always at least one item in the box that makes it more than worth it to me. the item this month was the wet brush. i have super long curly hair and the brush work so well this morning, never have i been able to brush my hair so easily! i love these boxes and thats why i added a 3 months then 12 more months for a total of fifteen! and im fighting the urge to add more at the old price 😉

  80. Emily Chun

    The bracelet is so cute!

  81. Shauna

    The eyeshadow palette and crispy treat look awesome!


  82. Caitlin

    I love the Can’t Cook Cookbook!

  83. Tiffany

    Bali bracelet <3 the wet brush is amazing as well.

  84. Mandy Hillman

    The cookbook!

  85. Bethsaida W.

    The cookbook for sure!

  86. Heather

    I really need that cookbook! I signed up but my first box won’t be until November.

  87. Lauren

    My favorite item in this months box is the nail polish and the top coat!

  88. Tabitha

    Bobby pins, stitch fix card, and cookbook (if it has pictures)

  89. Kristin t

    The cookbook!

  90. Diana Garza

    The cookbook is my fav item for sure!!

  91. Kelly Commerford

    The Julep polishes. I?m addicted.

  92. Wehaf

    I love the bobby pins!

  93. Rose

    I love the bracelet, I just wish that the pink wasn’t so neon.

  94. Ashley

    Cookbook and stitch fix!

  95. Katy M

    The Bali Bracelet is my favorite this month. I “like” almost everything in this box, but I “love” the bracelet.

  96. Debra

    My favorite item was the bracelet; close runner up was the $20 towards Stitch Fix!

  97. Melissa Hammons

    I love it all, except the brush. If I ever have hair again, thanks to this chemo, I’m sure I will love the brush too.

  98. Sara

    I need a good ‘non toxic’ top coat – so that would be great! {I’m not a good cook, so I’d also like to see if the book could help me.} 😉

  99. Jordan M

    I am most looking forward to the cookbook!

  100. Lisa

    I like the cookbook and that square from the Crispery!

  101. Jorja

    I think I love everything! Hahaha.

  102. Elizabeth

    I really like the ~Gorjana Charity Bali Bead Bracelet in Pink! Cute! The cookbook would be nice, too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. miranda

    love the bracelet

  104. Jill

    My favorite item is the cookbook.

  105. Dawn

    The smokey shadow from NYX. I’ve tried very few palettes before and would enjoy it/ especially if there are browns in it… Can’t tell too well on my phone.

  106. Abby L.

    I think I like the wet brush! And I think the book would inspire my terrified self to actually cook!

  107. Kate L

    I’m loving that bracelet, and I’d love to try the Julep topcoat too!

  108. sarah berry

    The wet brush is my favorite item!

  109. Bobbi

    Jessica Seinfeld was on Kelly and Michael too! This cookbook looks quite interesting. Need it to add to my collection.

  110. Karen

    My favorite item is actually the brush. I was already thinking about buying something similar for my daughter!

  111. gary

    I like the cookbook

  112. Kim C.

    I would love to win! I’m dying to try PopSugar!

  113. Alicia

    My fave items are the cook book and stitch fix! I’m not the best cook so the cookbook is perfect for me and I have been dying to try stitch fix.

  114. Wendy

    I want the book and brush.

  115. Brandy Fisk

    I’d love to try the The Wet Brush Hair Detangling Brush!

  116. Nicole

    I kinda wanna check out that cookbook!!!

  117. krystel

    NYX liquid eyeliner

  118. Kathy

    The wet brush is something I definitely want to try!

  119. Crystal Gregg

    Well I’m homeless living out of storage units at the moment, & my hair has been looking like a rats nest by the end of the day so the first thing that caught my eye in this box was the travel sized detangling brush!

  120. Dawn

    OMG this is a great box. Probably my least favorite items is the makeup but would likely still use it. I love Jane Tran bobby pins but it’s said because my hair has no use for them! Still think they are adorable though.

  121. BM

    The cookbook is my favorite, but I really think I would use the wet brush and bobby pins the most. I use bobby pins daily and I’m always losing/misplacing them and I need a new brush!

  122. Jayden H.

    The NYX Cosmetics eye liner and pallet!

  123. Meg Mc

    Love the cookbook and the brush!

  124. Tanya

    My favorite thing is the cookbook!

  125. Rachel G

    Those bobbies look awesome, such a different shape than a typical hair pin!

  126. Christina

    Everything looks amazing but I would love to read the book! Just finished the seasons on Netflix and I’m obsessed!!

  127. BECKY

    I would love to try PopSugar and StitchFix!

  128. Anne

    I can’t wait to read the cookbook. I have deceptively delicious and it is fantastic!

  129. Rachel

    Love the bracelet and book in this box!

  130. Jennifer

    I would love the bracelet and brush too.

  131. Hannah D

    LOVE and obsessed with the julep polish!

  132. Anna

    My fav item would have to be the Stitch Fix giftcard! I really want to try it out!

  133. Paige

    I love the Wet Brush! I have one already and I’d love to have one for my travel bag, too. It is literally the BEST brush for awful, annoying hair like mine!

  134. Jen

    I’d love the cookbook!

  135. latanya

    Stitch Fix Gift Card

  136. Liz

    It would be great to try this. I just don’t have the money are they always that good? Or do they vary?

  137. Erin Hodges

    Stitch fix gift card! I love stitch fix its the best. Oh and the crispycake and cookbook are right up my alley too.

  138. Jennifer

    I would love the eyeshadow and the cookbook. My husband would love the rice crispy treat!!

  139. Karrie

    Really excited about everything as I did not subscribe in time to get this box….probably most excited for the treat :).

  140. Kim

    I am seriously considering Popsugar after eyeing this box! I would love to win rhis

  141. Rachel S.

    The cookbook for sure! It’s actually in my Amazon cart now hah 🙂

  142. melissa g

    The cook book is great!

  143. Jenn

    Ermagerd, it’s all so pretty! I have been itching to subscribe to POPSUGAR but am lacking the funds to do so. That bracelet is lovely.

  144. Megan K

    The nail polish is my favorite!

  145. Hilary

    I love those Jane Tran bobbies!! she makes the best stuff!

  146. wenz

    cookbook or the hair brush ?

  147. Kelly

    The bracelet is really cute. Can’t go wrong with nail polish either.

  148. Jean K.

    One can never have too many nail polish! Lol!

  149. Haley

    The cookbook is definitely my favorite! If anyone needs this, it’s definitely me!

  150. Elisabeth

    I’m excited about the Wet Brush! I’ve heard great things about it!

  151. susana

    most excited about the liquid eyeliner!!!! its looks awesome

  152. Jill

    I have no idea what my favorite thing is – I still haven’t gotten my box!!! It shipped on Oct 4th. This is my first box but by the time I get it I will have forgotten the spoilers and it’ll be like a surprise all over again. Is it always so slow? I’m in the US.

  153. Shannon

    I have worn the bracelet everyday since it came but my favorite thing is the Wet brush. My fine hair knots easily, especially when its wet. This brush is amazing!

  154. Jane

    Definitely the bracelet!
    I totally agree, it would have been great if the whole box had a pink theme.

  155. Jennifer Pittaman

    The wet brush!

  156. Kristina O.

    I am sort of sad I don’t get this box anymore. I hope to win! YAY!!! GO ME! lol.

  157. alisa

    i really like the Jane Tran Thin Metallic Bobby Pins

  158. Shelley

    I love the hair clips. The shape is so best and the colors are great.

  159. Erika W.

    My favorite item is the can’t cook book!

  160. Megan

    The eyeliner!

  161. Colleen Boudreau

    I love the bracelet!

  162. Lauren

    Love the cookbook and loved the rice krispie treat came at the perfect time when I wanted something sweet but didn’t want to bake.

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